Ukrainians turning away from Russia not only politically but culturally

Ukrainian children demonstrating in support of Ukrainian language and culture

Ukrainian children demonstrating in support of Ukrainian language and culture 

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To no one’s surprise, Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine has alienated Ukrainians politically from the former imperial center; but more important but less noticed, it is increasingly leading them to turn away from Russia culturally, a development with far-reaching consequences that it may be impossible to reverse.

In an essay for Radio Liberty, Elena Matusova says that researchers in a wide variety of areas have confirmed that “Ukraine is coming out from under the cultural influence of Russia” and thus is “becoming independent not only in a political and government sense but in a cultural one as well.”

The journalist rightly points out that Russia has been losing influence on the culture of Ukraine” since 1991 when Ukraine achieved its independence, but the process accelerated following the collapse of the pro-Moscow regime of Viktor Yanukovych and Moscow’s annexation of Crimea and its continuing war in the Donbas.

Viktor Mironenko, the director of the Center for Ukrainian Research at Moscow’ Institute of Europe agrees. He notes that “the reduction in the role of Russia has occurred at all levels: political, economic and cultural” and he explains this by pointing to the rise of “a new generation of Ukrainians who live in a different reality which is neither Soviet nor Russian.”

Moscow poetess Maria Galina notes that “in Ukraine, even poets who in the past wrote exclusively in Russian are today choosing to use the Ukrainian language” and that the war has led to a fundamental change in the Ukrainian book market with Russian language materials now occupying a significantly smaller place.

Moreover, she continues, “in Ukraine now is taking shape a new group of young authors” who are writing in Ukrainian and are much younger than their counterparts in Russia. They have “enormous influence” and this shift has reached the point where one can speak of it as being irreversible.

In her view, Galina says, “Russian culture will mean for Ukraine approximately as much as Polish culture does. That is, it will have a certain influence, there will be personal contacts, some books will appear but there will not be such a powerful turn toward Russia as there was before the Russian intervention.”

There is a downside to this, however, both Mironenko and Galina say. The reduction of Russian influence on Ukrainian culture will be paralleled by a reduction of Ukrainian influence on Russian culture. And Russian culture needs that influence now in particular because that country after the annexation of Crimea is undergoing a new period of “increasing political, economic and cultural isolation.”


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  1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

    Even more ominous for the dwarf is that his last European ally Belarus has also started to worm its way out of Moscow’s clutches, though the process will be far more difficult due to Minsk’s almost total dependency on Moscow economically.
    Lukashenko now using Belarusian in his public speeches and Minsk recently trying to develop alternative supply routes for oil clearly indicate that Belarus is striving for more independence from Dwarfstan. Whether Luka will be successful remains to be seen however- Kyiv was much more independent even in 1991 than Minsk is now. There’s also the small matter of tens of thousands of Dwarfstanian soldiers pouring into Belarus for the forthcoming exercise and the dwarf may well decide to leave them there permanently even if Luka openly demands their withdrawal after the completion of the exercise.

    1. Avatar veth says:

      Occupation by exercise, another variety of ‘hybrid war’…………

  2. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

    History will ultimately define Putin’s attempts to use coercion (trying to maintain a puppet administration via Viktor Yanukovych and his Party of Regions) and then invasion (Crimea and then Eastern Donbas) against Ukraine in order to recreate a new Russian Empire as a colossal failure. Not only did Russia’s Grand Pederast totally miscalculate the reaction to his aggression by ethnic Ukrainians but he was also clueless to the fact that most ethnic Russians living in Ukraine were equally hostile to his completely unwarranted encroachment on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukrainian nation. In short, he accomplished the exact opposite result to his initial intentions. As such, Putin should be known as the first legitimate competitor to “Ivan Durak”, aka “Johnny the Idiot” who held the post as Chief Clown in the court of Tsar Peter the Great.

  3. Avatar veth says:

    Moscow to reinforce border with Donbas to prevent flight of separatists to Russia
    Russia is reinforcing its border with the occupied part of Donbas to stop the flight of rebels from Donbas across the border, the chief of Ukraine’s Border Service Petro Tsyhykal said, speaking on Kanal 5 TV late Aug. 11.

    “It is an important signal to us that Russia has problems with the separatists,” he said. Читайте більше тут:

    The ‘seperatists’ with Russian passports are returning………………………(translation: the ex-convicts released from Russian prisons, to fight in Donbass)

  4. Avatar veth says:

    Children in Donbas have limited access to education due to the security situation and damaged school buildings.
    This is reported by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

    “At least 700 schools have been damaged since the start of the conflict, including 55 schools directly impacted since the beginning of the year,” the UNHCR report says.

    In addition, at least 40 communities residing near the dividing line have limited access to medical services. Some 150 healthcare facilities have been damaged since the start of the conflict, and medical personnel have also left the area.

    As noted, displacement has affected vulnerable groups the most.

    “More than 50,000 people with disabilities were forced to flee their homes. Besides access to services, they often face additional difficulties and discrimination,” the report reads.

    1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      Everything they touch turns into ruins … even the ruins themselves.

      1. Avatar Eddy Verhaeghe says:

        Apparently the post or posts of Screwdriver on this thread were scrapped by the webmaster/moderator.

        But some of your and of my posts were scrapped too.

        Simply want to repeat that your ode to your friend made my day. Next time you talk to him or see him, send him my regards and tell him that he did a hell of a job!

        1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

          Hm, that’s odd. I can’t imagine what in our posts would warrant such an action. And – thanks for the kind words again.

          1. Avatar Eddy Verhaeghe says:

            Oknemfrod, remember your post about your friend that made you see the light about the Soviet system…

            The post of Screwdriver I don’t remember. Most probably wasn’t worth remembering. In fact most posts of the man have only 2 uses. They give you and others the possibility :

            – to debunk Kremlin nonsense;

            – to educate me and other visitors to this site on all things Ukrainian.

            Do keep up the good work!!!

          2. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            That’s what I’ve been trying to do, Eddy. Sincere thanks for your support!

          3. Avatar Eddy Verhaeghe says:

            My pleasure 😉

  5. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

    What Russian culture – its a fake state which degraded every ethnicity it invaded.

    The Soviet was an experiment that denied individual heritage and appropriated what it choose for itself.

    Moskvas only cultural influence was drunkenness and bigoted hatred. That in itself is enough to sever any relations with it and many of its young are choosing an alternative more befitting – a cultural revolution or escape. Time will tell but the work must go on, the old ways will go to nowhere.

  6. Avatar Tony says:

    Culture is the MOST important factor of success.
    Work hard.
    Take responsibility.
    Have children and foster the next generation.
    Always work on raising your standards.
    These are the keys to success.

    1. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

      Taking responsibility for raising the standards of the next generation isn’t in the Russian mind-set!

  7. Avatar Brent says:

    The Russian Concept of “Malorussia” just keeps getting smaller and smaller….kind of like the demented dwarf Putin himself…..

  8. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

    >The reduction of Russian influence on Ukrainian culture will be paralleled by a reduction of Ukrainian influence on Russian culture.<

    The Russians, being almost universally illiterate in Ukrainian, haven't absorbed any Ukrainian culture beyond a few folk dances, songs (whose lyrics they don't understand), films (which have to be subtitled for them to watch), and cliches related to food and folk clothing. For the same reason, an overwhelming majority of them have never read any Ukrainian literature, even classics like Kotliarevsky, Shevchenko, Franko, Ukrainka, et al. Their idea of what "Ukrainian" means in a broader sense boils down to a rather grotesque anecdotal image.

    It's both astonishing and revolting to glimpse into the content of their crania. And in this video (subtitled in English), the respondents are all young people. Listening to them makes my hair stand on end. Particularly disgusting is all that talk about the "brotherhood".

