French publisher Larousse corrects mistake with “Russian” Crimea




The French publisher Larousse, known for causing a scandal when it published a map depicting Crimea as Russian territory in its 2016 Atlas, has corrected its mistake. In the 2017 Atlas, Crimea is shown as “annexed by Russia, unrecognized by the international community”:


Photo: Ihor Reshetnyak

In the 2016 Atlas, Larousse had marked Crimea as Russian territory, along with the British publisher Oxford University Press. After diplomatic interference and public outrage, Oxford had stopped selling the erroneous Atlases and pledged to replace textbooks with the erroneous information. However, Larousse declined to comment and continued selling their products.

The French Foreign Ministry, commenting the situation with Larousse, had announced that France does not acknowledge Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea.

Activists around the world joined efforts in pressuring Oxford and Larousse to correct their mistake in a twitter and message storm, and by taking selfies saying #CrimeaIsUkraine.

Image from the twitter storm


  • Terry Washington

    Better late than never I suppose!

  • Randolph Carter

    I hear that the next Atlas will contain the description, “stolen by cowardly thugs who infiltrated under the orders of a megalomaniac, psychotic dwarf with a severe Napoleonic complex who will rule Russia until one of his own mercenaries puts a bullet in him because he wasn’t paid”.

    Might need a bigger map.

  • Alex George

    Good to see. The Kremlin’s lies work – for a time. Then people see through them.