Russia is at war with Ukraine



By Robert van Voren, July 18, 2014

Acknowledgement of this fact makes finally clear to the world what the Ukrainian population has known and felt over the past five months: Putin’s Russia (or Russia’s Putin) is waging war against the Ukrainian nation.

Every day dozens of Ukrainians die: servicemen, volunteers,and ordinary citizens, victimized by a bunch of terrorists and mercenaries sentinto the neighboring country by a ruler who cannot stand that Ukraine decidednot stay in Russia’s fold and sink with it back into Soviet unfreedom, butinstead seek a new and democratic future as a European nation. In spite of all these victims, and the overwhelming proof of literally hundreds of tanks and armed personnel carriers having been sent into the country together with probably thousands of mercenaries, the West has preferred to regard it as an internal conflict and an “uprising” by the “Russian population in the East.”

In the mean time, Frau Merkel watched football with the main instigator of the war, French president Francois Hollande persisted in his desire to sell his Mistral navy ships to Russia and most of the Western leaders expressed their concern and – like in the case of the German Foreign Minister Steinmeier – urged the parties to negotiate and involve the “leaders of the Russian-Ukrainian separatists” in the talks, handily forgetting that in fact the leaders are all Russians, some in active duty with the FSB and GRU,and that local citizens already for a long time are telling the terrorists to go to hell and get their asses out of their towns – in spite of the threat of summary executions, abductions and torture…

And again, Western European nationals first need to die before people wake up and realize what is actually happening: Russia is at war with Ukraine.

Yes, it is, but that war did not start on July 17, 2014. Itstarted much earlier, and definitely on February 20, 2014 when a corrupt regimetried to quell a real people’s uprising by gunning down some one hundreddemonstrators on Maidan/Institutska whose main defense against sniper’s bulletswere sometimes plastic construction helmets and plywood shields, and when theUkrainian managed to make Putin’s ally free. that is the day Putin turnedUkraine into a personal issue, and promised himself that he would not let go.That is the day he decided to send in his mercenaries, agents and military equipment, and the sliding scale started that led to the murder of almost 300 innocent citizens on board of a commercial airliner.

Maybe now the European Union would take the threat seriously and understand that if they do not respond now, they violate the fundamental principles on basis of which the European Union was founded after all?

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