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      The young lady from Debaltseve should start thinking about who’s REALLY responsible for the destruction in her town. But she’s probably incapable of thought.
      The others are plainly deluded if they believe that things will ever get back to “normal”, which for them is “Me Moscow master, you Kyiv slave.”

      1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:


      2. Avatar slavko says:

        Do recall the manipulation of the Russian media when they posted with exuberance the downing of a Ukrainian military jet by a BUK fired by Russian proxies shortly after the MH17 occurrence. And then after realizing that instead a civilian airliner was shot down by the Russian proxies the story got pulled and twisted and the Russian media backtracked on their statements. These people are not getting all the information and it is heavily skewed.

    2. Avatar slavko says:

      Most of them seem to be honest enough with their commentary. Of course no question was asked of them regarding their feelings surrounding Russian invasion of Ukraine. Maybe they are not fully aware of the circumstance of Russian complicity surrounding the war. It seems to me that some are heavily influenced by the Kremlin propaganda. Do note also that a few of them mentioned one cannot trust mass media as that is only what the politicians want people to hear.

      1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

        Yes, but also note that all of them meant the Ukrainian media allegedly screwing the brains of the Ukrainians and making the latter lose their formerly brotherly feelings towards the Russian “brothers”. They don’t even begin to question the poison the Russian media has filled their crania with and in fact speak exclusively from that perspective. In this sense – yes, they speak honestly enough.

        1. Avatar slavko says:

          It’s the same I think in the West or even in China that the people truly want to believe that the government which they have is trustworthy. No one wants to believe that the government which they live under is a narcissistic a$$hole and bullying the neighbor around especially in this day and age of accepting the righteousness of ones religion . Putin has made great effort to depict himself as a “churchgoer” along with his comradeship with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church who just happens to sport expensive watches.

          1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

            There are many prominent individuals in a variety of societies who attend (some regularly) a wide assortment of churches, mosques, synagogues, temples or what have you but it does not mean that they are religious. In fact, many of these “heretics” or “apostates” only attend religious services to try and demonstrate that they are pious and support the common good whereas in reality they could be thieves, rapists, murderers and so on. A classic example could be seen with members of the Italian Mafia whose leaders usually attend church on a regular basis but what they do in real life is anything but Christian. As for Putin and his band of hyenas, they are just as bad if not worse than any Mafia group anywhere in the world.

          2. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

            Wait, slavko, righteousness of ones religion?
            Comradeship with the Russian Orthodox Church?
            Your trying to pull a fast one, right?

          3. Avatar slavko says:

            Aahhh… was I not being sarcastic enough?? 😉

          4. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

            Actually it sounded what one could expect, presented for the Western air-heads, from the Kremlin.

            First I chuckled but wanted to make sure, good one!

            I have seen ROP’s with Nashi and Nazi groups in full regalia.

        2. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

          The dwarf and his crooked chums are deluded, so perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising:

          Lozhvrov clearly STILL doesn’t understand that Kyiv WON’T be “put into its place”, despite trying for over 3 years and failing.

    3. Avatar veth says:

      Sounds there is no internet in Russia……………………..

    4. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

      I would question the honesty of some of the responses.
      Others, I found some hesitancy or uncertainty, as to how they should respond.

      Then one could ask, why are these questions being asked and for what purpose?
      Russian Insider, how independent is this and how much was staged?

      In the past, I found Russians have a hard time giving straight answers let alone being recorded!

      1. Avatar gmab says:

        I agree. No mention of Junta or US interference. They all, even those with families in Ukraine, lacked emotion & seemed to view the events in Ukraine as very remote and totally detached from their everyday lives. This is unusual with numerous sanctions & the resulting isolation most likely to seriously affect their future more than any other age group. It’s a propaganda piece.

        1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

          I suspect it all will only REALLY hit them when a brother, cousin or close friend returns home as a cripple following a “holiday” in the Donbas. As for the isolation affecting their futures, they no doubt believe the dwarf’s propaganda that “isolation is good for us”.

          1. Avatar Rob Hansen says:


            List of evil genocide done by Russia to other nations that Russians / Russia never have admitted and / or apologized and / or taken any responsibility for..

            1. Genocide Circassian 1817

            (Some sources state that three million Circassians were deported and kiild )

            2. Genocide Circassian 1867

            (Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s May 1994 statement admitted to the tsarist Russian forces was guilty of the genocide according to the official tsarist documents more than 400,000 Circassians were killed, 497,000 were deported
            Genocide called the man made famine in Ukraine of 1918 (Total death 2.4 to 7.5 million)

            3. Genocide Decossackization 1919

            (Peter Holquist, concludes that decossackization did not constitute an “open-ended program” of genocide” Don province, from May 1918 to February 1919, the “All-Great Don Host” was estimated to have killed between 25,000 to 45,000 people )

            4 Genocide Don Cossacks 1919
            ( 44,000 people killed )

            5. Genocide know as the Ukrainian Famine of 1921-1923
            (4 million people)

            6. Genocide Holodomor of 10 mill Ukrainians this is almost 50% of the nation at the time in 1932–1933
            (10 million people)

            7. Genocide and Massacres of Polish peoples 1937

            (Estimates of the number of Polish citizens transferred to the Eastern European part of the USSR, the Urals, and Siberia range from 1.2 to 1.7 million)

            8. Genocide known as the Great purge in Mongolia 1937

            (Nikolai Yezhov, the head of the Russian Soviet secret police, NKVD. It has been estimated that buddhist lamas made up the majority of victims, with 18,000 being killed in the terror. were murdered by the Russian controlled Soviet government today you can see a monument dedicated to the victims of the repressions in Ulan Bator, Mongolia )

            9. Genocide known as the Great Purge (Yezhovshchina) 1937–38

            (Russians beloved Stalin killed 3 million )

            10. Genocide done to the Koreans in the USSR, 1937–1949

            (Almost the entire Soviet population of ethnic Koreans (171,781 persons) were forcefully moved from the Russian Far East to unpopulated areas of the Kazakh SSR and the Uzbek SSR in October 1937 it is Estimates based on population statistics suggest that 40,000 deported Koreans died in 1937 and 1938 from starvation, exposure mostly children and the eldrig as difficulties adapting )

            11. Genocide of the Crimea Tatars genocide 1944

            (A large number of deportees (more than 100,000 according to a 1960s survey by Crimean Tatar activists) died from starvation or disease as a direct result of deportation. It is considered to be a case of ethnic cleansing.)

            12. Genocide and massive deportations East Germany Genocide 1945
            (The Forgotten Genocide on the Germans )

            13. Genocide and massive deportations of Germans living in Königsberg Genocide 1945

            ( Soviet occupation Königsberg after the war were based on an agreement with the Western Allies to become Soviet. The death toll during their capture and transportation / deportasion was estimated at 15% to 30%, of the ethnic germens and many families were torn apart)

            13. Genocide Chechnya 1990s.

            ( Russian forces in Chechnya, including extrajudicial killings. Human rights organizations also documented several massacres of civilians by Russian units. Dozens of mass graves containing hundreds of corpses have been uncovered since the beginning of the First Chechen War in 1994. As of June 2008, there were 57 registered locations of mass graves in Chechnya )

            14. Genocide of Georgians in South Ossetia 1991

            (Ethnic cleansing of Georgians in South Ossetia The Human Rights Watch concluded that the “South Ossetian forces sought to ethnically cleanse” the Georgian-populated areas. 23,000 ethnic Georgians fled from the South Ossetian)

            15. Genocide Russia help and orchestrated in a proxy war of divide and conquer by Russian and Armenia in Nagorno Karabakh 1991

            (more than 200,000 Azerbaijanis and Muslim Kurds left. and many children died While Muslim Kurds did not take up arms against Russian backed armenian forces

            16. Genocide of Georgians in Abkhaz conflict of 1992

            (Ethnic cleansing of Georgians in Abkhazia forced mass expulsion of thousands of ethnic Georgians living in Abkhazia during the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict of 1992–1993 and 1998 at the hands of Abkhaz separatists and their allies the Russians )

