Several cities in western Ukraine have declared general mobilization. On the evening on Tuesday, 18 February, convoys of buses and cars filled with people are departing from Lviv and Ternopil to reinforce the self-defense units in Kyiv, reports Radio Svoboda. Volunteers are signing up, compelled by events in central Kyiv, where clashes between Maidan activists and security forces are taking place.

Representatives at the headquarters of the National Resistance in Ternopil are asking volunteers to bring with them warm clothes and protective equipment. In Lviv and Ternopil, people are gathering on central squares to hear about the latest developments and to listen to activists. Oleh Tyahnybok, head of Svoboda, called on all men to go to Kyiv immediately.

According to Ukrainsky Novyny, the Narodna Rada [People’s Council] of Chernihiv Oblast has announced mobilization of residents to travel to Kyiv and defend Maidan. “A bloody confrontation between the junta and the people is taking place on the streets of  Kyiv,” representatives of the Narodna Rada announced at the meeting in the central square. “Maidan must survive. It is our future,” they said.

The opposition has called all those who care about the fate of Ukraine to gather in groups of four or five and to go to the capital on their own. They believe that under current circumstances, organized travel by bus would be impossible.

Representatives from the Right Sector of Rivne Oblast called for mobilization and a general strike, according to Channel 5. “The National House will serve as headquarters of the revolution. We will use it to distribute information and to send people to Kyiv,” said Roman Koval, head of the Right Sector in Rivne Oblast.

Translated by Anna Mostovych, edited by Mariana Budjeryn and Robin Rohrback



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