Ukrainian soldier created a remote fire control system for a machine gun to allow Ukrainian soldiers fire from safe positions

Ukrainian soldier created a remote fire control system for a machine gun to allow Ukrainian soldiers fire from safe positions

A creator of this autonomous turret Oleksandr Suprun. Photo by Sprava Hromad 

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A machine gun has camera on top of it while the turret allows to start and move fire from a distance. The turret is operated by a remote tablet connected by a cable. Soldier can take any remote secure position to fire from the turret at any distance from the machine gun, depending on the length of the cable. This will allow to fire even during the intense artillery fire from the enemy.

The turret was created by Oleksandr Suprun, soldier of the 206 battalion of the territorial defense and head of the volunteer NGO Sprava Hromad Darnytsia. He decided to make this turret to protect machine gunners after his friend was killed by Russian mortar fire.

This turret is a cheap device that can be produced with a budget of $2000, Oleksandr suprun, but so far it is only a prototype that should yet be produced and supplied to the armed forces.

When the enemy is advancing, it is important not to miss the moment when someone approaches your position, – explains Dmytro. – How can this happen: the enemy fires artillery so that you cannot advance. Under this cover the sabotage group enters and captures your positions. There was a case in our brigade when they went in like this, covering our positions with fire, threw grenades into the trenches, and our soldiers died.

Autonomous fire control systems really work and have already proven themselves in the Russian-Ukrainian war. In August, the international intelligence community “InformNapalm” shared a video in which the Russian military marveled at the ingenuity of a Ukrainian machine gunner: they “smoked” him out of position for a long time, covered him with mines, but he continued to fire despite the shelling. It turned out that he was actually at a safe distance from the machine gun thanks to a self-made remote fire control system.

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