Beware – This Film Was Made by the West to Destabilise Russia!




Thanks to the pro-Kremlin disinformation media, we already know that foreign cartoons can make Russian children obey secret orders. We also know that the popular fidget spinner is in fact part of an anti-Kremlin conspiracy, and that Pokemon Go was created by foreign secret services as a tool for espionage.

Most recently, we learned that comedy movies can be a “planned provocation” and part of a western plot to destabilise Russia. Such are the words from the Russian authorities about Armando Iannucci’s new film, The Death of Stalin.

As The Guardian highlighted, Pavel Pozhigalo, a high-ranking adviser to Russia’s culture ministry, used the words “planned provocation” to describe the movie. The Presidential spokesperson said he trusted the culture ministry would “act responsibly” when deciding whether to grant the film a distribution license.

The film, which stars Steve Buscemi in the role of Nikita Khrushchev, has mostly angered Russia’s communist party. Alexander Yushchenko, a spokesperson for the party, called the film an attempt to spark discontent.

Brainwashing from pre-school age

The Guardian noted that the Death of Stalin comes at a time when the dictator’s popularity in Russia is on the rise. “In June, the Soviet tyrant topped a poll carried out by Moscow-based Levada Centre to find the most outstanding person in world history,” writes the daily.

Large parts of Russia’s television and film industry follow propagandistic lines from the authorities, even in non-news productions. As we have written in one of our previous products, many Russian children will e.g. have watched the cartoon in which “a kind of junior KGB” fights against “an evil gang of Harry Potters” backed by NATO, “and the KGB kids win”.

And three years ago, when Russia’s occupation of Crimea began, a furry little character from the popular show for pre-school children, “Good night, little ones”, expressed his desire to join the army and protect Russian borders.

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  • veth

    A decision on the provision of lethal weapons support to Ukraine is now at the White House. Joseph Dunford, spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, announced this during a Senate hearing, reports Radio Liberty. At the same time, he did not name a deadline for the adoption of the decision by the White House.

    “The US Department of Defense and State Department have officially recommended the provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine,” noted Senator Roger Wicker during the hearing, asking General Dunford about the justification for such a recommendation.

    “In my judgment, from the military perspective, Ukraine needed additional capabilities to protect their sovereignty,” answered General Dunford.

    He stressed that in 2016, the US “trained a number of their (Ukrainian) battalions, and in 2017 we trained additional battalions…. We have provided medical supplies, night vision goggles, counter mortar radar and other things.”

    “We felt [that the] ability to stop armored vehicles would be essential for them to protect themselves. We just looked at it as a military gap that existed, that if that gap was filled, it would increase the probability the Ukrainians could defend themselves”, noted the general.

    Senator Roger Wicker called for the administration to take a step in this direction.

    The Senator also noted the necessity of strengthening the capacity of an American base in Italy that looks into hybrid warfare, which Russia conducts.

    “We are striving to make this base more competitive,” the general replied, outlining plans for strengthening military capabilities “so that a force designed for a conventional war…[will be] competitive in the case we are describing now.”

    “The Russians have so successfully integrated information operations, cyber, political influence, economic coercion and information operations,” the general said.

    “Russians, Chinese and others are…conducting adversarial competition at a level that falls below conflict. And they have integrated the entire government to be able to do that. In my judgment, we need to improve our ability to compete in that space,” Dunford said. “[Looking at it] from the military capability, that would be our electronic warfare capabilities, our cyber capabilities and information operations capability. But those all have to be be integrated with those things that we don’t have in the Department of Defense, of course, the economic and political tools. But in my judgment bringing all of those together on a day to day basis more effectively is something that we need to do,” Dunford emphasized.

  • Screwdriver

    Pavel Pozhigalo is a stupid SOTB, of course, he did not see the movie yet, but making silly comments already. Old Soviet habits, looks bad indeed.

    • Микола Данчук

      You prove it every time you make a comment!

  • veth
  • Ihor Dawydiak

    There is no paranoia like the old paranoia that has infected Russians since the founding of Muscovy.

  • zorbatheturk

    RuSSians cannot get enough of their beloved Stalin. He obviously did not murder enough of them. His successor, Putin, was cloned with hybrid DNA from a scorpion and a booger Stalin once blew out of his nose.

  • Tony

    As I usually say, Russians are mentally bankrupt at every generation, they cannot improve for at least 100 years.