Russia’s creeping annexation of Georgian territory

Archival Photo: Denis Sinyakov/Reuters 


Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

If the Kremlin decides to recognize the “people’s republics” in the Donbas, the next step will be the legalization of their military fighter groups according to the Ossetian example. The military units formally will become part of the Armed Services of Russia, and service in them will be equated to service in the Russian army.

The Minister of Defense of the self-proclaimed Republic of South Ossetia, Ibrahim Gassiev, has announced that “army” units of this Russian-occupied territory of Georgia will be incorporated into the Russian Armed Forces. The appropriate agreement will be signed as early as this year, and after its implementation, Russia will begin to recognize service in the armed forces of South Ossetia as equal to service in the Russian army.

Russia has long demanded the signing of the agreement. Oddly enough, the incorporation of the army of Southern Ossetia into the Russian armed forces was blocked by the Ossetians themselves, who wished to retain control over the systematic theft of the money that Russia allocated to their “army.” But Russia found arguments that outweighed the corrupt interests of the fighters.

However, the decision on the actual liquidation of the South Ossetian army indicates that Russia is tired of pretending to be an “intermediary” and “defender of the oppressed Ossetians.” This is a commonplace occupation that has nothing to do with the desire to help some new “state.”

The recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia was only a phase, to be followed by the annexation of Georgian territories. The fact that this has not happened so far is due to the resistance of the local elites — especially the Abkhaz. But in South Ossetia, a referendum on joining Russia will be held as early as this year.

And it is possible that afterwards Moscow will announce the “reunification of the Ossetian people” and will formally annex part of the territory of the Georgian republic. If before the annexation of Crimea it was still possible to imagine that someone in the Kremlin was interested in international law, now it is obvious that Putin and company do not care about any norms.

The example of South Ossetia may prove instructive for the Donbas. The military units formed in the occupied territories are, in fact, already part of the Armed Services of the Russian Federation, managed by the Russian military.

If the Kremlin decides to recognize the “people’s republics,” then the next step will be the legalization of the military fighter groups according to the Ossetian example: the units will formally become part of the Armed Services of Russia, and service in them will be equal to service in the Russian army.

There will be de facto annexation of Ukrainian territory, which will be protected against the “Kyiv aggressor” by a real Russian army. And Ukraine’s attempts to liberate its own territory will be considered an attack on Russia itself, on its own military.

It is this type of “creeping” annexation” that Moscow is now carrying out in South Ossetia.


Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Espreso TV

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  1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Putin seems to persist in making long-term enemies of his neighbors. Armies and having hundreds of thousands of FSB agents, all unproductive parasites, costs a lot of money which ruSSia can ill-afford. I guess they didn’t teach much economic history at Putin’s alma mater. He may want to bone up on why the USSR collapsed.

    1. Avatar туфтуф says:

      Not at all. Their salaries are low.

      1. Avatar Quartermaster says:


        1. Avatar туфтуф says:

          200 €. Exactly. Even l could finance the whole op if l wanted to. I do not want to. But Russia does.

          1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            You’re hilarious. Believe it or not, the people that comment here are not the fools you take us to be.

          2. Avatar туфтуф says:

            My close friends fight on both sides. Ukrainians pay a sniper vilunteer 12000 USD a year, DPR 200€ per month. Raw intel for u.

          3. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Sure they do. If you want to be a competent troll, you need to learn to tell lies that are more plausible.

          4. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I can name names and you can check them on v kontakte. Anyway, the girl who was a sniper on Ukrainian side is Russian and about to be handed over to FSB, and the man on DPR side is retired in Russia on a goat farm near Tumen. Pray for the girl.

          5. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            So what? I can claim I was a SEAL and served in Siberia and can tell you where I retired. It wouldn’t make it less a lie.

          6. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Pray for the girl. She is in trouble.

          7. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            If she existed, and if she was stupid enough to go back to Russia, then, yeah, she would be in trouble. There are Russians that went to Ukraine, but they weren’t stupid enough to go back to Vlad’s Nazi country.

          8. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Well there u go. This is exactly how Ukrainians treat those who risked their lives for their country. Russians call it bydlo.

          9. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            If that woman were anything other than a figment of your overactive imagination, that would be true. Regardless, if such a woman existed, she was stupid to go back to Russia.