            17. Moldovan (Transnistria) purging moldovans 1992

            (Alexander Lebed was a Russian military officer and politician arrived at the 14th Army A quote from Alexander Lebed attributed to Lebed demonstrates his support of the Transnistrian cause: “I am proud that we helped and armed Transnistrian guards against Moldovan fascists )

            18. Genocide Abkhaz–Georgian conflict purge and genocide of Georgians 2008

            (Roughly 200,000 to 250,000 Georgian civilians became Internally displaced persons (IDPs). The ethnic cleansing and massacres of Georgians has been officially recognized by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) conventions in 1994, 1996 and again in 1997 during the Budapest, Lisbon and Istanbul summits and condemned the “perpetrators of war crimes committed during the conflict)

            19. Georgian– east Ossetian conflict purge and genocide of Georgians 2008

            (Georgian villages in South Ossetia and were responsible for an ethnic cleansing of Georgians. Russia recognised Abkhazia and South Ossetia as separate republics on 26 August 2010. In 2009, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe resolutions condemned “the ethnic cleansing and other human rights violations in South Ossetia,)

            20. AND NOW TODAY RuSSian is helping to uphold a Genocide by Assad in Syria 2011 still ongoing …+++

            (Since the beginning of March 2011, the stability of the Syrian Arab Republic has degenerated at an alarming rate. Genocide Watch warns that massacres and mass atrocities against pro-democracy protesters and the civilian population are being committed by Syrian security forces under the command of the al-Assad government backed up by Russia army and air force..

            21. AND NOW TO DAY IT continues with the Crimea Tatars genocide ongoing 2015+++

            (Following the occupation and illegal annexation of Crimea, Russia has enacted repressive politics against the Crimean Tatars, who opposed the land grab most vocally. Recently, the Russia-appointed Procecutor General of Crimea criminalized activities of the Crimean Tatars Parliament Mejlis. Crimean Tatar media were also banned – 11 out of 12 of them have been closed. 15 Crimean Tatars activists are arrested because of political reasons, among them is Ilmi Umerov, Deputy Head of the Mejlis. A number of Crimean Tatar politicians and activists are barred from entering the peninsula, including Mejlis Head Refat Chubarov, and Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev. Persecutions of the Crimean Tatars were condemned by the United Nations and separate governments. Moscow is erasing memory of genocide and are sill today running a ongoing repressions deportation of the Crimean Tatars )

            THE TRUTH about Russian appeal The Russian’s appeal to the people of Europe. (Alternative Video)

    5. Avatar Rob Hansen says:

      A shared long and common history” implies Ukraine and Russia are somehow like Siamese twins – in their origins, historical development, and in their current values and outlooks. These assumptions are often repeated by the media, but closer examination reveals crucial substantive differences.

      1. Common origins? For more than 300 years, ‘Moskovia’ was… ‘Moskovia’
      This is key for proper understanding… up until the early 1700s, most maps, government documents and all other records throughout the territory of present-day Russia proclaimed themselves “Moskovia” (Muscovy). All the people considered themselves Moskovites. But in trying to kick-start his country into contemporary Europe, Peter the Great searched for a more imposing pedigree (the word “Moscow” means “swampy or dark waters” in the ancient Finno-Ugric language).
      “Third Rome” was a failed attempt to connect Russia’s royal genealogy through Byzantium to ancient Rome (the title ‘Tsar’ was derived from ‘Caesar’) . Other spurious “ancestors” were considered. Finally, Peter looked at his neighboring country Ukraine, direct descendants of the Empire ‘Rus’ with its glorious history. Peter purloined the title that rightfully should have belonged to Kyiv and, over his own citizens’ stubborn objections, renamed his country ‘Rus-sia’. In 1721, the ‘Tsardom of Moskovia’ became officially the “Empire of Russia.”

      2. ‘Rus or Russia… who cares?’ – big significance of one small letter “s”

      1570 map showing Rus and showing Moscovia
      This crucial distinction between ‘Rus’ and ‘Russia’ may not seem like a big deal to many westerners, and their unfamiliarity hinders media from appreciating current developments.
      Few here might know of the majestic Kyiv-based “Rus” Empire, the largest country in Europe and dating back to the 10th century. The Kings of Rus in Kyiv had already established a codex of laws to apply to citizens of every level, and their princesses were being married to Kings in France, Sweden and other nations. Princes Anna of Kyiv could read and write five languages at a time when the entire French court was illiterate and her husband Henry I signed all documents with an “x.” After Henry’s death in 1060, Anna became the first French queen to serve as regent.
      This Empire of ‘Rus’ (with one “s”) is the direct ancestor of present day Ukrainians.
      At the same time, the area later to be called Moscow was a minor trading outpost on the borders of Rus. The indigenous Finno-Ugric tribes were pagans and lived in primitive Eskimo-like underground homes. Kyiv sent priests, laborers and settlers in an attempt to civilize the people living there. In contemporary histories written by scribes, it was merely called “the Land beyond the Forests.” Present day ‘Russians’ (with two “s”) are in reality former Moskovites who interbred with colonists sent there from Kyiv,and later were ruled for 250 years by the Mongols.

      3. Russian genetic studies have demonstrated very close ties of northern Russian DNA with the Finno-Ugric tribes and with Mongolians.
      A 2013 study supported by grants from the Russian Academy of Sciences (A.V. Khrunin et al.) revealed a “new pole of genetic diversity” in northern Europe, reasserting that northern Russians exhibit a substantial presence of Finno-Ugric genotypes.
      Starting in the mid 13th century Moskovia submitted to Mongolian rule for the next three hundred years. By 1350 the Tatar language had become fashionable in the court of the Grand Prince of Moscow. Look at the names of cities and rivers in most of today’s Russia and you will hardly recognize any Slavic roots, but rather a mixture of Finno-Ugric and Mongolian names.

      4. Common outlook? Russia’s orientation was to Asia, Ukraine’s was to Europe.
      Peter the Great waged many wars to get a “window to Europe” after centuries of being cut off from Europe during subservience to the Golden Horde. Once Ukraine was annexed by Russia in the 17th century, Europeans became more commonplace in Petersburg. Ukraine’s Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, one of Eastern Europe’s preeminent academies, which had been teaching students from Poland, Belarus, Moldavia, Bulgaria and Greece, now began to teach Russians for more than a century.
      In Ukraine, economic life and trade, universities, science, the arts and cultural life thrived from cross-pollination with European countries. Foreign diplomats and correspondents like Guillaume de Beauplan, Johannes Korb and many others left memoirs, noting the differences crossing over the the border from Russia to encounter the Ukrainians’ culture, friendliness and generosity, love of land, pride and fierce independence.
      In 1481, Yury Drohobych from western Ukraine was voted the first Rector at the Bologna University, Italy. Ukrainian Count Andriy Razumovsky commissioned a cycle of wonderful string quartets from Beethoven.The first printing press was founded in Lviv, Ukraine in 1573 by Ivan Fedorov, but only after he had been chased out of Moscow after his shop and books were burned by people who considered them the work of the devil.

      5. Common languages?
      Kyivan colonizers and priests introduced Slavonic to the Finno-Ugric residents of Moskovia. The centuries long Mongolian Yoke period (Boris Godunov was of Asian Tatar stock), added a significant imprint on the Moskovian language. Due to their isolation, the Russians retained numerous archaic structures from old Church Slavonic, later adding German verb structure and many German words and phrases.
      By contrast, Ukrainian very quickly dropped all the archaisms, and in their free and open European atmosphere underwent an unrivaled development. Today, for example, you can easily hear many phonetics, grammar and roots common with Italian. In fact, many foreigners consider the Ukrainian language and songs as the rival of Italian.
      Linguistically, Ukrainian is more closely tied to Bulgarian, Polish and Slovak than it is to Russian.

