Putin says Russia ‘ruled by God’ and presents Russians as victims of Holocaust

Putin icons for sale in Russia for 600 rubles (10 dollars). Image: newsland.com

Putin icons for sale in Russia for 600 rubles (around 10 dollars). Image: newsland.com 

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Many of Vladimir Putin’s supporters only ten days ago were expressing concern that he had not launched his campaign with the kind of speeches that would mobilize the population around his plans for the next six years. But such people may now be thinking that it might have been better if the Kremlin leader had continued his silence.

Not only did he engage in an inventive presentation about wonder weapons in his address to the Russian Federal Assembly and suggest that, if Russia were annihilated, there would be no reason for the rest of the world to be allowed to exist, but now he has shared views on the role of God in Russian history and on Russians as a target of Hitler’s Holocaust that many may find worrisome.

In the new film “World Order 2018” put together by Vladimir Solovyev, a host and commentator on Russia’s second largest and state-owned television channel Rossiya-1, and now spreading across social networks, Putin cites with approval the words of an 18th century Russian military commander that

“Russia has indisputable advantages before other countries because it is directly ruled by God. If this is not so, then its existence can’t be explained.”

Reporting this, one of Putin’s supporters gushes that “Russia is ruled by God, and Putin himself speaks about this because he understand that as strong as he is, he is only a man. When a ruler knows that over him is Something more, he enters into history in an entirely different manner.”

Other people are likely to draw an entirely different conclusion from the Kremlin leader’s words.

Some are also likely to view two of Putin’s other comments in ways very far from how he would like them to. Asked by Solovyev about whether the Kremlin leader thinks that “Russia is losing its identity,” Putin made clear, his supporter says, “that this is impossible.”

Vladimir Solovyev interviewing Putin for the documentary "World Order 2018"

Vladimir Solovyev interviewing Putin for the documentary film “World Order 2018”

“No,” Putin specified. “We value it very highly. What does the loss of identity mean? The end of the existence of the ethnos. Russians, other peoples of Russia, Tatars, Jews … some practice Orthodoxy; and others of these Russians [and he uses the ethnic term russkiye rather than the political one rossiyane] practice Islam. But all the same this is who we are.”

Many non-Russians and especially non-Orthodox nationalities will be less than pleased by this open display of Russian chauvinism, however much some Russian nationalists and imperialists will like it.

In the film, Solovyev declared that

“the only reason why Hitler has not yet been rehabilitated is the Holocaust, the mass destruction of Jews by the Nazis. While agreeing that the Holocaust is a tragedy, Vladimir Putin,” his supporter says, “calls for not forgetting that other peoples suffered from the crimes of the Nazis and in the first instance the Russians.”

“The Jews do not forget how they were destroyed during World War II and they are right to do so,” Putin says. “But there are approximately similar analogous tragedies in the history of other peoples. I’m not talking about small peoples: the Roma were wiped out almost completely. But the Slavs? And the Russians were killed in massive numbers.”

Putin continues: “One can read about this in the documents which lie in the archives. What fate were [the Nazis] preparing for the Russian people? Wiping out some and using some of them as forced laborers … and dispatching the remainder to the Urals and the North to die out.”

“That is the very same Holocaust only in relation to the Russian people. This must not be forgotten in any case, not in order to accuse someone but in order that this will never be repeated.”


That the Nazis killed millions of Russians and that they planned to kill even more are not disputed by anyone, but at least some people will be concerned that Putin has elevated that from the status of a genocide, which it certainly was, to that of the Holocaust which was a unique act of evil.

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  1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

    So Putin believes that Russia is directly ruled by God. But which God is he referring to? This certainly could not be in reference to the Trinity (God the Father, the Son [Jesus Christ] and the Holy Ghost). Then could it be “Pope” Kirill Gundyayev (AKA, The Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church)? Not a chance. This “wannabe” Russian “Pope” plays second or third fiddle to Vovochka Putin the Pederast. So who could it be? Who else but the diminutive rodent that rules as the Dictator of the Kremlin. After all isn’t this delusional narcissist the ideal model for Nero, Casanova/Caligula, Attila the Hun, Kublai Khan, Peter the “Great’s” court jester Ivan Durak, Jack the Ripper, Hitler, Stalin, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, the Creature From the Black Lagoon (AKA The Swamps of Muscovy) and blah blah blah all rolled into one? As such, it should not come as any surprise that in the near future the St. Petersburg troll factory in conjunction with the Russian mass media will be extolling the “virtues” of Russia’s most Holy Pompous Pederast as God and President of the Russian Federation and future God, Pope, Emperor, King and Tsar of the world.

    1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

      History has shown many episodes of mass delusion.

    2. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      Well and eloquently said, pane-brate. What this dwarfish pederast believes makes no more difference to anyone sane than, to quote the Russian proverb, “the prior year’s snow”. Methinks what infuriates him most is either when nobody pays any attention to his pronouncements or when everybody laughs at them. And that’s exactly how the US has reacted to his latest ludicrous nuclear saber rattling.

  2. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    What was the difference between Josif Stalin and God? God did not think he was Stalin.

  3. Avatar Tony says:

    So russia is ruled by the imaginary friend of ancient superstitious goat herders? Hmm, that explains a lot about russias behaviour actually, insane.

    1. Avatar MichaelA says:

      and about their ancestry