          10. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Inside info. No links and such cr*p. But you let me down. Instead of gaining vital info as to who the Russian sniper girl is in order to let her know she is about to be betrayed to the security services, you quarrel with me like a grandma. If you don’t want her name and contact info, just say so. No need for further talk on the subject.

  2. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    It’s about time to snuff out this little flame of the Tambov mafia. Now that it’s got everybody’s attention, and it’s five-minutes of fame, crush them.

    1. Avatar туфтуф says:

      How does one crush a country with the largest nuclear potential in the world? You saw how the West wept like babies when Crimea was annexed according to the wishes of its inhabitants. Russia does what it wants cus there is no credible force to stop it. And so does China. It blatantly occupied Tibet, got it internationally recognised as part of its sovereign territory and is now taking over South China sea. Furthermore, it refused to accept the jurisdiction of the lnternational court in the Hague, which severely undermines the institution. And who says that aggression doesnt pay?

      1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

        Tibet is not internationally recognized as part of China. Just the opposite. It is recognized as an occupier.

        1. Avatar туфтуф says:

          It is.

          1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            In your mind, perhaps.

      2. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

        ‘Nuclear potential.” LOL. Your coveted ruSSia is a third-world gas station currently being plundered and manipulated by an international mafia syndicate that occasionally governs. It will most likely be crushed in 2017 now that your gay dwarf has all the attention he has been jumping up and down to get. He’s done.

        1. Avatar туфтуф says:

          Dodging the questions , are we? Or r we simple?

          1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            He didn’t dodge a question. He simply said what I did, just in a different way.

        2. Avatar туфтуф says:

          Everyone knows abt Russias nukes…or am l wrong? Am l giving away classified info? Sorry.

      3. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

        >How does one crush a country with the largest nuclear potential in the world?<

        Nukes aren't edible.

        1. Avatar туфтуф says:

          Hahaha l tot they were. А от куда ты выполз? Разве я не спросил у тебя чтоб еб свою мать? Лол

          1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            You better tell if you think the nukes are edible or not.
            If they are, do the Russians a favor and furnish them with a recipe how to sautee nukes in palm oil.

            p.s. Я никуда и не уползал. А вот ты, пидор гнойный, снова ни с того, ни с сего башку высунул из навоза. Своим уморительным ломаным матом ты напоминаешь придурка, который и в пизде ухитряется на гвоздь наткнуться.

          2. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Verdict: edible, but for their victims.

          3. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            Lame. Try again.

          4. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Ok. Again.

          5. Avatar Brent says:

            then go nibble on a nuke you Russian troll and f*ck off out of here

          6. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Ok. Offed.

        2. Avatar туфтуф says:

          They are. For their victims.

          1. Avatar Murf says:

            Like I said; this guy is an idiot.
            He thinks economic agreements between Russia and China automatically translates into some kind of “Grand Alliance”
            When all it really amounts to is some minor tech transfer.

          2. Avatar туфтуф says:

            It was announced by Xinhua. I know its scary.

      4. Avatar Quartermaster says:

        There are ways, and not a shot has to be fired. Economically, Russia isn’t far from being crushed by Putin’s stupidity and thievery.

      5. Avatar Brent says:

        Toto, you’re still a fool and an idiot. Do you still also pretend to be from Burma and living in London, like you did when you were assigned to UT?

        If Russia’s army was so great as idiots like you believe, why did Putin’s dreamed of “Novorossiya” end up the size of “NovoDelaware”?

  3. Avatar туфтуф says:

    It is not Georgian territory, its South Ossetia, which is officially recognised by Russia as part of RF.

    1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

      Troll. South Ossetia is Georgian territory. Just because Russia reconizes it, doesn’t make it so. Russia is simply out to regain the extents of the Soviet Union.

      1. Avatar туфтуф says:

        It might have been Georgian, but now is Russian. Yanks died to prevent it but could not do anything. The world is changing. We are changing with it. Or should be, in order not to become extinct.

        1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

          Yanks died to prevent it? You need to leave Krokodil alone.

          1. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I am in posession of a dead negro pic in US uniform. He was a tank operator. In the tank, which was of Russian production, the inscriptions in Russian were covered by inscription in English.

          2. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            You’re in possession of a lot that isn’t so. You Russians have things like photoshop available just as we do. Russia also has a troll operation that is assigned to places like this. You need to peddle your lies elsewhere.

          3. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I am British.

          4. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Not with your English.

