USA sanctions against Russia renewed and reinforced. Key things to know

A meeting between Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump took place on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Photo:

A meeting between Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump took place on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Photo: 


Article by: Prof.Sunil Kumar Sharma

The US President Donald Trump on Wednesday, 3 August 2017, signed legislation which was earlier overwhelmingly passed by both the chambers of the Congress. The congressional bill, which after the signature of Donald Trump has become a law, renews and reinforces even more stringent penalties and sanctions on the Russian Federation for its meddling in the US presidential elections, the annexation of Crimea and for continued aggression against Ukraine.

Moreover, the bill combines sanctions on North Korea and Iran as well and clubs Russia in the same league of “Rogue Nations” upon which the US administration has come down heavily for their belligerence and defiance.

The pattern of voting for the legislation that seeks to punish Russia, North Korea, and Iran for defying international law and order and playing truant to world peace, clearly establishes the overwhelming support the sanctions bill commanded among the members of both the parties, the Democrats and the Republicans respectively.

The house of elected representatives, the Congress, passed the revolutionary bill 419 to 3 on July 25 and two days later the house the Senate gave 98 voices in favor and only 2 against.

Congress also gave itself the power to review any presidential attempt to undo the Russia sanctions specifically, thereby tying the hands of President Trump from exhibiting any overt show of inclination towards the regime of Vladimir Putin.

The planned sanctions on Russia have in part been influenced by the outlook of American representatives to further punish Russia for its annexation of Crimea in 2014. The new provisions in the law would place additional restrictions on oil and gas projects, affecting the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany. The new sanctions would also target key Russian industries such as the railways, shipping, metals, and mining, severely limiting access to global finances, new technology, and future contracts, collaboration with US companies.


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  • veth

    NBC News: Pentagon asks White House to give lethal weapons to Ukraine A recommendation to send high-tech tank-killing weapons to Ukraine to help in its fight against Russia is now at the White House, according to NBC News, which refers to three U.S. officials.

    Read more on UNIAN:

  • Dagwood Bumstead

    One aspect of the new sanctions law has hardly been mentioned. US financial intelligence services are required by this law to collect the necessary data- within 180 days!- of the assets in the west of Pedo Putolini’s chums (and presumably of Pedo Putolini’s assets as well) in order to freeze them. This could be of far more importance than any other provision of the law as it will hit the dwarf’s cronies where it hurts, in their offshore bank accounts. I expect the services already have a pretty good idea of who has stashed away what and where.
    “Poor” Medvedev- what will happen to his Italian vineyards???? Oh well, at least his ducks will still be able to live in their dacha.

    • Oknemfrod

      Thankfully, the provision you’ve cited is even more severe than that: It calls not only for investigating and possibly freezing the assets of the dwarf’s fellow criminals but also all of their relatives and other associates through and behind whom the loot may have been laundered. This is a mortal threat to the strongest motivation of the dwarf and the rest of his coterie – namely, to protect the wealth they’ve plundered and their ability to use it with impunity in the West.

      • Dagwood Bumstead

        Hopefully this will include Proffessor Viktor, Azarov and all the other PoR thugs that fled to Dwarfstan.

      • Ihor Dawydiak

        Aside from all of the valid points mentioned, this sanctions bill will prove to be of historical value. While it has been a well known fact that any US President had the right to guide US foreign policy, there were limitations which were designed by the founding fathers of the US Constitution to prevent the Executive (the Presidential Administration) from trying to institute any policy that could be hurtful to American national interests. In this particular situation Trump believed that he could cut personal and private deals without any regard to the contrary concerns of the US Congress with Russia’s Pompous Pederast (Putin) in the same way he conducted himself as the owner of a mega corporation. However, his own Republican Party in conjunction with the Democratic Party in both Houses of Congress rejected this pure arrogance and consequently overruled Trump by exercising a relatively rare veto proof majority vote that also expressed no confidence in the President’s dealings with Russia. Furthermore, and in the long run, the action of Congress will also serve the interests of Ukraine and will also serve as placing Putin on notice that his imperialist actions of aggression against Ukraine and Eastern Europe would not be tolerated. As for Russia’s wannabe Stalin/Hitler/Napoleon/Genghis Khan, he could consider his arrogant attempts to manipulate American elections as a total waste of time and effort. Russia simply does not and will never have that kind of power.

        • WisconsinUSA

          The republican party here in the states are infested with Russian money. My Governor Walker has been found to have received $1 million from pitons crime family through various means. 2 1/2 million dollars has been found to have been funneled to Mitch McConnell the Republican Senate majority leader. And Paul Ryan the speaker of our house of representative has been found to have received Russian money as well. All of the importantRepublicans who have died and served our country during the post war era and the Cold War era today are rolling in Their grave. For shame

  • zorbatheturk

    These sanctions are excellent. RuSSia is finally being treated like the evil scourge it is.

    • Zantetsuken

      Squeeze every semblance of life out of the Putin regime.

  • WisconsinUSA

    I’m thinking the best way to get back at Putin and his criminal organization is by freezing their money that they have stashed in the western Banks . The man that magnitsky worked for testified in Congress recently that he estimates Putin has $200 billion or thereabouts hidden away in western banks. And that there may be a proximately $2 trillion altogether that this criminal organization has hidden away in the west. Our financial intelligence departments are close or are closing in on freezing these assets. I believe that is the ultimate revenge that we can put in place against putin for meddling in our election’s.

  • Vol Ya

    We need to maintain sanctions against Russia for its illegal invasion of Ukraine. But most importantly, Ukraine and the West has to stop buying Russian natural gas and oil. This action would bankrupt Russia and bring it to its knees economically. There are plenty of other sources of oil and gas, that are all more economical and more reliable. This needs to be done now. Stop the nonsense talk about Nord stream or south stream pipeline for russian gas. Lithuania and Poland have both stopped purchasing Russian gas. The other countries of Europe need to do this.

  • Murf

    Remember how the Russians previously would sneer at Western power?
    Yeah, they don’t do that anymore, do they?