With Crimean Anschluss, Putin blocked Maidan from spreading to Russia, Shiropayev says

A propagandist mural of Putin in occupied Yalta, Crimea sported a hashtag "#НАШ" ( Russian for "ours") to claim that Crimea is now Russian. The graffiti by Crimean residents that quickly covered it disagreed with the Kremlin statement and expressed what they think about Putin's Crimean Anschluss. May 2015 (Image: social networks).

A propagandist mural of Putin in occupied Yalta, Crimea sported a hashtag "#НАШ" ( Russian for "ours") to claim that Crimea is now Russian. The graffiti by Crimean residents that quickly covered it disagreed with the Kremlin statement and expressed what they think about Putin's Crimean Anschluss. May 2015 (Image: social networks). 

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Aleksey Shiropayev  (Image: rufabula.com)

Aleksey Shiropayev
(Image: rufabula.com)

Even though Vladimir Putin did not take part in the public commemorations of the third anniversary of his annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, there is no question that his press secretary is right that the day he took that step remains for the Kremlin leader “a special day,” Aleksey Shiropayev says.

“Imagine for a minute that Putin had not annexed Crimea,” the Russian commentator says. “In that case the victory of the Maidan could have ‘infected’ Russia as well for the spirit of freedom is infectious especially when the countries involved are so close.” Putin had to find “an antidote”– and seizing Crimea was it.

And the Kremlin leader “perfectly well understood that the lure of freedom and dignity could be put down in Russian consciousness only by another lure – an imperial lure of greatness, a lure of chauvinist patriotism and slavish ecstasy of unity with the powers that be,” Shiropayev continues.

This “antidote to freedom and democracy,” one that generated “an abrupt degradation of society and all political life” in the Russian Federation is what “’Crimea is Ours’” means. And thus “Crimea became Putin’s anti-Maidan.”

Such an analysis is intriguing for at least two reasons:

  • On the one hand, it lends weight to reports that Putin personally made all the decisions about Crimea;
  • On the other, it suggests that Putin’s aggression may at least initially have been driven by domestic considerations rather than the possibility of retaking the empire.

In either of those cases, backing away from Crimea or at least not seeing it as a precedent for moves elsewhere might come easier for a post-Putin Russia, although given his personal involvement in this way with Crimea, it probably precludes any movement on that issue as long as he is in office or in power.



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  • veth

    Stealing does not mean ownership/ Crimea is Ukraine.

    • Mick Servian

      No it’s not. If it wasn’t for Russia. Ukrainians would be beating Crimeans like in Catalonia.
      Its gone forever.
      Stop killing your own civilians in the other regions before you lose those too.

  • Dagwood Bumstead

    Even without the Crimean theft Pedo Vladito Putolini had and has nothing to fear from a Maidan in Dwarfstan. The people of Dwarfstan are too apathetic and lethargic to protest en masse until it’s too late. The mass protests won’t start until the Welfare Fund, Dwarfstan’s last reserve, has been drained, and that is estimated to be at the end of 2018.

    • Mick Servian

      I feel sorry for any child around you.
      Every second word out of your mouth is pedo.
      Projecting much?
      Freud would have a field day with you.

    • Mick Servian

      The people of Russia are happy.
      Sorry that’s a foreign concept to you

  • Oknemfrod

    Methinks it was a move entirely aimed at warping the conscience of his domestic sheeple into the state of asinine pseudo-patriotism. In every other practical sense, the Crimean adventure it’s a total catastrophe whose components had been easily foreseeable before the decision to annex was made. It’s an international relations disaster (even without the ensuing sanctions severely exacerbating the economic morass). It’s useless – or indeed even negative – militarily from any strategic viewpoint. It’s extremely taxing on the rest of the country economically, not even including the huge reparations that will sooner or later have to be paid. Finally, from the standpoint of pure land grab, it’s equivalent to augmenting 625 apples already in the barrel with another apple. A poison apple grabbed by the poison dwarf, I might add.

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      The Crimean Land Grab also had a LOT to do with Dwarfstan’s economic situation and other internal problems. The dwarf badly needed to distract the Dwarfstanians from these problems, hence the invasion followed by sending Girkin, Bezler, Borodai and Co. to the Donbas. There was also the desire to keep Kyiv under Moscow’s thumb no matter what- which was no longer possible after Proffessor Viktor was kicked out.
      The dwarf, being a third-rate Chekist, miscalculated- if he even calculated in the first place. (I’ve seen references on the internet to a KGB fitness report on the dwarf in which his then superior stated that the dwarf neither thought nor cared about the consequences of his actions. If true then the dwarf’s superior was very perceptive indeed. I haven’t found the actual report yet, though.) He thought he would get away with the land grab and undeclared war, but didn’t. All he has achieved long-term is accelerating the rate of Dwarfstan’s inevitable decline and ultimately collapse.