      6. It is not Russian language that needs protecting, but Ukrainian.
      Russian history reveals systemic marginalization and attempts at elimination of the Ukrainian language and culture. The Valuev and Emsky Decrees for the 19th century said there “never was, is not, nor will be a Ukrainian language” and banned Ukrainian books. The Soviet Union instituted the primacy of the Russian language and brutally squashed Ukrainian cultural revivals by decreeing many artificial linguistic changes in an attempt to increase “similarities between the two brotherly languages.”
      Contrary to claims of “persecution of Russian language and culture” in Ukraine, the overwhelming majority of books, newspapers, magazines, and TV programs are in Russian. 1,700 Russian schools officially operate throughout Ukraine, including many in western sectors. The Ukrainian Constitution specifically singles out Russian for “free development, use and protection” and in areas like Crimea Russian language, culture, churches and schools (fully funded by the state) approach near unanimity.
      (In contrast, there are merely a dozen schools with Ukrainian as an optional study language throughout all regions of Russia where over three million Ukrainians reside. Petitions to authorities remain unanswered. There are no Ukrainian-language newspapers nor radio nor TV broadcasting in the entire Russian Federation.)

      7. Common history?
      The Soviet Union tried to establish the myth of two “brotherly nations”. But Putin’s 2014 invasion of Crimea is merely the latest chapter in centuries-old efforts by Russia to subjugate or eliminate Ukrainians as a nation and as a culture. In 1169, Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky of Suzdal (Moskovia) brutally sacked and plundered Kyiv, preparing the way for its 1240 destruction by the Mongols. And only now we are beginning to realize the full extent of the Soviet era ‘Holodomor’ – the artificial famine in the 1930s, calculated to wipe out Ukrainians and succeeding to the count of six to eight million deaths.

      8. Russia was responsible for Demographic Catastrophe in Ukraine
      Throughout the Tsarist and Soviet eras, millions of Ukrainians were either executed or forcibly relocated to all corners of the Russia, and Russians were brought into their place. (In Crimea, Stalin also relocated all Tatars and replaced them with ethnic Russians.) Most recently, on 3/3/2014 the Russian Minister of the Far East, Aleksandr Galushka, unveiled a disturbing initiative to move residents of Ukraine to the Russian Far East as labor.
      By Adrian Bryttan, New York March 6, 2014

    6. Avatar Rob Hansen says:

      if you ask Russian scum the Ukrainians and Ukraine never was in history until 1991 .. The only thing you can take out of that statement is one of 3 things or a bitt of all the above..

      1. They are lying or don’t know better because the are stupid and have no knowledge of history .

      2. They are trying to take another nation history and claim it for themselves as they wish to lay down a false historical claim to Ukrainian ancestral lands..

      3.They themselves are ashamed of their own true history of Finnish Mongolian ancestry and this way wish to claim another version of history for themselves..

      Ukraine is a sovereign nation with rights and should be free to govern itself. the Russians and Russia as a political entity has never had the best interest of Ukraine and its people at heart and the way Russia and Russians has brutally subdued and raped Ukraine and its people in history and are still doing today, is a testament to that fact..

      The Ukrainians have a distinct and rich culture, their own language, and a desire for self-rule, liberty and freedom to make decisions of its own. Russia wants to control Ukraine so it can obtain its resources for its own benefit (as has happened throughout history).

      Russian control has never been for the benefit of the Ukrainian people. BUT HERE”S THE REAL POINT: even if it had been, Ukraine is still a sovereign nation and has the right to rule itself!!!

      The Russian state has sought to control Ukraine and to deceive the rest of the world into believing that there is no Ukrainian culture or language, and that Ukraine is simply a dissident Russian state that Russia has the right to punish and through use of propaganda and oppression Russia has repeatedly attempted to wipe out the Ukrainian people and culture and hide it from the world.

      Do I need to mention the millions of Ukrainians killed by the Russian government? The fear and repression of Ukraine under Russian rule? The families lost behind the “Iron Curtain?” The Holodomor for crying out loud?

      Ukrainians know this facts of history and that is why the Ukrainians rally around their rich and beautiful culture – because it is THEIRS. And because they deserve a voice of their own, and to live free from the oppression of foreign states like Russia that seeks to exploit and obliterate them!

      Russian controlled soviet union former satellite states like Poland, Romania, and Czech the Baltic states, Slovakia ect ect ect …couldn’t wait to join NATO and the EU to get as fare away from Russian hegemony control as fast as the possibly can at the time and this is what Ukriane must also do !! .

      “Putin bases his policies on Lenin’s principle: probe with bayonets; if you encounter must, proceed; if you encounter steel, withdraw,” And Putin knows he will encounter steel, if he tried to push a EU or NATO member like the former USSR sates that are now part of the defence pact..

      If the Russians weren’t such malignant, belligerent a**holes, they wouldn’t have to worry about EU NATO and former satellite states like Poland, Romania, and Czech the Baltic states, Slovakia ect ect ect running too the front door of EU and NATO .
      Her is a thought if every one thinks you are a bunch of malignant, belligerent a**holes and you think you are the the greatest thing since sliced bread and you are the only one that thinks that maybe you need a reality check and just maybe just maybe you are a bunch of malignant, belligerent a**holes and not the greatest thing since sliced bread

      Her is a thought if every one thinks you are a bunch of malignant, belligerent a**holes and you think you are the the greatest thing since sliced bread and you are the only one that thinks that maybe you need a reality check and just maybe just maybe you are a bunch of malignant, belligerent a**holes and not the greatest thing since sliced bread

      The Russian historical and ethnic claim to East Ukraine and Crimea is like all other historical claims Russia comes with nothing but historical hogwash and has no foundation in any real historical facts not ethnically, culturally, linguistically or otherwise,,

      The Ukrainians are living all over Ukraine …. !!! The Moscow myth of just Russian live in east Ukraine is JUST that a myth and that’s all it is….

      To day only 17,3% of ethnic Russian live in Ukraine they only are 17,3% of the nation BUT ARE SHOUTING like they was 96% and like they are the master race !!

      In the 2001 Ukrainian census, only 17,3% of people identified themselves as ethnic Russians. 17.3% of all the population of Ukraine for all the parts of Ukraine..

      Also out of that 17,3% 60% of them live in Crimea and according to Putin and and Russian spin doctors the Crimea is now part of Russia… That gives us only 6% ethnic Russians left that are living in what is now is left of Ukraine without Crimea …
      Ukrainians make up almost 77.8% of the total population, while Russians take the second spot with almost 17% of the population.(if we include Crimea )

      Other minorities include Bella Russians 0.6%, Bulgarians 0.4%, Hungarians 0.3%, Crimean Tatars 0.5%, while Romanians and Poles both are 0.3% and Jewish residents make up 0.2% of the total population. Other minorities present are 1.8%.

      The major language is Ukrainian, spoken by 67% of the population, while the second most common language is Russian, spoken by 24% of the total population. The remaining 9% is comprised of various other languages.


      The first flag of Ukraine as we know it was in 1410 long before any Russia came and showed its ugly head to the world Russia as we know it today was not with us before 1721 after peter the great proclaimed Russia and gave himself the title emperor and ruled the Tsardom of Russia ,,After the The Great Northern War
      with Sweden , The Treaty of Nystad and the Battel of Poltava with Cossack Hetman Ivan Mazepa and f Charles XII of Sweden was over …

      Only in 1783 did a german known as Catherine the great send her lover Potemkin and occupied parts of Ukraine and Ukraine became under occupation until 1921 when the bolsheviks forced Ukraine into the USSR .. Ukraine has therefore be a nation under occupation for some time in its history but that dose not make it Russian anymore then Russia was German because it was under a occupation in ww2 by the germanizes or that Catherine the great was in-fact a german IT JUST MEANS THAT the nation for part of its history was under a occupation !!!

