Christmas with Bortkiewicz: free online concert to commemorate Ukrainian composer

The announcement dedicated to the event 


On 25 December, musicians from 8 countries will play Ukrainian composer Bortkiewicz’s music online. Tune in! 

At 16:00 on 25 December (UTC+2), musicians from 8 countries will hold an online concert of the Ukrainian composer Bortkiewicz. The concert is free to attend through registration by this link, you will be able to watch and listen to Christmas musical greeting via YouTube or Zoom. After the concert, a Q&A session with musicians and researchers of Bortkiewicz will be held, where listeners can ask a question.

Serhiy Bortkiewicz in 1905. Source: wikipedia

Serhiy Bortkiewicz (1877-1952) is a Ukrainian composer of Polish origin.

He “was born in Kharkiv region during the Russian Empire, studied music in Germany, lived in the Crimea, the Ottoman Empire and Austria at different times of his life due to world wars and a difficult political situation. He had connections in diplomatic circles in Belgium, England, Italy, and France.Therefore, it is natural that the geography of musicians who join the project is also quite wide,says the author of the idea and co-organizer of the project Halyna Dub.

Also, a website dedicated to Bortkiewicz will be presented during the event. The site will contain publications related to the life and work of the composer, scientific works from around the world, audio and video recordings of the composer’s works. The project was supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

There used to be a Bortkiewicz association (Bortkiewicz Gemeinde) in Vienna, whose members organized concerts based on the composer’s works.In 1973, the society ceased to exist, and Bortkiewicz’s music was hardly performed for decades. Today, the new Bortkiewicz Society has a much broader geography. This Friday, Bortkiewicz’s musicians from different continents will gather online to celebrate Christmas and, of course, play the works of this wonderful and unjustly forgotten composer.Join!wrote Pavel Gintov, one of the musicians participating in the event.

The announcement dedicated to the event

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