Russia set to cut funding of proxy “republics” in Donbas in favor of Crimea – media

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Article by: Alya Shandra

The Russian government intends to stop the “humanitarian assistance to certain territories” in favor of financing projects in Crimea and Kaliningrad, with “certain territories” meaning the “Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics” in Ukraine’s Donbas, the Russian outlet RBK reported on 15 September citing its sources close to the Kremlin.

RBK wrote that according to a verified protocol of a meeting held with Russia’s Deputy Prime minister Dmitri Kozak on 1 September, Russia’s Finance Ministry was instructed to exclude “to exclude humanitarian assistance to certain territories in 2019–2020 from the draft federal budget for 2018,” “certain territories” being a codename for the “Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics,” (“LNR” and “DNR”) two proxy statelets set up with Russian assistance in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

According to the protocol, at the beginning of August on a trip to occupied Crimea, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed to provide funding for the “unconditional implementation” of measures for the social-economic development and ensuring transport and information security of  Crimea and Kaliningrad, a Russian city exclave sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland. Particularly, an additional RUB 85 bn ($1.5 mn) is needed for Crimea during 2018-2020 (of which $1 mn should be provided over 2019-2020) to build healthcare and educational facilities, road and waterline repairs etc.

In all, the Russian government needs to find RUB 165 bn ($2.87 mn) for financing its projects in Crimea and Kaliningrad over three years.

Crimea “is ours” and Donbas is not

According to political analyst Aleksei Makarkin, funds are to be distributed in the favor of those regions that Russia does not intend to give away, and Russia is not sure of the future status of the Donbas “republics,” RBK wrote. Director of the Progressive Policy Foundation Oleg Bondarenko told RBK that Crimea needs colossal assistance from Russia and the development of Crimea is a matter of reputation for the Kremlin; like Kaliningrad, the Russian authorities intend to make it a “showcase” for the West. “There are territories of Russia that need active development, and self-proclaimed republics are not the territory of Russia,” argued Bondarenko. However, he was not aware of the reduction in spending on the “LNR” and “DNR.”

The supposed exclusion of “humanitarian assistance” for Donbas from the budget is only one possible source of securing funding for Crimea and Kaliningrad; others include a possible increase in excise taxes on gasoline, reducing railway subsidies and other measures. Therefore, it’s not possible to estimate how much the Kremlin spends now on Donbas from this document. Apart from that, RBK’s sources in the Russian Parliament and Government stress that even if the authorities decide to stop the “humanitarian assistance” to Donbas, that doesn’t mean Russia will stop providing funds to the proxy states. Funding for the “LNR” and “DNR” is totally classified and is described by secret orders and budget lines and “humanitarian assistance” is likely to be one of many channels of funding the “republics.”

Another source of RBK familiar with the document said that at the start of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the Russian government approved targeted subsidies to restore the damaged infrastructure of Donbas (energy, roads, and railways) and construct buildings in a secret government decree, calling them “humanitarian assistance to certain territories of Ukraine.” According to the source, these “humanitarian subsidies” passed through a reserve fund of the government formed annually to finance activities on the decision of the government. The source assumes, but cannot be sure, that it is these subsidies that will be canceled.

Responding to RBK’s article, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov responded that there will be a “certain redistrubution” of funds, but the Kremlin still intended to “take care” of the inhabitants of Donbas.

Corroborating evidence for Russia defunding Donbas

In an interview with the Ukrainian outlet on 7 September, Yuriy Hrymchak, Ukrainian deputy Minister of Temporarily Occupied Territories, said that he is receiving information about Russia defunding the proxy republics “from different sources”:

“I can’t completely verify this information, but it comes in, and from different sources. The last thing we had – and this was confirmed on many occassions – that the Russian Federation will stop funding these ‘LDNRs’ next year. They are not putting in expenditures on the ‘people’s republics’ in the 2018 budet. […] Of course, ‘LDNR’ is funded from hidden funds, but it has been repeatedly confirmed that they will not fund the occupied territories from the next year.”

