Portnikov: the second , third level sanctions are terms from the past now. After the Boeing was shot down, the world changed drastically 



If in 1983, after the South Korean passenger jet was shot down by the USSR, the West needed eight years to liquidate the communist regime, just several years or even months will be needed to ruin Putin’s regime, journalist Vitaliy Portnikov is convinced. 

After the tragedy with the passenger liner that was shot down by mercenaries in Donetsk, the US and European Union have quite harsh intentions regarding Russia. This was stated by Ukrainian journalist and publicist Vitaliy Portnikov to Gordon publication.

“The latest statements of the US President Barack Obama, Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande confirm: after the Boeing 777 was shot down, the US and EU have quite harsh intentions, nobody will let the issue of the investigation go,” Portnikov is convinced.

The journalist notes that it is irrelevant to speak of the third-level sanctions in regard to Russia, which is directly tied to the tragedy.

“We cannot exactly outline what the reaction of the US and Europe will be regarding Russia after the Boeing 777 tragedy. But it is obvious that the second- and third-level sanctions are terms from the past. After the terrorist act with the passenger jet that was flying over Donetsk oblast, the world changed to drastically that we cannot comprehend the scale of these changes,” said Portnikov.

The publicist drew the historical analogy with 1983, when the Soviet Su-15 fighter jet shot down the South Korean Boeing 747. 246 passengers ad 23 crew members died in the crash. The event evoked a serious escalation in the complicated relations between the USSR and the US at the time.

“In the 1980’s the US and Europe had no instruments to influence the USSR significantly. The Soviet Union, as opposed to Russia, was a state which was part of a practically locked production cycle, it could not have been influence with the help of economic sanctions. And fighting a nuclear state is not something any reasonable world country wants. But the West nevertheless launched the mechanism to ruin the USSR,” emphasised Portnikov.

“Starting 1983 until the beginning of Perestroika, three years passed, and only eight years were needed to ruin the USSR. This is the reaction of the West, because after the shot-down liner, nobody in the US or in Europe had a doubt: the state on the other side of the Iron Curtain is a conspiracy of madmen. The only possibility to co-exist with such a state is its elimination. It is the elimination of the communist regime that became the main goal for the civilised world to survive. The goal was set and reached. Today the historical process sped up. It is difficult to predict the fall of Putin’s regime but what used to take decades todays takes several years and months!” Assured Portnikov.

As of 7 a.m. on July 22nd, 196 bodies have been discovered as a result of the Boeing 777 crash.

US Intelligence confirmed Russia had to do with the Boeing 777 crash. The SSU claims that the launch of the missile that shot down the passenger Boeing 777 liner was conducted by a Russian crew.

Source: Gordonua

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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