The story of a young seminarian who helps people with disabilities / #Being20

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Article by: Maryna Vereshchaka, TV Misto/Open Media Hub.
Edited by: Olena Makarenko, Yuri Zorya

Editor’s Note

Yaroslav Levko is a 22-year-old student of the Seminary of the Holy Spirit, a theological school of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the West-Ukrainian city of Lviv. He’s also involved in the activities of the parish, plays in a brass band, visits the country’s east to help priests in service. Every week he catechizes and helps senior citizens in a geriatric center.

This story is about Yaroslav, a seminarian who has decided to become a priest spontaneously and still he doesn’t regret. Besides his studying, he visits a geriatric boarding house in Lviv and helps people with disabilities. It is very hard for him morally, but Yaroslav feels that he has to do it. He strongly believes in the will of God and he wants to devote himself to serving people:

“The world has not changed, the way I look at it has changed. I began to understand the needs of others better, one should devote oneself to other people,” says Yaroslav. 

The seminarian explained why being a priest is challenging:

“Here you should catechize people who are much older than you. They often know more than you. They have 100% more experience than you. And you must explain to them that God loves them. But it’s too hard when you realize that this person was abandoned by all and everyone, even his nearest and dearest.”

Yaroslav also shares his pipe dream:

“I want to serve at least in a small parish, to have my small community where I can preach Christ and that I could do it well.”


*This production was supported by OPEN Media Hub with funds provided by the European Union.

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Edited by: Olena Makarenko, Yuri Zorya

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