As well, Hrymchak mentioned that the leaders of the self-proclaimed “republics” are seeking to buy property in Russia and that the Russian military started taking especially valuable military equipment out of Donbas back into Russia.

Russia’s “humanitarian assistance” to Donbas

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "map of ORDLO"


The figures of Russia’s possible Russian aid to the unrecognized republics of Donbas remain largely unclear. In September 2015,  Bloomberg reported, referring to its sources in the self-proclaimed republics, that Russia transferred RUB 2.5 bn ($37 mn) to pay for pensions of the “Donetsk People’s Republic” (the Russian Ministry of Finance later denied that there are expenses for such payments in the Russian budget).

Bloomberg’s sum is approximately in line with the “DNR’s” estimated needs, according to a financial plan for the republics which surfaced as a result of a 2016 leak from the mailbox of Putin’s “gray cardinal” Vladislav Surkov. According to economic estimates of 2013 which Surkov received on 26 May 2014, the monthly pension needs of the entire Donetsk Oblast were RUB 7.7 bn ($243 mn by the average exchange rate of 2013). Taking into account that the territory of the “DNR” is roughly 1/3 of that of Donetsk Oblast, and that many pensioners fled from the conflict zone, RUB 2.5 bn seems to be an adequate figure to cover the “DNR’s” pension needs, although inflation had drastically reduced the face value of that sum.

In February 2017, the Security Service of Ukraine claimed that the budget of “LNR” for the first quarter of the year envisioned RUB 11 bn of revenues ($191 mn), of which the self-proclaimed government could raise only RUB 2 bn and RUB 9 bn ($156 mn) were to come from the Russian government, which, again, is roughly in line with the figures that surfaced in the Surkov leaks. There, the monthly state expenditures for the entire Luhansk Oblast were estimated at RUB 9 bn ($283 mn by the average exchange rate of 2013), meaning that the expenditures for three months were RUB 27 bn. As the “LNR” occupies roughly 1/3 of the entire Luhansk Oblast, we again get a figure comparable to the estimates Surkov received.

According to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, Russia has sent 68 “humanitarian convoys” to Donbas, which have delivered over 70,000 tonnes of humanitarian cargo. A source of RBK close to the Ministry told the outlet that although the department carries out the transport logistics, the cargo itself was purchased with funds outside the minstry budget.

In April 2017, the Russian State Reserve confirmed providing “humanitarian assistance” to metallurgical companies in the occupied territory of Donbas from its own budget. Afterward, the Russian government gave the State Reserve RUB 10 bn rubles to replenish its stock of raw materials for the steel industry.

In addition, Russia supplies electricity to the “LNR” as “humanitarian assistance.”

The “DNR” budget indicates “humanitarian aid” as a source of revenue, but the size of the “republics” budgets has never been disclosed.

Some information about the economic interaction between Moscow and the Donbas Russian-backed separatists is provided in the film “The Russian secret behind Ukraine’s self-declared ‘Donetsk Republic’” released on 15 October 2016 by France24. In it, journalist Elena Volochine recorded how Russia was restoring DNR buildings damaged by the war and participated in the economic development of the region. She also exposed the forced nationalization underway in the so-called DNR in an attempt to make the region economically viable and lessen the burden on the Russian budget.

Almost one year before that, on 21 October 2015, Surkov held a meeting which revealed the extent of the dependency of the “DNR” and “LNR” on the Kremlin, the Surkov leaks revealed. The meeting involved Russia’s deputy Ministers of economic development, trade, construction, and energy, as well as the deputy head of the Department of the FSB and representatives from Rossiyskiy Natsionalny Kommercheskiy Bank. The meeting covered several topics. These included:

  • “plans of the territories [LNR and DNR] to increase tax collection,”
  • “on the finalization of forming the energy market on the territories,”
  • “on the work of the [Russian] Federal Anti-Monopoly Service on developing the regulatory framework for the calculation of tariffs on the territories,”
  • “on the delivery of coal from the territories to Ukraine and by transit through the RF,”
  • “on the start of the heating season, including in Debaltseve and Uhlehorsk,”
  • “on restoring the private sector (speed of building 214 new houses, materials for the renovation of 4,000),” “on increasing the
    pensions by 15%,”

As the Kremlin’s official communications and the film by France24 suggested, at the time, Moscow tried to keep its economic support for the “LNR” and DNR a secret, but the Surkov leaks leave no doubt that the only reason “territory 1” and “territory 2,” as they were called in the meeting, were economically functioning were the secret financial infusions agreed by the Kremlin. In 2017, as we see by Peskov’s reaction, the Kremlin does not deny funding the “republics,” although it does not disclose the exact sums.