          5. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Anglicised Burmese.

          6. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Even Burmese can do better. Russian troll, most likely.

      2. Avatar туфтуф says:

        De iure u r right. I meant de facto Russian. Factual state on the ground always determins the future of the country. Like Tibet and China.

      3. Avatar туфтуф says:

        But it does. South Ossetia was integrated into Russian Federation last year. The process is still ongoing and irreversable.

      4. Avatar туфтуф says:

        True. But America did try to help Georgia but proved useless. So the land now belongs to the winners. Losers should put frying pans on their heads, take some cookies with amphetamins and shout “Get the Russian on the gallows”.

    2. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

      ‘Recognized by ruSSia.’ LOL.

      1. Avatar туфтуф says:

        Stolen and recognised. Theres a big dif.

        1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

          Stolen is the operative word there.

          1. Avatar туфтуф says:

            But it is good to be recognised too, although big powers suffer no need for recognition.

          2. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Russian recognition is worth little. It’s like Nazi Germany recognizing a government in occupied Poland. The ground they stand on is stolen land. That won’t change with Russian “recognition.”

          3. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I agree. This is why l said Russia and China do not need recognition on account of their power.

          4. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Diplomatic recognition can be withdrawn at any time a sovereign power wishes to withdraw it. Power is not permanent and Putin would be well advised to grow up and learn that fact.

          5. Avatar туфтуф says:

            If that is so, it can happen to any country. Or only to Russia, acc to intl law? No country is safe then.

          6. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Countries can suffer such because they won’t behave in accordance with international norms. Putin has shown he won’t, so he can suffer the consequences. Russia is well on its way to being a pariah again.

          7. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I know Russia is already suffering. Sanctions, and more sanctions, and yet more….while it forges a new world with China. Excellent strategy. Shame Surkov was against the invasion, though. He could have saved 1000’s of Ukrainian lives.

          8. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            China is going to take back parts of Siberia. China is in the first stages of taking advantage of Russian weakness.

            Surkov saved thousands of Russian lives. There have already been over 10,000 “Cargo 200” sent home from the Donbas. There will be more, and it is quite likely that more of the “leadership of the DNR will find their way home by the same sort of transport.

          9. Avatar туфтуф says:


          10. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Laughing without cause marks you as insane. But, you believe Putin, and that is insane.

          11. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I believe no one. P was KGB and l have lots of his ex colleagues as friends. I never trust them. But they have interesting stories to tell. Sometimes they get on my nerves cus they speak and say nothing of substance.

          12. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            If you don’t believe Putin, you would well advised to stop spreading his propaganda.

          13. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Am just trying to find out the truth. U see l openly state Crimra was annexed, Donnass will be too, and some other territories. I dnt support P.

          14. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            The truth if as far from you as it was when you started trolling. You do support Putin since you are spreading his lies.

          15. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I used to dupport him until l thought he would save Donbass from Ukrainian agression. Now l dnt.

          16. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            You support Putin. You spew his propaganda at every turn and apologize for him. Tell your lies elsewhere.

            There was no Ukrainian aggression in the Donbas. The only aggressor is Russia.

          17. Avatar туфтуф says:

            There is aggression against the civilians in the Republics. Thats why Ukraine needs to be liberated.

          18. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Yes, civilians have been killed by Russians. Ukrainian territory needs to be liberated from Russians.

          19. Avatar туфтуф says:

            It is not necessary. Russians will leave anyway when they cannot bear the financial burden any more. Now they have spread too thinly, turning Crimea into the most formidable nuclear base the world has ever seen. From there and their 2 bases in Syria they control the Med. A bird cannot fly over the Med without Russians say so. That can last no longer than 100 years. We can wait.

          20. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Russia’s stay in the Donbas and Crimea will last a much shorter time than you think. The finances are already crumbling and this year will tell the story.
            Putin is going to do something very, very stupid, and Russia will lose much of its territory to others because of the collapse.
            Most of what happens in the Med is neither known to Putin, nor does he have any say over it. Your view of Crimea is not supported by the facts. But, then, that’s the norm for the fantasies you post.

          21. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I know they stole Crimea. But it is Ukrainian fault too. They had garrisons there, which all deserted and joined Russians instead fighting for their country. Now they serve in Russian Black sea fleet.

          22. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            There were a few Ukrainians that deserted. They are now wanted for treason and, eventually, will suffer the consequences of their lack of fidelity.