    7. Avatar Rob Hansen says:


      The typical Sovieticus Russian is a Doublethinker in its worst form…

      Doublethinking is the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in some social contexts, like say ones nations history, beliefs, and Myths are true even if they contradict ect ect ..

      Let look at an exs…. The Russians know Stalin was evil and that evil is bad, also they know that KGB Putin is a potensial new Stalin but they still like, love, support and admire Stalin and KGB Putins evil acts… But at the same time do not see or even accept that supporting the act of evil men and their acts and lies is the same as supporting evil..

      Another exs. Most if not all Russians, will agree (with everyone else) that support of evil man like Hitler is the same as supporting his evil acts.. like say supporting and / or trying to whitewash Hitlers acts of evil (holocaust Genocide) will be the same as supporting and whitewash evil ..

      But the typical Russian will not agree if you take out the word HOLOCAUST and put in the world HOLODOMOR and take out the name HITLER and put in STALIN into that same sentence above…And the Russians, know very well that Stalin was guilty of massive genocide just like Hitler …… So acts of Stalin good and act of Hitler bad .. even if they are the same type of evil acts and the same type of crimes …

      You see Russians are Doublethinkers in its worst form…

      Doublethinking is related to, but differs from, hypocrisy and neutrality.

      Also related is cognitive dissonance, in which contradictory beliefs cause conflict in one’s mind. Doublethink is notable due to a lack of cognitive dissonance — thus the person is completely unaware of any conflict or contradiction.

      Russians cleraly show the sovieticus mentality as they are doublethinkers it is a feature of Soviet-style totalitarianism, as reflected in this statement from a speech by Joseph Stalin:

      We are for the withering away of the state, and at the same time we stand for the strengthening of the dictatorship of the proletariat, which represents the most powerful and mighty of all forms of the state which have existed up to the present day. The highest development of the power of the state, with the object of preparing the conditions of the withering away of the state: that is the Marxist formula. Is it “contradictory”? Yes, it is “contradictory.” But this contradiction is a living thing and wholly reflects the Marxist dialectic….

      Russia is worse than North Korea…a true-evil-nation by any standard !!!

      Why you ask ??

      Well in North Korea the People give their support to the regime because they don’t have any contact with the outside world and therefore have no access to information and only get the regime’s so called truth from the regimes propaganda spin doctors..

      But in RuSSia all the people have access to information from anywhere they wish at any time they wish, but still they freely choose to believe and support-the-evil-of the regime of KGB Putin…

      Russians mindset is all about what they thinks makes them as a nation look big and if that means they need to support evil regimes like Putin’s Russia then that is what they do freely and willingly …

      Look at it this way…

      Today in Russia ALL THE PEOPLE Yes all of them…. have access to more information within a minute at any time day or night then you will find in ALL OF THE WORLDS libraries all put together…

      And how do they have that you ask??

      Well it’s called the internet and all you need is a Phone to accesses it… And a phone is something ALL RUSSIANS HAVE with them 24 hours of every day 365 days of every year…

      BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE in North Korea for North Koreans ..most of them don’t even have a phone in their homes and free access to internet in North Korea is not an option …

      RuSSia is a nation full of free will brainwashed evil people called Russians…and like to swallow Moscow propaganda

      The Putin apologists will say that WE ARE ALL really missing the point Most of this Russians don’t read English and get only the Russian info and they can somewhat be excused for their fanatic attitudes..

      But I say to the Putin apologists …. That they can believe it or not the biggest support for Putins-evil-regime are in the big city’s and and most of them read English and understand English websites they also have acsses to the internet wherever they want ..

      Just look at the support Putin has with Russians living in the west take a look at western media blogs and comments done be Russians living outside of Russia and from 2nd and 3rd generation Russians that in most cases never has even been to Russia and lived in the west all their lives THEY ARE THE BIGGEST supporters of Putin ..

      Russians have a mentality like fanatic religious jihadist Muslims.. The mentality in many ways is the same !!

      NO MATTER where fanatic religious jihadist Muslims live or where they was born they are fanatical about staying Muslim and promoting their fanatical jihadist action and ideology and will do anything and believe anything if they think it helps in the ideological fight and if it can help them take over control of that nation they live in, no mater if it is their native land or not… They will work hard to implement that end game that is to take over of any land and nation they can..

      That is the same as Russia and Russians do with their dream of building the Russkiy Mir and exporting of Russian culture and language literature into other lands and culture when they move into that space / territory and lands !

      Just like fanatic religious jihadist Muslims In the mind of the Russians this evil acts of domination and expansionism is NOT Doublethinking it is NOT hypocrisy or even a contradiction in any way shape or form IT IS just pure clean logic for them to achieve the end goal of the Russkiy Mir to obtain what they want !!

      Ex Muslims reveal the strange paradox of the Muslim mind of Doublethinking

  9. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    RuSSian culture is sucking a vodka bottle dry while punching Roman salutes and shouting ” Heil Putin! “

    1. Avatar ALL RISE says:

      Anybody see PutinHitler writing anymore 😉 lol

      1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

        Too busy polishing his swastika.

  10. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    Putin’s stupidity and his invasion of Ukraine has turned
    people’s opinion against Russia. Finally people see the truth, that Russia is
    and will always be a brutal oppressor of Ukraine and its people.
    Putin proved once again that Russia only wants to kill and destroy Ukraine and
    its people.

  11. Avatar Rob Hansen says:

    There is a downside to this, however, both Mironenko and Galina say. The reduction of Russian influence on Ukrainian culture will be paralleled by a reduction of Ukrainian influence on Russian culture. And Russian culture needs that influence now in particular because that country after the annexation of Crimea is undergoing a new period of “increasing political, economic and cultural isolation.”




    Sorry buddy but fact are facts !!! even if your friends from Finland dont like it it is still DNA and it is hard core evidence and even if Russians dont like the truth the truth is the truth like it or not … it is a fact !!!

    Russians don’t like the truth but the truth is the truth like it or not … it is a fact !!!

    Russians are no more Slavic then the Finnish are ethnic Scandinavian even if Finland is in Scandinavia they are NOT ethnic Scandinavians like Norwegians, Danish and Swedish people… in-fact they are Finno-Ugric and related ethnically to Hungarians and Estonians..

    Take a look at this map and you will see even today the Finno-Ugric tribes are 90% in what today is Russia

    Russians er nothing more then confused descendants of Finno-Ugric tribes that assimilated with Mongolians, back in the day… when the golden horde controlled all of what is todays Russian lands …Russians must have some sort of dimwit Syndrome thinking they are from Ukrainian Kiev Russ and Slavic background..

    The DNA study of today’s so called Russians shows that the historical facts are that Russians are Mongoloid / Finno-Ugric descendants and NOT Slavic like Ukrainians and Polish people …

    The DNA evidence proves that Russians with out a doubt are Mongoloid / Finno-Ugric descendants ..

    Mongolian blood in Russians see link

    THE R1a explanation for dummy’s Russians have is R1a-Z93 and is the main Asian branch of R1a.

    Western and Northern European and also western Ukrainians have R1a -Z284 falls under the root R1a1a1* (M417), and Russians have the R1a1q-M458 ( Finno Ugric ) and the Y-DNA (paternal) haplogroup R1a-Z93 (Mongolian )…

    So this proves Russians are of Asian and Finno Ugric NOT Western Europeans..

    The name ‘Moskovia’ where todays Russia really comes from .. is the key for proper understanding… up until the early 1700s, most maps, government documents and all other records throughout the territory of present-day Russia proclaimed themselves “Moskovia” (Muscovy). All the people considered themselves Moskovites. But Russians like Peter the Great trying to kick-start their country into contemporary Europe, Peter the Great searched for a more imposing pedigree (the word “Moscow” means “swampy or dark waters” in the ancient Finno-Ugric language). (Most of that area around Moscow and even todays St Petersburg was back them swamp lands..