All in all, comparing the RUB 165 bn which RBK reported Russia will redistribute from the budgets of the proxy “republics” in favor of Crimea and Kaliningrad over 2018-2020 (i.e. RUB 55 bn/year) with the figures which surfaced in the Surkov leaks, which appear to be reasonable when compared with other sources, we can assume that this sum covers slightly more than half of the needs of occupied Donbas. The document in the Surkov leaks puts the annual needs of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts at RUB 291 bn (183 bn for Donetsk Oblast and 108 bn for Luhansk Oblast). As the “LNR” and “DNR” occupy roughly 1/3 of the total area of the oblasts, the “LDNR” annual needs can be estimated at RUB 97 bn. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Russia is not dropping all its financing to the “republics” yet.

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    How about focusing on Lviv`s trash problems?

    1. Avatar RedSquareMaidan says:

      As usual you missed the point. Kremlin propaganda says this is a civil war but between the KGB colonel and the Surkov leaks we know that the Invaders are funding the occupied territories in Ukraine. Too complex for you? What do your handlers say?

      1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

        There was a civil war in Russia , Lenin was funded by Germany, Monarchists were funded by Antanta, still a civil war. Too complex for you ?

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          1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            Triple Entente to be correct

        2. Avatar Quartermaster says:

          “Was” not “Is.” There is no civil war in Ukraine either. The “rebels” in the donbas are Russian infiltrators.

          1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            Not true. According to Ukrainian sources, DPR Army consist of 35.000-40000 Donbass locals.

          2. Avatar svend lykkegaard says:

            Really?? I dont read og listen to Russian news, but where is that information??

          3. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            The Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has collected information about the separatist casualties in the Donbas. According to the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) and the Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) of the Ministry of Defense, 35,000-40,000 armed separatists of the self-proclaimed “republics” and 4,000-5,000 of the Russian military are members of the DPR (Dontesk People’s Republic) and LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic) army corps.

          4. Avatar Brent says:

            Out of 4.43 million residents of Donbass before Russia’s invasion???

          5. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

            So what? Quantity is one thing, quality can be an entirely different matter. A significant portion of the so called dpr army is composed involuntary conscripts, many of whom consist of alcoholics, drug addicts, bums, bum blasters, rapists, misogynists, fascists, communists, anarchists, thieves and so on. Furthermore, this ragtag group of nobodies would desert their posts at the earliest opportunity and try to meld into the general population if they knew that they would not be slaughtered by the regular Russian Army troops posted in Eastern Donbas.

          6. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            Their leaders are already being quietly butchered by the FSB: Bednov/Batman, Mozgovoi, Pavlov/Motorola, Tolstykh/Givi to name but a few. Zakharchenko, Pushilin, Khodakovsky, Plotnitsky and the other scum are also on the FSB “to do” list, but they are too stupid to realise that.

          7. Avatar Brent says:

            Even if that were true “Screwball”, out of a population of 4.43 million who lived in Donbass prior to Russia’s invasion…..

            How come your former hero Strelkov complained he couldn’t find 1,000 locals to fight for Russia’s invasion?


          8. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Alas, those “Ukrainian” sources are inside the Kremlin in Moscow. Those troops are Russian Marines, Army and Russian Federation mercenaries.

  2. Avatar Tony says:

    So russians lost a lot of money on this adventure and some lives and all they got out was a neighbor that is closer to NATO and further from them than ever before, leave it to putin to find the worst possible solution.

