New Reichstag for Moscow children to storm – ‘a universal meme’ for Putin’s Russia, Movchan says

The Reichstag after its capture by the Soviet troops, 3 June 1945 (Image: Wikipedia)

The Reichstag after its capture by the Soviet troops, 3 June 1945 (Image: Wikipedia) 

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Last week the Russian defense ministry said that it was building “a mini-Reichstag” at a Moscow amusement park so that Russian children will have “a real building to storm.”

Reaction has ranged from the bemused to the angry, but Andrey Movchan, a Moscow commentator has offered a reflection on his Facebook page that is one of most profound diagnoses of the nature of Vladimir Putin’s Russia to appear anywhere so far. Below is a translation of his complete text.

“Moscow is dealing with a report about the construction of a Reichstag for a new storming. And it seems to me,” Movchan says, “that this is a new universal meme in the sense that everything that Russia is occupied with today is the construction of a Reichstag within itself with the goal of then taking it.


“In this metaphor there is no unnecessary detail and nothing is left out: That is exactly what a super cargo cult should look like: you erect in the center of yourself something with the single goal fo then storming it and ritually destroyed.


“Freud should have called this collective masturbation with a rape fantasy (perhaps he didn’t, I’m not certain)” Movchan continues. “But of all our shortages which we have about, the main thing that turns out to be is a lack of enemies and victories – and thus have to turn backward to one from the past symbolized by the Reichstag.


“But what is most horrific is that our excitement reeks of necrophilia. We are not simply devotees of a cargo cult; we are an anachronism. We can’t even find an enemy for ourselves from our own era: We are building not a Pentagon, not a mosque in Mosul, not the palace of Kim Chen Un, not a Buckingham Palace, and not even Poroshenko’s dacha at the worst end.


“No, we are stuck in the dark middle of the 20th century, like a specter which died then and is condemned to wander forever in the fields of asphodels among other specters which died in its time.


“In Dante’s Inferno, there is a circle for false prophets and false teachers. There, in punishment for their leading people into pernicious error, they eek out their eternity with their head turned around toward their backs.


“Are not all of us already paying for the false teachers who were given birth by Russia in the 20th century and are we not condemned eternally to pretend that we are moving forward, with faces turned around on their necks and gazing backward where in the rear are the increasingly indistinct outlines of the Reichstag?


“We all are trying to take it yet another time as it recedes ever further from us …”



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  • Kruton

    Fake war!

  • veth

    Russian love fascism.

    • zorbatheturk

      Fascism and vodka.

  • Murf

    I am trying to think something more stupid and yet so lacking in class.
    I just can’t seem to find anything.
    This is one of those moments when the Russo trolls need to hang their heads in shame and embarassment.

    • veth

      AND BUILD STATUES FOR HITLER IN EVERY RUSSIAN CITY………The Russians will applaud and smile…

      • zorbatheturk

        Put one of those ruSSian furry hats on Hitler and he will fit straight in.

        • Sania

          bastardje, u are cheap troll, no more…

          • zorbatheturk

            Fondle a centipede Putinoid.

    • WisconsinUSA

      Murph, the first thing that came to my mind was thinking about that “creationism” museum and Playland be built in Kentucky. Where you see the dinosaurs sharing the same area as Moses and Jesus in such

    • Andrew Chmil

      “This is one of those moments when the Russo trolls need to hang their heads in shame and embarassment.”


      This is EXACTLY WTF THEY DO!

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      Indeed they should, but I doubt whether Dwarfstanians are capable of feeling any shame and embarrassment, especially Savushkina’s lobotomised and neutered trolls.

    • Andrew Chimilewsky’s Daddy!

      Yawn… nonsense posts craving attention …

      • Dagwood Bumstead

        We already know that all your posts are “nonsense posts craving attention”. There’s no need for you to state the obvious.

  • Dagwood Bumstead

    It seems that Dwarfstan has an inexhaustible source of stupid ideas on which to waste money. Wouldn’t the rubbles wasted on this lunacy be better spent on the country’s health care system?
    On second thought, let the Dwarfstanians waste the rubbles on their replica Reichstag. Every rubble wasted on this and other crackpot ideas means one rubble less to fund Pedo Putolini’s aggression in the Donbas and Syria, and that the Reserve Fund will be running on fumes that much sooner, leaving only the National Welfare Fund to be raided. And when THAT’s gone……..
    And if they want to make their replica Reichstag REALLY realistic, stuff it full of robots in Waffen-SS uniforms armed with Mauser 98s, Sturmgewehre 44s and MG-42s shooting LIVE ammo. Those assaulting the Reichstag will be real humans, of course. Should improve the gene pool with every re-enactment.

  • zorbatheturk

    ” We are an anachronism “.

    Perfectly sums up Putin’s RuSSia. A country without a future unless significant reforms happen. The most needed reform is immediate jailing of Putin and all the siloviki, followed by a storming of the Kremlin and the FSB building.