Slovakia ready to send MiG-29 jets to Ukraine, talks underway – Slovakia FM

Slovakia ready to send MiG 29 jets to Ukraine, talks underway – Slovakia FM

A Polish air force MiG-29 fighter jet, Sept. 21, 2021. Illustrative photo: US Air Force/Edgar Grimaldo. 

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In his interview with Interfax Ukraine in Kyiv, the Foreign Minister of the Slovak Republic, Rastislav Káčer said that his country is ready to supply the MIG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine, although the country has still been discussing with its NATO partners “how to do it.” The transcript of the interview was published only on 12 December, but its text shows that Interfax Ukraine recorded it a few days ago, on 8 December.

“We still have not handed MIG-29s to you. We are ready to do it. We talk to our partners in NATO about how to do it. And today [on 8 December, – Ed.], we had a very substantial discussion with your president. My defense minister explained to your president how we could do it. And I suppose, in the following weeks, your delegation will be coming to Slovakia, and we will work jointly with our American friends to make it a reality,” Mr. Káčer told Interfax Ukraine. “But we also discussed [it] with President Zelenskyy quite in detail. And I think I need to keep some secrecy about how this will be done, not to threaten it. But today, we had a very, very good exchange with President Zelensky about how we will do it. So I’m very optimistic that also will be made soon, will be coming to Ukraine.”

On 7 December, the Slovak government approved a new package of military aid to Ukraine.  Káčer says it is worth about 11 million euros and includes ammunition, “a couple of 1000s of missiles for MIG 29,” warm clothing for the military, food rations, and “many other things:”

Slovakia to send Ukraine ammunition for aircraft, 300 generators

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