The story of Aliona, journalist in the war zone: #Being20

War in the Donbas

Article by: Maria Davidenko/Open Media Hub
Aliona Zaika is a journalist, who lives and works in a small town in the Donetsk Oblast. She decided to continue working in the war zone while almost all her colleagues left the region and are now based in Kyiv.

Coming to the cities and villages at the frontline Aliona pays special attention to people’s moods:

“The closer the war, the more you notice that people are tired fatigue, they just want peace, they want human ordinary goods, do not want to be shelled, want a roof over their heads, to have something to eat. You want to help, but you understand that you are just a journalist. All you can do is tell and report about their problem and troubles, and hope that someone will help…”

Aliona’s main motivation is a fight for a good future for the next generations,

“I do not want to feel bad for, let’s say, my children, that I left them such a country, and I kind of kept aloof and did nothing, that could somehow improve the situation.”

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