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  4. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

    Since the times of the collapse of the Yanukovych Administration and the subsequent Russian invasions of Crimea and Eastern Donbas, the strategies of the Kremlin had to be constantly readjusted to the different realities that kept popping up and that were in all probability not anticipated to their fullest extent by “Kublai Khan” Putin and his trained hyenas. Some of these realities included; 1) Not only the disdain and outright anger that most residents of Ukraine displayed towards Putin’s aggression, but also the unifying and patriotic affect that occurred following these invasions, 2) The Western reaction to Putin’s “adventure” into Ukraine as well as the unwavering sanctions leveled against Russia which only added to an increasingly crippled Russian economy, 3) The total overhaul and rebuilding of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 4) The international condemnation of Russia’s actions which in turn further isolated Moscow from a global perspective, 5) The unexpected losses sustained by the Russian Armed Forces coupled with an even greater resistance from Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel, 6) The unreliability of Russia’s proxies in Eastern Donbas, and 7) The unbearable costs related to the occupation of both Crimea and Eastern Donbas. Therefore, it should not have come as any surprise that Putin would have to cut those costs without losing face. Hence the imminent withdrawal of Russian Forces from Eastern Donbas although in all likelihood the Russian despot will claim that Russia never had designs on this territory and that they only provided humanitarian aid to the people of that region. Finally, there has been been the issue of Crimea but that matter will also have to be resolved before the full normalization of relations between Russia, Ukraine and the Western powers can even be considered. However, one matter has been established. Russia has lost Ukraine for an eternity.

    1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

      “patriotic affect that occurred following these invasions,”
      You not talking about Ukrainian Army and Navy forces in Crimea, most of them switched sides, no ?
      I consider it very patriotic when Ukrainian Navy supreme commander raised the Russian flag.

      1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

        And he’s wanted for treason.
        Putin expected “Russians” to rise up and allow the seizure of southern Ukraine. Alas, Putin was wrong, as he is so much of the time, and the people of Ukraine rose up and stood off the Russians. Not everyone is nekulturny as you are Screwdriver.

        1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

          “people of Ukraine rose up and stood off the Russians.”
          Donbass locals were always happy to see Ukrainian army to leave the town.
          Example: Locals in Zhdanovka after Ukrainian troops left the town.

          1. Avatar Brent says:

            Is there even 50 of your fellow Russo Nazzi terrorists at this gathering? Out of a city of over 15,000???

            It’s actually kind of funny to watch this video and for an idiot like you to claim it’s such a public show of support for Russia….

          2. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Sure they were. That’s why they’d rather be back in Ukraine and shed of the terrorist “governments” they have had to endure.

        2. Avatar Screwdriver says:

          Just follow everyday`s news from Ukraine. Typical example:
          Girl was beaten up in Kiev for saying “Glory to Ukraine”.

          1. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            Not to mention that several protesters were beaten in Odessa recently for protesting against the investigation of the fire in the Odessa orphanage house. Just shows what Ukraine has become after Maidan

          2. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Don’t expect anyone here to embrace the same lies you embrace. The story is quite different than you relate.

          3. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            No it actually happened. You can tell all the lies you like, but the one’s who follows the situation in Ukraine knows this

          4. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            I do follow what’s going on, and like the rest of you Savushkina trolls, you’re a liar.

            Now, perhaps on that troll site Russia Insider, they might agree with you, but they aren’t know for a firm attachment to reality over there. I’d say you’d fit in rather well over there.

          5. Avatar Brent says:

            “orphanage” house?!?!?!? Try “Customs” house, walnut brain!!!

          6. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Your credulity reduces your credibility to less than zer0.

          7. Avatar Brent says:

            Did they ever find the remains of the 3 year old boy supposedly crucified in Slovyansk?

            What about “Carlos”, the Spanish speaking ATC who worked in Boryspil?

            So many Russian LIES……so many stooges like you that believe them….

        3. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

          Well, suppression is only a temporary solution. Just wait a few months and you’ll see that. Certainly when Post-Maidan Ukraine’s biggest hero Saakashvili claims that the Ukrainian government is defunct, does not that concern you?

          1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            And you expect Saakashvili to embrace the same fantasy you have? It’s unlikely in the extreme that your dream will be fulfilled.