          23. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Why so blood thirsty? I know personally a Russian girl who killed the civilians in Donbass working for Kiev and she is now living her life peacefully in Siberia…

          24. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Not at all blood thirsty. However, if you look up Putin and Girkin, you’ll meet a pair that are quite blood thirsty.

            I just bet you do know someone like that. You need to take a remedial course in lie construction. You’re simply embarrassing yourself.

            On the other hand, there are Russian citizens that have gone to Ukraine to fight. They also have no intention of going back to Fuehrer Putin’s Russia. Ukraine is building. Russia is devolving back into its 3rd world roots.

          25. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Ukraine will cease to exist. It will be divided. All Malorussia goes back to its rightful owner, Galicia to Poland, unless Poland attacks Russia and is wiped out.
            You are right abt Girkin. But Surkov is as blood thirsty but much more devious than Girkin. Surkov wants Ukraine to bleed by itself, and bleed slowly. I can understand him though. Armed young men have to be disarmed for Ukraine to retain a semblance of a civilised country. Ergo, they have to self destruct.

          26. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Alas, for your fantasies, Ukraine is not bleeding. Ukraine has seen good economic growth now that she has cut herself off from Russia economically. Ukraine is holding together quite well and her future is bright.

            Russia on the other hand, is sinking rapidly and is well into the second phase of the Soviet breakup. Russia will not survive in her present form, but will be a country hemmed in by the Urals on the east, and the countries that she held in slavery on the west and south.

            The shame is, Russia could have had a bright future. Alas, the Russian people are sheep and keep taking on “leadership” that does little more than take advantage of them.

          27. Avatar туфтуф says:

            You havent seen the war pics
            .. today l received a pic of a girl in Doneck cut in half by Ukrainian shell. Lots of bleeding.

          28. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Once more a lie. Russia is the lover of Artillery and doesn’t hesitate to fire into civilian areas. This has been verified time and again. You’d think Putin would learn, but he’s no where near as smart as likes to let on.

          29. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I got it from a trusted friend. When a bird flyes over Gorlovka l know it real time. Got my ppl everywhere.

          30. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            You can try that lie with someone else. You’ve already marked yourself as a liar. I’ve seen your type before, claiming things that simply aren’t so. Your claims are beyond implausible.

          31. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I dnt blame you. Why would someone who has contact with ppl on both sides be talking here on the public forum? Maybe u r right. But my friends are real. I ll give u 1 name: Dubovoy.Evgeniy.

          32. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Throwing a name out is meaningless. It proves nothing. You’re still a liar and supporter of Putin.

            You’re here because you’re an idiot and think others are as stupid as you are.

          33. Avatar туфтуф says:


          34. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Alas, denying it doesn’t make it so. Your entire history here is proof of what you are.

          35. Avatar туфтуф says:

            A handful went back to the rump Ukraine. How does Ukrainian court enforce a decision on officers of one of the most powerful navies in the world? Nonsense.

          36. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            The Russian Navy is a joke.

          37. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Yet the Ukrainian traitors happily work for it.

          38. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            No accounting for taste, or stupidity.

          39. Avatar туфтуф says:

            They say salaries are much higher, apart from their “Russianess”.

          40. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            More than a handful went back to Ukraine.

          41. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Rump Ukraine means Ukraine without Crimea.

          42. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Crimea is still part of Ukraine. It was stolen and stolen goods do not belong to the thief no matter how long the thief manages to keep it.

          43. Avatar туфтуф says:

            But they do. If the thief is not stopped. Otherwise there wld be no thieves in the world. The whole point of thievery is to make things which belong to others theirs.

          44. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            The point of thievery is to take the labor of someone else. Stolen property never belongs to the thief, no matter how long he has it.

          45. Avatar туфтуф says:

            The whole point of thirvery is to possess someone elses property, thereby depriving the rightful owner thereof. Have you all forgotten basic English in your maidan lunacy?

          46. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Only a Putinist troll would think Maidan was lunacy. Only a Putinist troll would think thievery was acceptable and that stolen goods will ever belong to the thief.

          47. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            South Ossetia is still stolen land. It matters not who recognizes the annexation.

          48. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Stolen and not returned. It has been totally incorporated into RF and united with its blood brothers, North Ossetia, which has always been part of Russia. The intl law was definitely broken, but in a way, justice prevailed cus Ossetians had nothing in common with Georgians and everything in common with North Ossetians. Historical justice.