    Russians er nothing more then Mongolians with Down Syndrome thinking they are from Kiev Russ and Slavic background when the DNA study of today’s so called Russians shows that the historical facts are they they are Mongoloid / Finno-Ugric descendents and NOT Slavic…

    The Y-DNA Haplogroup N confirming their Uralic origin and Mongolian origin Y-DNA (paternal) haplogroup R1a-Z93 and is the main Asian branch of R1a. and its offshoots are very common and the dominant gen among Russian men.

    Studies have found the ethnic Russian frequency of R1a high as 62.7 percent, with an average of 46.7% of Russians in the “Russia-DNA Project” include R1a1, R1a1a, R1a1a1g, and R1a1a1g2.

    Mongolian blood in Russians

    Mongols founded Russia or Muscovy (1328)

    Mongols established Mighty Russia

    Russia, the successor of Mongol Empire

    RuSSian myth about Ukraine and Crimea

    Mongols founded Russia or Muscovy (1328)

    See link how Russia hijacked Ukrainian history

    According to a 2008 study, the mitochondrial lines of the Hungarians Finno-Ugric tribes are indistinct from that of neighboring Slavs like Polish and Ukrainians !!!

    A recent study has found that haplogroup NO of the Finno-Ugric peoples and their descendants probably spread to todays Russia from Northern China about 12,000–14,000 years ago.

    Take a look at the facts about The exonym “Hungarian” comes from “Ugor”.in 895 The Magyars/Hungarians belonged to the Onogur tribal alliance, and it is possible that they became its ethnic majority The Hungarian people refer to themselves by the demonym “Magyar” rather than “Hungarian”. “Magyar” is Finno-Ugric from the Old Hungarian “mogyër”. “Magyar” possibly derived from the name of the most prominent Hungarian tribe, the “Megyer”. The tribal name “Megyer” became “Magyar” in reference to the Hungarian people as a whole

    Anthropologically, the type of Magyars of the conquest phase shows similarity to that of the Andronovo people, in particular of the Sarmatian groups around the southern Urals. The Turanid (South-Siberian) and the Uralid types from the Europo-Mongoloids were dominant among the conquering Hungarians .. And this is the same as you will find in Russians finish today !!!

    According to a 2008 study, the mitochondrial lines of the Hungarians are clearly indistinct from that of neighboring Slavs like Ukrainians and Polish people ..

    The Hungarians like the Finish are of the same as Magyars what we today call Hungarian. (Magyar” is Finno-Ugric ) Four 10th century skeletons from well documented cemeteries in Hungary of ancient Magyar individuals were sampled. Two of the four males belonged to Y-DNA Haplogroup N confirming their Finno-Ugric origin that proves and supports the historical clams that todays Finish and Hungarians come from Turanid (South-Siberian) and lived around what we today call norther and eastern part of Russia ..

    The Finno-Ugric peoples are any of several peoples of Eurasia who speak languages of the Finno-Ugric group Karelians, Finns, Udmurts and Komis. The traditional area of the indigenous Sami people is in Northern Finland and the Kola Peninsula in Northwest Russia and is known as Sápmi. Some other Finno-Ugric peoples have autonomous republics in Russia: Karelians (Republic of Karelia), Komi (Komi Republic), Udmurts (Udmurt Republic), Mari (Mari El Republic), and Mordvins (Moksha and Erzya; Republic of Mordovia).

    German anthropologist J. F. Blumenbach compared Finnish, Sami (the Arctic reindeer herders) and Mongolian skulls and concluded that the Finns were ‘mongoloid’ and not ‘white’ like the Swedes or Finland’s Swedish-speaking aristocracy. This was widely accepted and led to the Turanian theory – that both the Finns and Sami had originally come from the East – as well as strengthening the view, according to Finland-Swede sociologist Nina af Enehjelm, that Finns were somehow ‘other’..

    He found that Sami, Estonian, Hungarian were from the same family but so were a series of languages across Siberia such as Komi and Mari. And even languages like Mongolian seemed to have a similar grammatical structure. This led to the ‘Migration Theory,’ the Finno-Ugric peoples arrived in Europe from Mongolia around three thousand years ago and finally got to what to day is Finland and northern part of Russia. The more recent discovery of genetics has added further evidence to the ‘Mongol’ claim. Geneticist Richard Kittles found in 1998 that Finns have ‘Dual Origins’ between Finno-Ugric and Mongoloid as measured by their ‘Y Chromosome Haplotype Variation.’ Other geneticists estimated that Finno-Ugric have between 10 percent and a quarter mongoloid genes..

    And in 2003, Slovenian geneticist Andrej Marusic observed that the Finnish and Russian propensity to alcoholism could be explained by the Mongolian ADH22 gene ‘which is common in Eastern peoples but almost unheard of Europe.’

    Vladimir Lenin may have had Mordvin ancestry. There is a belief that President Vladimir Putin of Russia is potentially of Finno-Ugric Vepsian ancestry..

    failures by Russians to never real get out it backward ways I think you can assigned to being “too Finish Urgic Mogoliish “ – meaning, primitive, backwards, culturally un-European.

    When Russians attempt to define their own race and assert that they are European it just comes over as false, and as fare as todays scientific research goes, we can now conclude with certainty, Russian are not white europeans it is a myth !!!

    Russians try too claim they are something they are not i!! Russians are NOT Western European (Russians have claim to be for a long time it goes back to Peter the great wish to be a European nation ) but it is nothing but a myth a type of fake nationalistic, myopic, backwardness , and unaccepting of objective truth that Russians are in-fact nothing more than dissidents of Finno-Ugric tribes that assimilated with Mongolians back when the land of Moskal ( northern Russia ) was annexes by the Mongolians and made it a part of the Golden Horde…

    (unlike the Real slavic people the Ukrainians and polish people that never assimilated with Mongolian occupiers )

    The Russian DNA is evidence that they are not white europeans. Testes of todays Russian males DNA have shows that they, like their ethnic brothers the Finnish people, share most of their chromosomes with the Chinese, and Mongolians (the Mongolian chromosomes ) just like the Finnish people do as well !! This has proven without a doubt that Russian are not European as they share their DNA with the Mongolians and the study also shows that no other Europeans (with the exception of Finno-Ugric people) share those same chromosome structor with the Mongolians like Russians do !! ..And why is this you ask ..

    Answer… because Russians are Finno-Ugric people that assimilated with Mongolians and NOT white Europeans like Slavic or Germanic people are..

    Why is it so vitally important to find this proof you ask ?

    Answer… It shows a systematic falsification by Russia that started with Peter to falsify its history and links to Europe so Moscow can put down claim to the Kievan Russia history , cultural and lands !!

    What conclusion can we take out of all this data ??

    1. Russians are NOT slavic it is a myth !!
    2. Russians are closer genetically linked to Finno-Ugric and Mongolians
    3. Slavic people like polish and Ukrainians are not genetically linked to Finno-Ugric and Mongolians..
    4. Russians need to reevaluate their own history and except the facts that they are nothing genetically to do with slavic peoples heritage and therefor have no calm to slavic lands !!

  12. Avatar Rob Hansen says:

    Slavic brotherhood for Ukrainians with the Finno Ugric / Mongolian Russians or with RUSSIA’S LITTLE MINIONS called Belarusians is a naive fantasy that belongs in a fairytale book !!!

    Slavic brotherhood is nothing but a myth that was invented by Moscow to be use to dominate Ukraine, Belarus and Poland ect ect.. But only Ukrainians and Belarusians was naive enough to believe in this lie …

    (Russians are NOT even Slavic like Polish or Ukrainians… New DNA test done by Moscow medical university shows that Russians are in-fact Finno Ugric / Mongolians they are descendents of Finnish tribes that assimilated with the Mongolian Horde )

    Ukrainians everywhere needs to wake up !!!