          2. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            No not at all, the heroes of Maidan deserve all the respect they can get. Dream? Lol I can just lean back and watch Ukraine disintegrate more and more each day, thanks to its crazy policies

          3. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Dream? Yes. A Fantasy.

            Indubitably. Ukraine isn’t going anywhere. Ukraine is growing, while Russia is having to cut things and allow its people to go hungry.

            Dream on.

          4. Avatar Brent says:

            The only thing that really concerns me is that you’ve become even dumber than you were 2 years ago when you first started regurgitating Russian propaganda….I guess Norway has a good social net for imbeciles like you who are too stupid and lazy to emigrate to the U.S. to clean toilets like “Screwball”….

          5. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            Yeah, attack when you have no arguments. That is what Ukrainian nationalists are world chaampions at

          6. Avatar Brent says:

            What’s to argue? You’ve always been a moron, and you will always continue to be a moron.

            Why should I waste my time trying to explain reality to a lying idiot like you?

          7. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            With this kind of childish intelligence level that you keep on displaying on the internet, I doubt you could explain anything, not that it would be anything new….

          8. Avatar Brent says:

            Ralphie, I’m not the one who used to pretend to be an American soap opera actor named “Rafe Hernandez”…..let me refresh your walnut sized brain about who you used to pretend to be….

          9. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            So, now you’re creepy, in addition to your paranoid schizofrenia

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            But it is lots of fun calling you “walnut brain” and mocking you every chance I get for your stupidity….

          11. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            Yeah, your opinion means less than [email protected] to me. Don’t you dare try to take the moral highground here. You’ve continuesly proven what a nasty piece of degenerate scum you are, you are probably western Ukrainian. As I stated you suffer from schizofrenia and depression, your previous post fits all the criterias perfectly. I actually hope you get pleasure from doing this you sadist little [email protected] Yes we all laugh and point at you every time you comment because you prove time and time again that God indeed exists, because only he can could make you so ugly and nasty. Bye bye

          12. Avatar Brent says:

            Thanks!!! It’s fun getting down into the gutter with you lying Russo Nazzi rats and kicking you around…

            Who is “we”??? All your fellow Russo Nazzi’s other than “Screwball” seemed to have slithered back under their rocks. Whatever happened to your buddy “Sergey Green”? How about “Bayethe”?
            Yet you continue to make a lying a$$ out of yourself….you seem to be one of those losers who doesn’t mind getting beaten up because in your sad little world, any attention is good attention, even if you keep getting told what a lying little sh*t you are….

          13. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            Given your detailed answer, you seem to have experienced this over a long period of time. You have my sympathy, may you recover.

          14. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            Several other Savushkina trolls have also disappeared, e.g. Sir-Gay Tokarev, Vee-Narain_Yerevan. Sir-Gay disappeared after publicly contradicting a fellow troll who was spouting the usual oficial Kremlin nonsense, so he was presumably sentenced to katorga for deviant behaviour..

          15. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

            Vee Narian the hindoo fakir, sage of Savushkina Street, is still around on Bloomberg.

        4. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

          If Putin wants to capture Ukraine, he would have captured it within 24 hours. And he would not have fought, but simply would have bought the whole country, like Chechnya. But why Putin needs 40 million hungry Ukrainians? Let it be a headache for Europeans 🙂

          1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            I guess he rules it then, because he wanted it.

            Russia would have taken it only in your fantasies. Anyone paying any attention to what is going on over there knows Ukraine is much better off than Russia. That’s one of the major reasons Putin is looking for a way out. He’ll lose Crimea in the end as well. He can’t afford either one.

          2. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Oh yeah! Ukraine is better today! As in Germany in 1935! Slogans are the same – Glory of the nation! The Ukrainians are a pure race! Bravo is Mr. fascist, bravo!


          3. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Why not include a few pics from the Russian Orthodox run camps training terrorists to go to the Donbas with swastikas over the tents and assembly areas. I know that’s a bit inconvenient for your trolling, but, Putin and his buddy do love them a lot of Fascisti. Putin recruits them and sends them to the Donbas to protect holy mother Russia from his boyish nightmares. They may end up as cargo 200, but, thems the breaks and it’s an honor to die for the fascist motherland.

