Wizz Air to launch four new flights to Ukraine



The Hungarian budget airline Wizz Air announced the opening of four new summer routes from Kyiv and Lviv airports, its press service reported on 13 March 2017:

“Starting 18 June, Wizz Air will operate its second service from Lviv Airport to the capital of Germany, Berlin Schoenefeld as well as three new low-fare services will commence in August from Kyiv to Poznan and Lublin in Poland and Frankfurt Hahn in Germany.”

According to the company, passengers who plan to visit these countries can already book tickets online at the site wizzair.com at rates starting from UAH 579 (EUR19,99).

Earlier in 2017, Wizz Air announced that it is restarting operations from Lviv with flights to Wroclaw and Berlin, which will start from April 2017. At present, Wizz Air offers 19 flights to 8 countries from Kyiv, including routes commencing in the upcoming summer to Nuremberg and Copenhagen.

In November 2016, Wizz Air began to operate two new routes from Kyiv to Hanover (Germany) and Wroclaw (Poland). Before that, the company Wizz Air launched a new route from Kyiv to Bratislava.

In January 2017, Wizz Air’s Chief Corporate Officer Owain Jones told in an interview to Ukranews.com that Ukraine’s upcoming visa-free regime with the EU is a real game changer for the low-cost air carrier. According to him, the implementation of the visa-free regime will cause passenger air traffic to grow. Mr. Owain said that Wizz Air will work to facilitate the liberalization of both the visa regime of Ukraine with Europe, as well to liberalize air destinations, which, together with the problem of infrastructure and the need to have a commercial approach to price formation, remain the main problems for developing low-cost flights to Ukraine.

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  1. Avatar veth says:

    At last………

  2. Avatar Alex George says:

    Every month for the last two years, there have been announcements of flights being restored. Not just from Kyiv, but from many regional cities, and to many other countries, south, west and north.

    This tells a story, about how the Ukrainian economy is recovering – flights are indicative of business flights and people having money to spend. its still not healthy, but its headed in the right direction.

    1. Avatar Robert says:

      Yes! And the prices are dropping also with all the competition. I’ve been following round-trip Philadelphia/Kiev flights since I was accepted to participate in a GoCamp Program for Children in Mariupol in May/June. Average prices have dropped over $200USD since January – $25 just in the last week – and the number of possible flights meeting the requirements continues to increase! RyanAir, LOT (of Poland) and now WizzAir are 3 recent airlines committing to Ukraine. 🙂
      Slava Ukraini ! Keep up the Great Work!!
      You KNOW Russians are already full of envy and jealousy!!! 🙂

  3. Avatar veth says:

    RYANAIR start flights too……………..

  4. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Excuse me, gotta take a Wizz…