          49. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            Nope, it was Saakashvili’s aggresive policies that drove south Ossetia to want RF to help them

          50. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Those poor GRU officers. Mistreated by the very bad Saakashvili.

            South Ossetia was a rehearsal for the move in Crimea and the Donbas. Putin is trying to get Russia to the extent of the Soviet Union, which he has declared is Russia.

      2. Avatar туфтуф says:

        Recognised and taken by Russia from Georgia. No US was able to help the little country. Fear is the main factor of US paralisys on the international theatre.

      3. Avatar туфтуф says:

        Tibet is also recognized by Russia.

      4. Avatar туфтуф says:

        Legal hair splitting mumbo jumbo. Better stick to the facts on the ground. And on the ground, it is Russia. Just like Crimea. We have to accept it and make our lives less complicated.

        1. Avatar Brent says:

          And Russia needs to accept it will never be the “World Power” it wants to be, just like North Korea….

          1. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I know it wont. Coz its isolated by EU. LOL

          2. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            It’s isolated by her own stupidity.

          3. Avatar туфтуф says:

            And Albania. Lol

          4. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            You have a serious problem with geography

      5. Avatar туфтуф says:

        China to follow suit soon. Just like Crimea.

    3. Avatar Brent says:

      Does Russia also recognize you as one of its “employees” are just a fool whose mind they now control?

      1. Avatar туфтуф says:

        I am trying not to attach value judgements to situations cus they cloud sound judgement. Thats why you get an impression l do not support intl law. But while definitely supporting it, l see a need for change to more accurately accomodate various situations on the ground.

      2. Avatar туфтуф says:

        Am only trying to stick to facts. Sorry. I tend to refrain from value judgements cus they cloud reason and analytical ability. Otherwise, l whole heartedly support an independent Ukraine, having blossoming trade with all its neighbours.

        1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

          You and facts don’t even have a nodding acquaintance. You support an independent Ukraine, except when you don’t.

          1. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I do. But not the oligarchic putsch gvt. I dislike them cus they are deliberatelly killing their own ppl.

          2. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Ukraine is independent and managed to overcome Yanukovich’s attempted betrayal. The only people killing anyone are Russians and the very few that betrayed their fellow Ukrainians. One day the Ukrainians will lay hands on Yanukovich and the people that committed murders by his orders. They will hang along with idiots like yourself.

            There was no putsch. But, hold onto your delusions. They might comfort you while you await your execution.

          3. Avatar туфтуф says:

            The RUMP Ukraine.

          4. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            You can dream all you like. There is no such thing.

          5. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Rump means when a country does not control part of its territory.

          6. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Like most things you define here, that definition isn’t the case. You will see what Rump means when Russia collapses.

  4. Avatar Terry Washington says:

    An old joke runs that when you are deep in a hole, you should stop digging. Given that the ICC has opened a case involving the Russo Georgian war, Putin would be will advised to back off-but of course he won’t. And I might point out that the sanctions levied by the EU and the outgoing Obama administration are becoming more and more onerous as time goes by. We Brits may have been enriched by our Empire(although this is debatable) but Putin’s Russia looks more and more like being impoverished by its neo-Empire!

    1. Avatar Randolph Carter says:

      The Russian people are living in poverty. I wonder what the critical mass is before a rebellion? Are the Russian people at the point of desperation where they just say “f&&& it” and pick up a rifle? Or are things so bad that despair has set in? A lot is going to be decided between Trumphf and the Dwarf in the next few weeks. If we decide to go back to the old status quo between USA and Russia, will Putin view that as capitulation and weakness?

      Also, if Putin succeeds in taking Ossetia and Georgia, where next? Turkey might be useful for ocean access, but I don’t see any advantage to Armenia and Azerbaijan. Will he take time and resources to secure his power before continuing?

      Remember, the most dangerous man in the world is one who has nothing left to lose.

      1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

        There’s no way the dwarf can seize Turkey. Turkey has a standing army which is about the same size as the dwarf’s, and part of the dwarf’s army is in Syria and either in the Donbas itself or in the oblasts on the border of the Ukraine. He simply doesn’t have the troops to invade, let alone hold, Turkey.
        In 1915 the British thought the poorly equipped Turkish army would be brushed aside easily. The Dardanelles and Kut-el-Amara proved otherwise. Now, a century later, the Turkish army is every bit as modern as Dwarfstan’s and the Turks will make mincemeat of any Dwarfstanian attempt at invasion.