          4. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Why not include a few photos from Russian Orthodox camps training terrorists? And for what? If the whole of Europe believes the fascist Poroshenko, who says that the Russian regular army is fighting in the Donbas! Then what militants and camps are you talking about? Who should I trust — you or Poroshenko? :)))

          5. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Given that you, along with nobody else, has been able to show Poroshenko is Fascist, we can lay that aside. Now, Putin on the other hand certainly is.

            Regular Russian Army troops have been captured in the Donbas. The troops themselves have stated they have been in the Donbas fighting. It’s just too bad that your fantasy and disinformation has also been set aside. I realize things just keep getting thinner and thinner on the ground for you Russian trolls, but that’s just how life can be sometimes.

            You obviously haven’t kept up as much as you like to make out. News came out about the ROC camps in Russia and Belarus over a year ago. But, then, trolls just go about trying to stir stuff. facts are something you don’t need for such an activity.

          6. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            The regular troops of the Russian army were captured in the Donbas?
            And specifically, where in the Donbass? When? The number of the military unit? :)) Drink more whiskey, and then you will see that troops from Mars or the Moon were also captured in the Donbas :))

          7. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Yep! You need to get out more. They even captured a few officers. The Rooskis weren’t even smart enough to be “sheep dipped” and both their Military IDs and Internal Passports on them when captured.

            Also, Russian Marines have told of having been assigned there along with Airborne Troops and just plain Leg infantry. This news has been out for years. You seem to be one of the few who know nothing of this. The net is out there. Go relieve your ignorance and stop being a troll.

          8. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Just laughing at your stupidity.:)))

          9. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Pathetic come back. Come back when you can hold your own.

          10. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Listen, where are you from?

          11. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

            Your point of origin is Putin’s an us.

          12. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Here you are right! And I’m glad that you said so :))

          13. Avatar zorbatheturk says:


          14. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Do you understand when you write the word troops? 🙂 Specifically, the troops are what? Platoon? Company? Division :))) Why are there no numbers of military units? Those five people who were detained by the Ukrainian fascists did not serve in the Russian army at the time of detention. Take an interest in their own curators 🙂 And do not say nonsense.

          15. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            It’s self evident you don’t know what “troops” means.

            There were people captured, and shown on TV that were active in the Russian Army. The IDs were current at the time. Too bad that’s inconvenient, but that’s just the way it is.

            “And do not say nonsense.”

            Physician, heal thyself. Almost everything you post is either a lie or nonsense.

          16. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            And what about the Russians who were burned alive, the fascists of Ukraine? it was in Odessa on May 2, 2014! After that, hundreds of Russians went to fight in the Donbas, because fascism in Ukraine must be destroyed! But in Ukraine there are no regular Russian troops! Remember, if Russia attacks Ukraine, the war will last for a maximum of two or three days. And Putin will be in Kiev to get the Victory Parade. So do not be stupid.

          17. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            They tried something for Mother Russia and Ukrainians had no desire to put up with treason. You play with fire, you get burned.

            There is no fascism in Ukraine except in your moronic dreams. If you want to see fascism, go to Moscow.

            Enjoy your fantasies. There is a very good reason Putin is not Kyiv now. And, it isn’t because Putin didn’t want to be there. His desire in that regard is something he has made abundantly clear. One thing that is abundantly clear, he won’t hang onto the Donbas or Crimea.

          18. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Yes indeed in Ukraine there is no Nazism! :))) Only the name of the Nazis is called the streets in Ukraine, celebrate the Nazis’ birthday, put monuments to them. And even take Nazi symbols! Bravo!


          19. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            So, where are the Nazi symbols in that picture? You seem incapable of finding them. On the other hand, Pictures from ROC camps in Russia and Belarus, showing Nazi symbols on prominent display, were published on this website a couple years ago.

            Putin loves Stalin, and he’s the guy you’re working for. Stalin made the Nazis look like rank amateurs when it came to killing and terrorism.

