Moving poem by Yuliya, wife of Oleksandr Korinkov, prisoner in the “DNR”

Serhiy Hlondar (left) and Oleksandr Korinkov (right)
Alive, but forgotten in captivity  

Ukraine, War in the Donbas

A raven croaks its dreary song above the man sitting in darkness,

A darkness covered in sorrow, even in his troubled dreams…

No hope, torn by tears and grief, the man is slowly dying…

A hero, a son of Ukraine – but forgotten and not needed…

And this thought rages through his body like poison,

Devouring him, the body of a young man!

One day, two days, hundreds or thousands of black, dark days go by

In captivity, in prison… Yes, a forgotten hostage somewhere lost.

Hope is fading, his body is broken, his soul knows no respite…

No regrets, no pity, no kind words… pure faith and truth are gone.


And no one will save the body and soul of this young soldier…

As years go by, as time waves goodbye,

As his hair grows gray and his face droops wearily,

His eyes are dulled, his thoughts are empty, and only grief remains in the surrounding darkness…

The original poem:

Ворон крякче над душею, що сидить в сирій пітьмі,

Та пітьма овита горем, навіть в розмаїтті снів…

Без надії, у печалі – погибає син,

Син славетний, українець – не потрібний ВІН…

І від думки ” що непотріб” ртуттю розливає,

Пожирає з середини – тіло молодої там ЛЮДИНИ!

І не день, не два, а сотні – сотні чорних, темних днів,

Що в неволі, у полоні, значиться, як заручник – ВІН.

І надія все згасає – тіло зломлене без жалю…

Без жалю, без віри й правди, без розради й добрих слів,

І ніхто не поспішає рятувати – душу й тіло молодого там СОЛДАТА…

А роки спливають в часовому просторі,

Й сивини лиш добавляють у густе волосся там,

Очі тьмяні і дурні думки, смутком там огорнуті всі ті ЧОРНІ ДНІ…



Oleksandr Korinkov and Serhiy Hlondar, from Kirovohrad, are officers in the 3rd regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On February 16, 2015, they were accompanying a convoy retreating from Debaltseve, a strategic town captured by Russian proxies on February 18, a few days after Putin agreed to a ceasefire in Minsk II.   The group of nine soldiers was ambushed by “DNR” troops. Two men were killed, and two seriously wounded (they were soon released).  Another two were handed over after 50 days, and one managed to escape.

Korinkov and Hlondar have remained hostage since that day, first at the “Donetsk Security Services”, then they were transferred twice to other penal institutions. The last report is that they were taken to Makiyivka penal colony No.97.

The wives have almost no contact with their husbands.

Source: Yuliya Korinkova FB page

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  1. Avatar Alex George says:

    The people responsible for holding these men have to face trial.

    Thank you, EP, for publicizing their situation.

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    The Kremlin is a black hole. It turns light into darkness.

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    UKRAPS ARE ONLY USEFUL IDIOT AND CANNON FODDER!! LOL! I SAID LOL!!!! NEOCON project on full absorption of Ukraine into its influence zone and the inclusion of Ukraine in the North Atlantic alliance, altogether with Crimea with a goal of military encircling Russian Federation has failed” – LAVROV