        1. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

          And why should Russia take Turkey? Russia has gotten all it needs, and the rest will come by itself

          1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            If so, then why is Dwarfstan invading other countries for no good reason and stealing their land (Georgia, Moldova, the Ukraine) , and constantly threatening others with invasion and even the use of nukes ( the Baltics, Poland, Denmark, Sweden)?

        2. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

          ruSSia craves control of the Bosporus and the eastern Med. Heck, ruSSia wants Gibraltar. However, a real coup for Putin would be if he could get Turkey to leave NATO and either become ” neutral ” like Sweden, nonaligned, or even a ruSSian ally like say Kazakhstan. RuSSia needs Turkey more than Turkey needs ruSSia, for pipeline access and so on. I would imagine though that it is in Turkey’s best economic interests to stay on very good terms with the EU, so most likely it will not become a Putin poodle.

        3. Avatar Turtler says:

          “There’s no way the dwarf can seize Turkey. Turkey has a standing army
          which is about the same size as the dwarf’s, and part of the dwarf’s
          army is in Syria and either in the Donbas itself or in the oblasts on
          the border of the Ukraine. He simply doesn’t have the troops to invade,
          let alone hold, Turkey.”

          I’m skeptical. In large part because Turkey’s military track record over the last couple centuries- including against Russia- has been damn dismal even Russia fought alone. Couple that with the fact that Russia is nothing if not ruthless and can call upon support from Assad, and likely the Kurds and Armenia, and I do not think it would make sense.

          couple that with the wholesale brutality of the Russian military and its’ indifference to PR, and I think they COULD do it. Not necessarily that they will, mind, the Turks could also kick their butts. But it is not a possibility to be ruled out.

          “In 1915 the British thought the poorly equipped Turkish army would be brushed aside easily. The Dardanelles and Kut-el-Amara proved otherwise.”

          Ah, yes, the Dardanelles and Kut…. how often they get trotted out regarding the glories of Turkey’s military.

          The fact that Sarikamis and the German/Turkish attempts to storm the Suez were if anything even more disastrous than both of them put together tends to get conveniently overlooked. Especially when you factor in three things.

          A: The Ottoman Empire won the Dardanelles campaign through a combination of good fortune (shoddy Western Allied command) and willingness to just feed men into the meetgrinder to blunt Western Allied attacks. Now a win is a win and the Turkish military deserve credit for that, but it was not MUCH of a win and the fact that they suffered even more losses than the Western Allies (who were on the offensive and did things like charge enemy fortifications without loaded rifles) is something.

          B: It took an awful lot of time to siege the British and Indian troops down at Kut, in contrast to things like the lightning victory the Germans won over the Belgian forts in 1914 and over most of the Tsar’s Polish forts in 1915.

          and finally

          C: The Western Allies did not wage their campaigns with *anything* like the ruthlessness Putin would, or een that the Ottomans did. For instance, they never bothered trying to carpet bombard Constantinople. Anybody want to bet that the Demolition Dwarf of Grozny would do the same?

          And of course, the fact that in the long war the Turks ultimately *lost* against everybody.

          And not just juggernauts like the Western Allied empires, oh no no. They also lost against the Armenians who basically fought the Caucasus front alone after 1917 and the Arab Revolts in the Hejaz.

          “Now, a century later, the Turkish army is every bit as modern as Dwarfstan’s and the Turks will make mincemeat of any Dwarfstanian attempt at invasion.”

          I am skeptical.

          The Turkish military is not particularly experienced (and no, picking on Cyprus and butt smacking Kurdish guerillas are not Superbowl experience for a full scale hot war with Russia and its’ allies). It has been focused more on internal subjugation and politics than it has on its’ stated mission and that leads to a massive problem with discipline, moral, and field effectiveness (as we’ve been able to see with things like the Thai military and various African ones).

          And to top it off, the heart of the Turkish military is basically getting torn out by Erdogan’s purges as he tries to hunt down the last remaining Kemalists and remove the possibility of them trying another move in him. And that will probably hurt professionalism further.

          Again, i am not saying Turkey will be an easy target, or that Putin will certainly win. if anything I would probably predict a bloody, ugly stalemate without significant aid for both.

