Olga Burda on FB:
Why does Ukraine lose (time after time!) an information war to Russia? First of all, because Russia appears in the Ukrainian mass media only when it imposes a ban on Ukrainian cheese supply (from time to time) or threatens to launch a war against Ukraine (like this time). The rest of the time Ukrainian mass media do not give a damn about Russia and focus their journalistic attention on other issues. In a meantime, Russian mass media write about Ukraine in detail on a daily basis, study it under a microscope, bring out of woodwork and exaggerate things enormously, presenting some insignificant nitty-gritty from our life as chiller-dillers. 

Therefore, in order not to lose the information war in the future, it is necessary for Ukrainian journalists not only to tell Russians the truth about Ukraine in the Russian language, but also to put Russia under a microscope and study it attentively – with its problems, conflicts, future conflicts etc. And also write and tell on this so that people in Ukraine (not only in Crimea and Donbas) have an alternative – a Ukrainian view on the life of Russians. And not only on the life of the Moscovites, but of Russian people in provinces. By the way, the very fact of studying our neighbor under a microscope makes Russian authorities very nervous because it is a collapse of their monopolistic, the only true point of view. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank Yevhen Zherebetsky for his devoted commitment to this topic for many-many years. If we (journalists) had at least retranslated his thoughts, today we would not be so helpless information-wise. I also would like to bring my apologies to Oleh Soskin on behalf of all those who deemed him insane when he voiced catastrophic forecasts about the intentions of the Russian authorities regarding Ukraine. Now we know that the one who turned out to be truly insane is Putin.


Translated by Tanya Kononenko

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