          20. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            The SS reinforcement division (German SS-Verfügungsdivision) – was formed 10 … SS-Panzer-Division symbol.svg. The emblem of the division is the runic sign of Wolfsangel.


          21. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            So what? The Wolfsangel existed before the SS or Nazi party. Try again.

          22. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            This is the standard of the 2nd Panzer Division of SS “Das Reich”. The type of troops is motorized infantry (German panzergenda). The first commander is the commander of Gruppenführer SS Paul Hauser. The division takes the first place among SS troops in the number marked by the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross.

          23. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            That’s nice. Seems like you’ve run out of things to say that matter.

          24. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Oh yeah! I will say the last phrase — you are a Nazi, you can enjoy the killing of children in the Donbass and waking up in the morning to repeat the Ukrainian slogan-the glory of the nation! This is Hitler’s favorite slogan! (Ruhm der Nation)

          25. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Nah, the Nazis are in the Donbas and supported by Putin. Supported by Putin so they can kill women and children. Such brave boys, those guys rousted by Girkin and his ilk.

          26. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Look who is the hero in Ukraine today, if you support these bastards, then you are exactly the same fascist!

            Monument to Stepan Bandera!!

            Below in the stone is broken: “If I forget this, let the Sky forget about me” This monument is in Poland. Sleplen with a real picture of the massacre of children, who Bandera led by the “national hero” were killed by fastening wires to posts – saving cartridges ….
            Nazi Ukrainians, bloody bastards!


          27. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Lest you forget, Putin loves Stalin. As of 1980 demographers said that were 100 million people missing from the Soviet Union. The overwhelming majority of that is at Stalin’s feet. Bandera was an amateur next to Stalin.

            You need to find better examples.

          28. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Stalin did not impress me at all, but he was the winner in the war, and the court in Nurberg did not condemn him, but he condemned the SS troops, namely Bandera served in the SS! Compare them — stupid. Because Stalin is the leader of the state, and Bandera is a terrorist.


          29. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Stalin was a terrorist. Terror is how the Soviets ruled. Being the head of state does not absolve you. You can be an idiot as much as you like, but Stalin was no better than a street thug. He killed millions in the holodomor in Ukraine and Bandera remembered, as do many Ukrainians to this day.

            On the other hand, Bandera was a Ukrainian patriot and was working to get the Soviets out of Ukraine.

            Time for you to quit being a troll for Putinist Russia.

          30. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            If Stalin is a terrorist, then Truman, Roosevelt and Churchill are also terrorists. They fought together. But Bandera fought along with Hitler. And Bandera became a terrorist in Poland when he blew up the Polish minister, and for this he was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Polish court. He was released from prison by Gauleiter of Poland, Erich Koch-personally!

          31. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Stalin was a terrorist because he used terror to rule the Soviet Union. As for Bandera, so what? The man’s country was occupied by a terrorist regime and he was within his rights to use who and what he needed to expel that regime.

          32. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Bandera had a Polish passport and organized terrorist acts in Poland (killing a Jewish family and killing a minister). What did he have to do with Ukraine? He got to the territory of Ukraine only after the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact. And he was always a Pole and half Austroengr !! What homeland are you talking about?

          33. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            You need to quit posting irrelevancies. The man was Ukrainian, like it or not.

          34. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Stepan Andreevich Bandera was born on January 1, 1909 in the Galichi village of Stary Ugrinov, in the territory of the kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, which was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire!!!!!! Where do you see the word Ukraine? At that time, Ukraine belonged to the Russian Empire.

          35. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Ukraine, at the time, was divided. Galicia is part of Ukraine.

          36. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

            RuSSians couldn’t capture a stray cat.

          37. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            ….this is because the russian stray cat is not needed :))

          38. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

            No, RuSSians have eaten them all.

      2. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

        How’s that putin backside licking working out for you.

        1. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

          Photo of the fascist Mr. Bandera? 🙂 Bravo! Glory to the nazis of Ukraine!

          1. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

            The only Nazi’s are in the Kremlin comrade. Your wife beating hero is one of them.