          But I certainly think it is a mistake to believe what Ankara brags without a massive grain of salt.

    2. Avatar туфтуф says:

      Russia does not recognise the jurisdiction of the ICC.It will be difficult, nigh impossible to enforce the verdict, which, of course, will be against Russia. In my opinion, where the verdict is known in advance, there should be no court process.

      1. Avatar Terry Washington says:

        When you have a bad case, always curse your judge runs an old legal maxim.

        1. Avatar туфтуф says:

          I realise Russia is guilty even if proven innocent. But l doubt that any court’s decision , if impossible to enforce, is not worth the paper its written on. Lol

          1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            Proving Dwarfstan innocent is truly Misson Impossible.

          2. Avatar туфтуф says:

            But who will enforce the judgement? Same ppl who defended Tibet from Chinese aggression? Lol

          3. Avatar Terry Washington says:

            When you have a bad case to begin with, curse your judge(s). Your line of argument has a suggestive similarity to Israel incidentally. Infamy, infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in-fa me as Kenneth Williams character in carry on along the Senate puts it- everybody has it in for poor little Israel(or Russia)! Gee, I wonder why!

          4. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I am aware of the verdict. But no one can enforce it. All they can do is stop selling gorgonzola to Russia and call it asymetrical response. Which it is. Lol

          5. Avatar Turtler says:

            They can enforce it, the issue is that nobody wants to. Much like the issue with Germany and the Rhineland in 1936. That is still a dismal result and an unwelcome one, but there is an important difference. It means that there are still plenty forces out there strong enough to make Russia adhere to the verdict. They are just hoping to wait it out.

          6. Avatar туфтуф says:

            They dnt want cus they cnt. Or cnt cus they dnt want. Same kettle of fish. Lol

          7. Avatar Turtler says:

            No, it’s a a very different kettle of fish.

            When the French Army did not roll out and squash the thin lines of German light infantry re-invading the Rhineland in 1936, it was because they didn’t want to.

            When the Luxembourgians did not roll out and repulse the German panzer columns sweeping through their Grand Duchy in 1940, it was because they couldn’t.

        2. Avatar туфтуф says:

          You saw what happened with the Hague verdict and China sea. The world refuses diktats from the West.

  5. Avatar туфтуф says:

    The people and gvt in Donbass are clearly moving in that direction. I heard Zaharchenko (an Ukrainian president of DPR) imploring Russia to take them within its fold. Now that would not be so bad for Ukraine because, as the author states, a Ukrainian attack on Donbass civilians would constitute an act of aggression against Russia. That means that the war would stop immediatelly and both DLNR and Ukraine could start taking care of economy, health etc. But in my personal view, it could possibly trigger “mutiny” amongst other pro Russian regions, and can ultimately lead to dissolution ofUkraine as a state. Putin said yesterday that Galicia is not Russian land, thereby implying that Malorossiya is. Difficult times lie ahead for Ukraine.

    1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

      The only people attacking Donbas civilians are the terrorists masquerading as a government there.

      The reason there was no uprising is that Russian speakers in Ukraine have no desire to be ruled by the mafia running things in Moscow. Putin has no desire to take on another economic sinkhole either. Crimea is about to break Moscow now.

      Putin has stated, point blank that the extent of the Soviet Union is Russia. Just in case you are as geographically challenged as you are politically, Galicia was part of the Soviet Union.

      Ukraine is no where near as close to breaking as Russia is. Poverty is increasing there, with living standards having fallen for the last 2 years. Putin has some very hard decisions to make this year, whether he will continue his Soviet Revanchism, or actually work for the benefit of the Russian people.

      You, I’m sure, will post the lie that all is well in Russia. It isn’t. The truth has already escaped Putin’s captivity.

      1. Avatar туфтуф says:

        Wow! What a brain job.

        1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

          Isn’t it though. Facts are a bit much for a troll, however.

      2. Avatar туфтуф says:

        Zaharchenko who is Ukrainian is grovelling at Russia to let Donbass become part of Russia. I quote him: what more must we do for you to accept us? ( translation mine)

        1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

          Zakharchenko is an opportunistic traitor whose opinion means nothing since he has no recognised authority.

          1. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Recognised by the ppl of Donbass and Russia. DPR has diplomatic missions in many countries, but will all the same ultimately become part of Russia. After all, it would be like coming home after 70 years…