    Russians have never been and never will be anyone’s brother !!!! Russians are sneaky and play on anything including false talking about brotherhood so they can subdue others and use them as slaves..

    Dose a brother murder 10 mill of its brothers ? (Holodomor genocide in 1932 1933 Ukraine

    Dose a brother send mill. of its brothers to gulags ? (Russian controlled Siberian concentration camps 1929 – 1980s )

    Dose a brother subdue his brothers house and make it into a hegemony vessel state ..? (and has been done many times in history by Moscow )

    Dose a brother say that is brothers history, culture and land never have existed in history ? (Putin to Bush ..You Have to Understand, George. Ukraine Is Not Even a Country

    Dose a brother annex a brothers lands and call his brothers neonazs and lie about him to other neighbors? (Annexation of Crimea by the Russia )

    I can go on and on and on but you get the point!!!

    Anywhere you have ruSSians living you have corruption, problems and civil unrest..All nations that have some size of ethnic Russians living there you ALWAYS end up with problems and civil unrest ..And the funny thing is that the population of Russians LIVING in that country, does not need to be that big to get problems either..

    Look at some facts

    Ukraine only 17,3% are ethnic Russian

    Latvia only 26% are ethnic Russian

    Lithuania only 2,5% are ethnic Russian

    Estonia only 25,2 % are ethnic Russian

    Moldova only 5.8% are ethnic Russian

    Georgia only 1,5 %are ethnic Russian

    The % is not big in most of the nation’s above but when it comes to how much this Russian scum demand of influence and how much they are screaming if you did not know the facts you will think they are almost the majority of the populations.

    Take Lithuania in that country the 2,5% represents only 50,460 people that are ethnic Russians and Russians are not the biggest ethnic group in-fact after Lithuanians it is jews that take 2nd place as the biggest ethnic group in Lithuania with 7,6% of the population that represents 153,743 that is 3 times bigger than Russians…

    SO THE QUESTION must be this why is there a problem with ethnic Russians all the time and why do they think they can demand special status for themselves and special status for Russian language who do they think they are ???

    The only thing one can take out of this and the only conclusion is once you get this scum inside your country, you will start getting massive problems . as they think they own the place,, The master race mentality from the sovieticus attitude is the problem with this sovieticus Russian scum ..

  13. Avatar Rob Hansen says:

    Ukraine is now forced to FIGHT AND IS WORKING HARED to fix a historical injustice to its linguistic and culture heritage and at the same time fight the sovieticus mentality of corruption left over by the Russian controlled USSR and if that was not enough, it is also being forced to defend the land from Moskali Russian evil underhand war / attack and annexation of the Ukrainian nations lands..

    The Russian government has in history and are still today underhandedly and covertly promoting the spread of the Russian language and Russian dominance over Ukraine.

    Russia even promotes this idea of a justifiable and rightful dominance over Ukraine not just to its own Russians and the world in general but among the native Ukrainian population as well…

    They do this by actively refusing to acknowledge the historical facts and the existence of the Ukrainian language and take every opportunity to belittle Ukrainian history by calling it a myth; this way Moscow is indirectly saying that Ukrainian history never existed and Ukrainian people are just nothing more than confused little Russians..

    If we look back in time this is nothing new, the Russian Minister of Internal Affairs Pyotr Valuev in 1863 issued a secret decree that banned the publication of religious texts and educational texts written in the Ukrainian language The Emperor Alexander II expanded this ban by issuing the Ems Ukaz in 1876 (which lapsed in 1905). The Ukaz banned all Ukrainian language books and song lyrics, as well as the importation of such works. Furthermore, Ukrainian-language public performances, plays, and lectures were forbidden

    During the Soviet times, the attitude to Ukrainian language and culture went through periods of suppression (during the period of Stalinism) While officially there was no state language in the Soviet Union until 1989, Russian in practice had an implicitly privileged position as the only language widely spoken across the country From around the 1960s nearly all dissertations were required to be written in Russian That caused most scientific works to be written exclusively in Russian. Studying Russian in all schools was not optional, but the requirement..

    SO DONT COME SCREENING about Russian Russian language rights in UKRAINE after forcefully running a linguistic genocide on the Ukrainian language for years.

    if Ukraine is to win this war we must remember 3 Quotes from von Clausewitz

    1, “To achieve victory we must mass our forces at the hub of all power and movement. The enemy’s “center of gravity

    2, “No one starts a war–or rather, no one in his sense ought to do so–without first being clear in his mind what he intends to achieve by the war and how he intends to conduct it.”

    3““The aggressor is always peace-loving he would prefer to take over our country unopposed.”

    ― Carl von Clausewitz

    The real question is how does that world negotiate with a mad man like Putin and his thugs How did the world deal with Stalin or Hitler ..? You have no other choice then too take them out and end them and their nation like you take put down a willed dog..

    And why is that the best way of dealing with them you ask?

    Well with very few exceptions, the men who are running Putin’s Government and Putin him self are of a mentality that you and I cannot understand mostly ex KGB with a sovieticus mentality. Some of them are psychopathic cases and would ordinarily be receiving treatment somewhere But now they are free to continue with their evil in other nations as well as in their own because the rest of the world is being week in it response just like British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was with that other psychopathic cases Hitler back in his day

    Putin’s goal has been to show that what’s happening in Ukraine “isn’t democracy and that Ukrainians won’t be able to do anything,” That’s crucially important for the Kremlin because his legitimacy is based on his claim that democracy can’t work in Russia.

    Russkii Mir,”

    When Putin annexed Crimea last year, he claimed to be protecting the rights of Russians abroad, which has also been his main rationale for supporting the separatists in eastern Ukraine. Other Russian neighbors worry that Putin’s claim will extend to them. “Next it can be Latvia, which is 40 percent Russian, or maybe Estonia,” says Bondarev, who like some other Kremlin critics compares Putin’s logic with Hitler’s rationale for annexing Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland in 1939. A new law defining “compatriots” abroad enacted two years ago—along with the creation of a new Foreign Ministry department devoted to that issue—is raising more fears. “Putin, like Stalin, is eyeing world domination under the motto of Russkii Mir, which he’s combining with an incredible wave of anti-Americanism,”

    THE END GAME IS CLEAR “Defeating the United States is now an officially stated goal for Russia.”

    Some of the propaganda comes out through a proliferation of ostensibly independent cultural organizations in Western capitals that are funded by state and private money and headed by prominent Kremlin loyalists.

    This includes one called Russkiy Mir, which operates centers in Washington, London, and other Western cities and which Putin created supposedly to promote the Russian language and Russian Orthodox values.

    The stated goal of another, the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation—with offices in Moscow, New York, and Paris—is to gain a hearing for Russian positions on global human rights and democracy and to expose what it says are double standards by the West. The involvement of Russians in the West is key. “They need the support of the émigrés to build the concept of the Russkii Mir,”.

    They are representatives of the oldest and most illustrious Russian families, who played a huge role in the Motherland’s history,” the government’s official paper of record, the newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta. “includes professors of leading universities, scholars, doctors, successful entrepreneurs, and journalists. They support Putins Russia and the Russian people with their souls.”

    Putin’s wider Russkii Mir strategy includes the establishment of a Moscow-led bloc of former Soviet countries called the Eurasian Economic Union, which Russia launched with Armenia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan this year as a counter to the EU and other Western organizations. Its name evokes Eurasianism, a hard-line nationalist movement conceived by émigrés in the 1920s based in France who believed Russia to be closer to Asia than Europe.

    Resurrected in the 1980s, it has been led by well known Russian neonazi named Alexander Dugin, he is also one of Putin’s top advisory’s a strident ideologist who has the idea to from a strategic bloc that would join the former Soviet Union to Middle Eastern countries, including Iran and remake the USSR in sheep’s clothing calling it Eurasia Union . Without Ukraine, however, Putin’s union remains very much symbolic.