      • Oknemfrod

        All true.
        As far as the “report” is concerned, I’m not sure that it still exists, for the dwarf has been careful to destroy all such things from the archives as soon as he became the FSB director under Yeltsin. Methinks the source of the info about the report is Yuri Shvets, a dwarf’s classmate from the KGB Institute for External Intelligence (you may recall that he was the key witness in the Litvinenko case in London):

        It’s in Russian, but here’s the gist:
        – Shvets says he doesn’t even remember the dwarf, which is surprising because the class was very tightly knit and the students had to virtually live on premises.
        – So, he had contacted his ex-professors, whose responsibility was to write, at the end of the course, a summary report on every student in terms of their analytic abilities, character, and, based on that, suitability as the spy material.
        – As a result, the dwarf totally failed, was relegated to the part of the KGB attending to the domestic affairs of “working on people” (recruiting stukachi, i.e. informers, chasing dissidents. etc.), and never worked as an external intelligence officer once.
        – He ended up in the GDR as part of a “consolation” program (to dwell abroad for a while, buy some things unavailable in the USSR, etc.) and was essentially a gopher in charge of so-called “house of friendship”, as Shvets puts it, unlocking the door in the morning and locking it in the evening. He adds that Stasi was so good at what they were doing that no assistance on part of the KGB was needed there, and the main principle was “don’t interfere”.
        – Shvets had asked dwarf’s IEI professors if they could at the time imagine Okurok (dwarf’s nickname there, i.e. “cigarette stub”) in his current position, and they said it wasn’t even laughable due to his complete lack of analytic ability and rotten character.

        It should be no surprise, therefore, that as far as the Crimean affair goes, he focused on his specialty of “working on people” without being able to calculate the game for even one next move. This makes the claims – often heard from useful idiots – that the dwarf “plays chess while others play checkers” beyond ludicrous. If he does, he reminds me of Ilf and Petrov protagonist Ostap Bender, whose way of playing chess was to steal an opponents rook off the board and then, still losing, sweep the pieces off it and to use it to hit the opponent on the head.

        The whole life path of the dwarf confirms yet another time that a piece of excrement cannot become a piece of gold. It can grow into a big pile of excrement, but the dwarf hasn’t achieve even that – he is still small, except unlike the real thing that loses its stench in time, he has become orders of magnitude reekier.

        • Dagwood Bumstead

          Another reason for the KGB to limit the dwarf’s foreign postings to “socialist brother countries” would have been knowledge of his pedophile tendencies. The DDR authorities could be counted on to sweep everything under the carpet had the dwarf blotted his copybook there. Being assigned to a menial job of cutting articles out of West German magazines and newspapers- a job which a corporal or at best a sergeant could have done- would have been a sign of his superiors’ displeasure and low regard, I would think.
          Also, if the dwarf had been regarded as a high potential, the KGB would have done their best to retain him after he returned from the DDR. One can only conclude that they were glad to get rid of him.

          • Mick Servian

            Sure, so much they made him President.
            Retards prognosis here by u

    • Andrew Chmile

      “not even including the huge reparations that will sooner or later have to be paid.”

      Won’t ever happen!

      Did they pay their WW2 debt?

      Pay for the Holodomor?

      Nah’ …. other points are OK…

      • Oknemfrod

        You may be right on that head, but it was then when the West was disinclined to further impoverish the Soviet paupers, but now the wealth is concentrated in a few hands, benevolence toward which is unlikely. We’ll live, we’ll see.

      • Mick Servian

        What ww2 debts?
        29 million Russians dead?

  • zorbatheturk

    RuSSia needs to become a Putin-free zone.

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      Au contraire, the longer Pedo Vladito Putolini remains in power the better! He’s doing a pretty good job of slowly destroying Dwarfstan (though he could do it more quickly), making its eventual collapse inevitable. The last thing we want is for someone who actually has BRAINS and uses them, e.g. Kudrin, to take over.

      • zorbatheturk

        Brains cannot save ruSSia.

      • Mick Servian

        Wet dream much?
        Compare Russia during Yeltsin and Russia now?
        Sorry you cant change reality

  • zorbatheturk

    Putin ordered the annexation of Crimea. He was the perp behind this crime.