While some 100 000 workers paraded in Russia’s administrative capital Moscow on May 1 holding banners “Putin is right”, “Proud of the country”, “Let’s support decisions of our president”, “We will go on vacation to Crimea”, “Luhansk, Donetsk, we are with you”, an anti-war democratic march took place in Russia’s ‘cultural capital’, St. Petersburg.

1500 people took part in the march.

'For friendship with Ukraine and a democratic Russia' Photo via

‘For friendship with Ukraine and a eurointegration of Russia. Against USSR 2.0’ Photo via

The demonstration was organised by the ‘Democratic Petersburg’ coalition, which managed to obtain a permit for the march. The anthem of Ukraine was sung, as well as Ukrainian national songs.


‘Down with the power of the KGB! Enough lies! Hands off Ukraine!’


‘PEACE, LABOR, MAYdan’ – a variation of the traditional Labor Day motto. Photo via

'Putin is war' Photo via

‘Putin is war’ Photo via

'Putin is the last refuge of scoundrels' Photo via

‘Putin is the last refuge of scoundrels’ Photo via

The protesters carried Ukrainian, Russian, and EU flags.

'For democracy in Russia and Ukraine' Photo via

‘For democracy in Russia and Ukraine’ Photo via


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