    Moscow is encouraging such sympathies among both far-left and far-right groups in order to help split Western opinion. That’s an old game for Moscow: European Communist parties and other groups acted in the same way during the Cold War. Now the Kremlin is quietly cultivating radical parties across the continent—including some that are openly neofascist—united by the common goal of undermining the European Union.

    Despite the paradox, many far-right parties across Europe, including France’s anti-immigrant National Front and the Dutch Freedom Party, are voicing loud support for Putin. Russia also has ties with Hungary’s nationalist Jobbik party, Slovakia’s People’s Party, and Bulgaria’s anti-EU Attack movement. National Front leader Marine Le Pen recently praised Putin, saying that “he proposes a patriotic economic model radically different than what the Americans are imposing on us.” Her party went so far as to take out a loan worth more than $10 million from a Russian bank owned by a Kremlin ally. Last year, both the National Front and the United Kingdom’s anti-EU UK Independence Party won 24 seats in the European Parliament, an institution they want to sideline and they have now doen that with brexit.

    Anti-Americanism also fuels support for the Kremlin from Europe’s left. Greece’s new ruling coalition, led by the radical left-wing Syriza party, has made waves for emerging as a potential Russia ally within the EU. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has objected to sanctions against Russia. Last year, during a trip to Moscow, he accused the Ukrainian government of having “neo-Nazi” elements. He’s not alone. The Greek defense minister, Panos Kammenos, was photographed in Moscow last year together with senior legislators from Putin’s United Russia party, and Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias is known to have friendly ties to Dugin, whom he invited to Athens in 2013 to lecture about the role of Orthodox Christianity.

    Elsewhere in Europe, Communists and other powerful leftist groups that supported the Soviet Union during the Cold War tend be sympathetic toward Russia. Not least in France, where more than 60 percent of those polled believe their country was wrong to suspend a $1.39 billion sale to Russia of two highly advanced helicopter-carrier ships after the conflict in Ukraine started. Against that background, Shakhovskoi’s letter has been effective. “Westerners listen to the émigrés,” “Most people don’t care about one or the other side [of the conflict in Ukraine]. But a certain number do believe that America will do anything to remain the strongest power, and that Russia needs to balance the United States.” the same United States that save France and Europe in ww1 and ww2 and gave France and Europe the Marshall help too rebuild their nations after ww2 and lest not forget also gave freedom to eastern Europe by crushing the USSR and winning the cold war. Yes that United States..

    Although there is no evidence that émigré descendants’ support for Putin has significantly swayed opinions in Russia or abroad, its importance lies in what it reveals about his strategy. It shows the Kremlin is able and willing to use Russians living abroad—even those who would not seem natural allies of his regime—as part of its so-called hybrid war in Ukraine and use hundreds of thousands, if not millions of them, as Putin’s proxies.”

    Russian controlled soviet union former satellite states like Poland, Romania, and Czech the Baltic sates, Slovakia ect ect ect …couldn’t wait to join NATO and the EU to get as fare away from Russian hegemony control as fast as the possibly can at the time .

    “Putin bases his policies on Lenin’s principle: probe with bayonets; if you encounter mush, proceed; if you encounter steel, withdraw,” the aide said. “With Obama, Putin has encountered mush for nearly seven years, never steel, and that’s why he continues to challenge the United States time after time.”

    If the Russians weren’t such malignant, belligerent a**holes, they wouldn’t have to worry about EU NATO and former satellite states like Poland, Romania, and Czech the Baltic sates, Slovakia ect ect ect running too the front door of EU and NATO .

    Her is a thought if every one thinks you are a bunch of malignant, belligerent a**holes and you think you are the the greatest thing since sliced bread and you are the only one that thinks that maybe you need a reality check and just maybe just maybe you are a bunch of malignant, belligerent a**holes and not the greatest thing since sliced bread

    The Ukrainians are living all over Ukraine the myth of just Russian live in east Ukraine is a myth and that’s all it is…. To day only 17,3% of ethnic Russian live in Ukraine they only are 17,3% of the nation BUT ARE SHOUTING like they was 96%

    In the 2001 Ukrainian census, only 17,3% of people identified themselves as ethnic Russians. 17.3% of all the population of Ukraine

    Also out of that 17,3% 70% of then live in Crimea and acording too Putin and you that is now part of Russia that gives us only 5% living in what now is Ukraine with out Crimea … their are now only left 1416705 ethnic Russians and in the land the total population in Ukraine is estimated to be 44,840,743 in 2014

    Ukraine Demographics

    Ukrainians make up almost 77.8% of the total population, while Russians take the second spot with almost 17% of the population. Other minorities include Bella Russians 0.6%, Bulgarians 0.4%, Hungarians 0.3%, Crimean Tatars 0.5%, while Romanians and Poles both are 0.3% and Jewish residents make up 0.2% of the total population. Other minorities present are 1.8%.

    The major language is Ukrainian, spoken by 67% of the population, while the second most common language is Russian, spoken by 24% of the total population. The remaining 9% is comprised of various other languages.

  14. Avatar Rob Hansen says:

    Yes the message of Ukrainian culture and international acceptance is mostly good we agree ..

    The problem her is multiculturalism ideology !!!

    BECAUSE the multiculturalism ideology is working so well in the rest of the world right !!….

    Also what is going on now in Ukraine is also a form of failed multiculturalism, as multiculturalism only works when those that come are interesting in integration / assimilate, rather try to dominate / subdue the nation and culture they come to .!!!

    Just like muslims with Islam are doing all over the world and what Russians in Ukraine and the rest of eastern Europe have been done for a very long time..they are not coming to assimilate or for integration, but to dominate / subdue , and that is why the beautiful idea of multiculturalism ideology fails time after time !!!!!

    THIS WAR in Ukraine today, can be in many ways linked to a type of failed multiculturalism ….

    Let us look at some facts !!! …

    Russians that came to Ukraine back in the day, had NO interest whatsoever in the culture, language, heritage and people of Ukraine or respect for the land history and people. but the total opposite, they (the Russians ) came to Ukraine not for brotherly love and multiculturalism but to dominate that lands culture / people that they came to (Ukraine ) and Russians used their own culture and language to execute this domination and subversion of Ukraine and its people…

    The problem is they (Russians like muslims in Europe today) did NOT accept the culture they came to…. (in the beautiful spirit of multiculturalism )…But instead demanded that everyone else, accept and adopt their ways of life and their values, beliefs and culture ect ect. and not just expect their ways, but also except them as the new dominant culture and new masters of the land !!! And this is why multiculturalism ideology falls time after time and ends up in conflict and worse case war because Russia’s like Muslims do NOT come to assimilate but to dominate because they see the culture they come to as substandard to their own in short !!…they are racist to the culture they come to and their believe they are the true superior culture, the master race if you will !!


    And just like in Ukraine today, you will find in the west some very naive useful judas idiots, that more or less are ending up as cultural traitors, and are doing nothing more than, bringing down their own culture and heritage by embracing the invading culture and languages values etc. and replacing it with their own…

    Those multiculturalist whores, are always talking about diversity and how enriching it is, with other cultures, like their own culture, language and heritage is not rich and beautiful enough for them. Like their own culture needs some flavor and enrichment form this new invading culture…..

    What those cultural traitors and multiculturalism / marxist whores don’t understand or don’t want to understand for ideological reasons, is that they with their ideas of misunderstood brotherly love and multiculturalism ideas is in fact, over time they are helping (the new invading culture) to complete a cultural genocide of the old native culture, when they naively help to subdue their own native culture, and this way indirectly and naively spit on their own heritage…

    And why do they do this ???

    SO THEY CAN SHOW everyone how understanding and accepting they are (virtue signaling ) of the new imported super hip-culture that is invading their own motherland …