          2. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Glory to the hero Sudoplatov! :))))

          3. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

            Your mother?

          4. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            No, this is the one who killed the dog named Stepan Banderlog

          5. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

            You’re just upset that your grandmother said Bandera was the best she ever had. Do you have the same issues your grandpa had? Maybe you should try a dress on?

          6. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            And what is this dress? Probably the one in which Bandera fled from Ukraine? 🙂 This is a historical fact! But after the NKVD officers he was caught and poisoned like a rabid dog! :)))…

          7. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

            Nice history lesson Is that what it says in the putin bible. You know, the one he reads to you as you toss his salad

          8. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Do you have Putin instead of God? In each comment you are only about it))

          9. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

            Putin and Kirill sleep with little boys.

          10. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            All Ukrainians are very interested in unconventional sex :)) Pathology? РАССКАЖИ ЛУЧШЕ О СВИНОЁБАХ УКРАИНЫ:))

          11. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Monument to Stepan Bandera!!

            Below in the stone is broken: “If I forget this, let the Sky forget about me” This monument is in Poland. Sleplen with a real picture of the massacre of children, who Bandera led by the “national hero” were killed by fastening wires to posts – saving cartridges ….
            Nazi Ukrainians, bloody bastards!


          12. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

            Isn’t that the same picture all you putin backside lickers stole from some Russian atrocity?

          13. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            This monument in Poland !!!! Do you want to tell me that in Poland — Putin is the president? You are Nazi animals.

          14. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

            Putin is a wife beater and a boy lover…. like all you Russian males.

          15. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

            Oh yeah! and this I hear from the children of a pig :))

    2. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

      I see Putin acts on the nazis of Ukraine as a silver bullet for zombies 🙂

  5. Avatar svend lykkegaard says:

    Not the biggest surprise. Putler never just wanted east of Ukraine, he wanted what he called Neurussia, that was east og south of Ukkraine inclusive Kharkiv and Odessa, but Ukraine said no, So now Putler is stuck with a big failure, but I suppose the stipid Russian Teens think it is a succes.

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      Putin even had to rename “Novorossiya” to “Malorussia”…or “Little” Russia to describe how badly his dream failed….

  6. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

    I assume the extra funds needed for the occupied Königsberg and Crimea amount to $2.87 BILLION and not million as stated. But at least half of the money wil be “diverted for other purposes” i.e. transferred to the offshore bank accounts of the dwarf and Co. e.g. Arkady Rotenberg’s before even reaching the intended destinations. So that leaves less than $1.5 bilion to be shared between the two occupied territories over 3 years, and at least part of that amount will be siphoned off by local officials. In the end only 25% at best will be effectively spent, say $250 million per annum. That won’t achieve much, in other words a lot of Krumblin hot air.

    1. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

      Your conspiracies are getting more and more pathetic. You’ve lost the tiny credibility you had after you “predicted” the US elections outcome

      1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

        How has your great pal Trump becoming president worked out for your Kremlin masters, old eunuch? I bet the demented dwarf and his cronies are now bittery regretting having meddled in the US election. And guess what- things aren’t going to improve one bit.

    2. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

      Funny that you’ve written Kaliningrad in German. From now on we’ll call it Lvòw, Kharkov, Lugansk, Karpatia and Ternopòl, right?

      1. Avatar Brent says:

        and we’ll just keep calling you “Ralphie, the pretend Norwegian/fake soap opera actor/Russian stooge”?????

        How come you stopped using the photo of “Rafe Hernandez”?

  7. Avatar Turtler says:

    What can I say? They’re prostitutes bought and paid for. And they didn’t even deliver half of what they were supposed to with “Novorossiya.”

    So now they’re going to learn what it feels like when the Tsar grows weary of them and leaves them out in the lurch.

    Couldn’t happen to nicer psychos.

  8. Avatar Fima Petrof says:

    For Europe and America, the Donbass is a territory occupied by Russia, and people there suffer from occupation. So why is there no humanitarian aid from America or Europe? 🙂

    1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

      RuSSians are scum.