Deteriorating situation in Russian Far East becoming a disaster for Moscow

One of the four bridges in Primorye region of the Russian Far East that have collapsed in the first five months of 2016. (Image:

One of the four bridges in Primorye region of the Russian Far East that have collapsed in the first five months of 2016. (Image: 

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Five news stories over the past few days suggest that Moscow faces a set of disasters in the Russian Far East that is likely to cast a shadow on the entire country by highlighting the failure of Kremlin policies in a variety of areas and raising questions about what the future holds not only for the Far East but for Russia as a whole.

The five, all reported in the Moscow media it should be said, include:

  1. Because of the continuing decline in population in the region as a result of the dying out of the ethnic Russian population, officials in the Far East have taken the unusual step of simply shutting down more than hundred villages and ordering the remaining residents to relocate to larger towns or face the prospect that they will not have any services from the state, even though the government has no money to pay for what it has ordered.
  2. Moscow’s “Novaya gazeta” reports that over the last 25 years, Russia has given over to China” via rental agreements “as much land as Beijing couldn’t take over the preceding 150 years,” an example, the Moscow paper says, which shows that “friendship is continuing.” Many Russians are unlikely to see it that way.
  3. Already upset at Moscow’s willingness to allow China to ship pure water from Lake Baikal and other Russian waters, residents of the Russian Far East and not only they are certain to be infuriated by reports that Beijing is shifting its most polluting factories out of China into Russian areas where Russia and not China will bear the costs for their impact on the environment and the health of the population.
  4. Despite the fact that the economy in the Russian Far East is near collapse with numerous firms now listed as “potential bankruptcies,” rents for apartments in Vladivostok have risen to be in third place among all Russian cities, yet another indication of the growing gap between the incomes of the Russian rich and the rest of the population.
  5. Moscow’s acknowledgement today that only ten percent of Russia’s federal highways meet government standards is likely to further anger people in the Russian Far East. Not only are highways there in even worse shape than in most of the rest of the country, but the collapse of air routes in the region mean that residents there are increasingly dependent on and thus blocked from moving about by the road network.



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  • Robert

    Is vlady paying any attention to these facts? Seriously, vlad, … you need to find a mirror … look deeply into your own eyes … and ask a few questions… “Ask NOT what (more) your country can do for you (clearly, you have raped, pillaged and sucked most ALL life/value/resources that were present before your were ‘Put In’) ask what you can do for your country!” … Then figure out how to do it … or, better yet, step aside and let a true, competent and trustworthy leader do it.

    Meanwhile, you wanna gain some respect? … Turn yourself into the Hague and exit Ukraine … it’s your ONLY chance, vlad! You’ve got entirely TOO MUCH egg on your face to possibly save it… you have no face left worth saving… what a prophetic song… ‘Put In, Put Out’… :) … guess ya didn’t see that one coming, vlady … kinda like these falling bridges, crumbling roads, Kerch Bridges to No Where… what’ya gonna use to pay for them, vlady? … gonna steal more rubbles from pension, healthcare, schools/education… gonna up the tax on truckers… ??? waddya gonna do, vlady? … find a mirror … ask some questions… reflect…

    • Quartermaster

      I doubt he’s seriously thinking things through. In the long run, he won’t hold on to either the Donbas or Crimea. He doesn’t even have the money to hold on to Russia.

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      True, competent and trustworthy? In Dwarfstan??? You jest!!! Pedo Putolini has had anyone who was a threat either murdered or thrown in the clink on
      trumped-up charges. Result: there are no true, competent and trustworthy
      people left in Dwarfstan.

  • zorbatheturk

    Crumbling, decrepit infrastructure while Putin’s cronies funnel billions into their Cayman accounts.

    • Mykola Banderachuk

      bet you the roads and bridges in the Caymans are in good shape

      • W8post

        we’re working on it, thank you very much!

      • zorbatheturk

        Castillo Caribe, Grand Cayman, waterfront mansion, 48000 sq ft, 8 beds, 8 baths, listed at a mere $39.95 million. Sotheby’s International Realty.

  • W8post

    “Because of the continuing decline in population in the region as a result of the dying out of the ethnic Russian population…” ‘Ethnic cleansing’ should be a better expression instead of ‘dying out’…
    > Koryo Saram – The Unreliable People <
    In 1937, Stalin began a campaign of massive ethnic cleansing and forcibly … elderly Koreans who remember the days in Far East Russia before the deportation, …

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      East of the Urals whole villages and small towns are being emptied as the young head for European Dwarfstan in search of more and better opportunities. In the Far East Chinese are gradually crossing the border, legally and illegally, to take their place. Deals such as the Transbaikal deal, where huge parcels of land are leased long-term by Peking for a pittance and exploited for their resources by Chinese workers, not Dwarfstanians, are becoming commonplace. Sooner or later Peking will send in its own “little gleen men” to “plotect Chinese flom Lussian agglession”, and hold “lefelenda” to decide the future of the territory in carbon copies of what the dwarf did in the Crimea. The dwarf can hardly complain, as Peking will claim historical rights to the territories as he did in the Crimea and short of nuclear war there’s nothing he can do to prevent such takeovers. I doubt whether he will get much international support either.

  • Dagwood Bumstead

    The Novaya Gazeta article mentioned above is most illuminating, confirming that under Pedo Putolini Dwarfstan is slowly but surely losing control of much of the territory that Aleksandr II stole from China in 1856 and 1860. Peking is steadily infiltrating Dwarfstan’s Far East and within a decade will have de facto control.

    While the dwarf celebrates “Krim nash!” (for now, that is), he has already lost an area many times the size of the Crimea in the Far East. And Peking isn’t going to stop, now that Dwarfstan is slowly imploding. Vladivostok, Kahbarovsk etc will eventually become Chinese cities with the Dwarfstanian inhabitants being deported.

  • Dirk Smith

    Let’s hope this Asperger-ridden kleptomaniac is removed from within. His days are numbered.