The Russian war against Ukraine by the numbers

Some of the devastation in the Donbas after product of Putin's military aggression into peaceful Ukraine. (Image: Slavyansk Delovoy)

Some of the devastation in the Donbas after product of Putin's military aggression into peaceful Ukraine. (Image: Slavyansk Delovoy) 

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There is no “Ukrainian crisis,” as so many in Moscow and the West continue to say; there is instead an all too real Russian war in and against Ukraine, one that Kyiv is fighting against. And Ukraine’s First Deputy Defense Minister Ivan Rusnak this week provided new numbers that demonstrate that tragic reality beyond any reasonable doubt.

Speaking to a meeting in Kyiv today, Rusnak described the Russian invasion and occupation forces, the losses human and otherwise they have imposed on his country, and the burden the Ukrainian people have been forced to bear in opposing what Moscow has done and is doing in Ukraine:

  • A massive Russian invasion and occupation force. There are more than 60,000 Russian troops in Ukraine and along the Russian Ukrainian border, outfitted with modern weapons, and officered almost exclusively at the top by Russian cadres officers and generals.
  • 2700 Ukrainians Fighters Killed and More than 10,000 Wounded. Ukraine has suffered massive human losses as Russian forces have killed more than 2700 Ukrainian troops and wounded more than 10,000 in addition.
  • 50 Billion US Dollars in Property Losses. Rusnak says that preliminary assessments suggest that “in the east of Ukraine,” Russian actions have destroyed “objects of energy, transportation and social infrastructure” worth about 50 billion US dollars.
  • An Ever-Increasing Defense Burden on Ukraine. This year, the deputy minister says, Ukraine spent 64 billion hryvnia (2.46 billion US dollars) and plans to spend even more next, 74 billion hryvnia (2.85 billion US dollars).


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  1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

    What this article fails to mention is the number of Russian soldiers and their proxies who have been killed or wounded in this Muscovite inspired war. Why? Probably because the actual numbers cannot be independently verified since the Kremlin has viewed such statistics as top secret and to reveal this secret would be very damaging to Putin’s propaganda machine. As for the costs accrued by Russia in their dirty war against Ukraine, the numbers are more visible. Sanctions plus the actual costs of the war have not only created great harm to the Russian economy but it also been devastating to those who have little or no affluence in the Russian Federation. As the ruble has crumbled and Russian financial structures are steadily failing, there has also been greater unemployment, people are suffering from hunger, the standard of living has dropped for everyone aside from the oligarchs and Putin’s cronies, Russia has become much more isolated on the international stage and the country is well on the way to bankruptcy. Then, as so many Russians stare at their meager portions of semi-rotten potatoes, cabbage and the occasional fish head that lie on their plates, all they can do is dream. A dream of partaking in Putin’s regular fare of pheasant under glass with non-poisonous mushrooms, caviar, all the high grade veggies one could eat and washed down with expensive Georgian Brandy. However, a dream is only a dream and will always remain a dream as long as Putin and his putinistas remain in power.

    1. Avatar Tony says:

      Ukraine can bleed Russia in Donbass with guerrilla warfare, long distance weapons, etc. Meanwhile Russia can’t admit that it’s bleeding in Donbass and the intensity isn’t enough for a full invasion (not that this would be palatable either). So sooner or later Russian leadership will decide that they really aren’t there* and go tend to local problems like economy, silencing dissenters, etc.
      Just keep harassing them and make sure the kill death ratio is high. Georgia should also do the same. That’s the long game for getting back territory and when russia suffers any difficulties (new wars, civil war, etc) then it will be time to intensify.

      1. Avatar veth says:

        Fighting in the Donbas has died down significantly ahead of the G20 summit, to be held in the German city of Hamburg on July 7-8, following a pattern seen previously when Russian President Vladimir Putin attends big events with other world leaders.

        Numbers of armed clashes in the war-torn region sank record lows over the past 24 hours, Ministry of Defense spokesman Andriy Lysenko said on July 5 during a briefing in Kyiv.

        Since noon on July 4, Ukraine’s army has sustained no casualties, and there have been an unusually low number of cease-fire violations by Russian-backed forces, Lysenko said.

        1. Avatar Tomas Kinoshta says:

          remember Ukraine is invading Donbas. Donbas voted to leave Ukraine. Ukraine has destroyed Donbas.

          1. Avatar veth says:

            Donbass is Ukraine. Russia invaded and started the Great Slavic War.
            There was no vote in Donbass, nor in Crimea. Russia destroyed Donbass, 50 billion dollars wardebt to pay by Russia.

      2. Avatar Mick Servian says:

        Man they could crush you in a week.

        1. Avatar Brent says:

          Russia? In 3.5 years Putin’s dreamed of “Novorossiya” stretching from Odesa to Kharkiv has resulted in a territory the size of Delaware being captured by Russia’s supposedly “great” army….it’s so small that even Zakharchenko had to rename it “Malorussia” or “Little Russia”…

          But then again, the ladies called you “Malo Mick”…..

    2. Avatar Tomas Kinoshta says:

      still supporting a loser. low grade war in Ukraine ensures Ukraine cannot join NATO. Ukraine still getting handouts from IMF. New USA president does not like Ukraine and wants Ukraine to start paying. DJ does not like free loaders like Ukraine.

      1. Avatar veth says:

        Trump today: Russian Army must leave Ukraine! 12.000 Ukrainians killed by Putler in Donbass, and MH17 DOWNED BY FASCIST RUSSIA.

      2. Avatar veth says:

        Poland wants to become a gas hub along the North-South axis and supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States to Ukraine.
        Polish President Andrzej Duda said this at a press conference with his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump on Thursday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

        “I am convinced the answer is ‘yes’ [that Poland can become a gas hub], and we will talk about this during the Three Seas Initiative summit. This is also the question of the gas corridor along the North-South axis, as well as the question of possibly ensuring alternative gas supplies to Ukraine, which is a very important issue, “Duda said.

        He described as very optimistic cooperation with the United States in the gas sector and the beginning of LNG supplies from the U.S. to Poland on a permanent basis.

      3. Avatar veth says:

        Law on Ukraine’s policy to gain NATO membership made public The law on deepening Ukraine’s cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in order to gain membership of the Alliance was published in the official newspaper of the Verkhovna Rada “Holos Ukrainy” on Saturday, July 8.

        Read more on UNIAN:

        1. Avatar Tomas Kinoshta says:

          Petro is just keeping Western Ukraine happy. Everybody knows that Russia will declare war on Ukraine if it joins NATO. NATO does not want to fight Russia for Ukraine. I think NATO would fight Russia for Poland. face it nobody think Ukraine is worth fighting for. Ukraine just gets possitive encouragement from other countries.

  2. Avatar Kruton says:

    Kill Russkis,problem solved.

  3. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Never surrender! Finland beat the RuSSkies and so will Ukraine.

    1. Avatar Tomas Kinoshta says:


    2. Avatar Mick Servian says:


      1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

        Finns kill Russkiy scum.