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Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

Ukraine should sever all economic relations with Russia.

Andrei Piontovsky was the first to notice the complete absurdity of the recommendation of Russia’s Council on Foreign and Defense Policy to Russia’s leadership. Regarding Ukraine, the “flawless” tactics that were recommended were the ones well known to every authoritarian regime — “forced friendship.”

And if Ukrainians do not agree to be friends with the aggressor, then an economic blockade of Ukraine is to be imposed, following the example of the US blockade of Cuba. These are not simply revelations by the “empty suits” that make up the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy.

And these are not simply the recommendations of opportunists who would think otherwise in the event of Putin’s death or overthrow. These are examples of the imperial mentality. I have known quite a few of the members of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy since 1991. I was present at their meetings dedicated to Ukraine. I was also present at their closed meetings (a key benefit of being a columnist for the leading Russian media!).

These people have always thought that way. And they won’t change their minds at Putin’s casket. The ones who come to replace them will be the same. Russia can only get a new elite in the event of complete economic and political collapse and a systematic process of “denazification,” as in Germany.

When a generation of schoolchildren grows up who are taught from the first grade about the atrocities of the Russian Empire and the USSR, about Holodomor, about the thugs of Stalin and Putin and the necessity of building a modern country — only then will we be able to see a partner in Russia and not an enemy. But this is still far away.

They will be forcing us to friendship using all possible means. And the only  thing that saves us from the empire of rapists is the fact that we are not Cuba, and Russia is not the United States.

We should be the first to act. Systematically sever all economic relations with the aggressor, in addition to the ones he is interested in himself. No gas from  Gazprom. No industrial supplies. No companies oriented toward the east.

Each such industrial plant is a ticking bomb. Sooner or later the blockade will begin anyway, the plant will cease  production, and the workers will be in the street.  And the guilty party will not the be the Russian government, which imposes the blockade, but the Ukrainian government, which fails to accommodate the aggressor.

I still keep seeing Russian partners who come to Ukrainian offices. Each such partner is a person who in the near future will become a part of the blockade and the “forced friendship.” It does not matter much where his personal interest lies. What matters is the kind of president he has. Do not sign contracts with Russians.

A Russian citizen  may come to our country either as a guest of his relatives and friends or as a political refugee. But business contacts with Russian business should be excluded. Our economy should be focused on the  West, on China — anywhere but Moscow!

We should make every effort to redirect the flows of citizens who go to work in Russia. Sooner or  later these people will be detained and deported — all at the same time. And the more of them in Russia, the bigger the blow to our country in the event of a blockade. If the people themselves do not understand the danger, the state needs to understand it.

There will be no Ukrainian citizen in Russia except, of course, for the collaborators hiding from Ukrainian justice. These will not be deported. Plans are to send them to us in the event of a successful implementation of the recommendation of the “forced friendship.” So that they rule us. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

The members of the Council on Foreign and  Defense Policy have honestly told us what fate their besotted homeland is preparing for Ukraine. And if we lose this opportunity and fail to take the first step, we will be faced with new challenges and problems. And perhaps with a new war.


Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Espreso TV

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  • Quartermaster

    I will be hard, but it is the only way Ukraine can evade the Russian Bear.

  • Lev Havryliv

    Ukraine should distance itself from Russia in all possible ways. Foremost economically.

    No trade with the aggressor which is trying to destroy Ukraine.

    No sporting, cultural, travel and scientific contacts until Russia stops its military aggression and occupation of Ukrainian territories including Crimea.

    • Alex George

      Ten years ago, nobody would have believed this possible.

      But Putin has a magical ability to do things that others cannot – by his own actions he caused many Ukrainians (particularly Russian-speaking ones) to turn their backs on Russia and want nothing to do with it.

      • Nowhere Girl

        As someone already wrote on some forum, Putler is the anti-Midas: he turns everything he touches to shit.

        • BCHistorian

          Love your comment, Nowhere girl!

  • Dirk Smith

    Muscovy=poverty,despair,terror. History verifies this.

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      One could add the portraits of Khrushchev and Brezhnev to the list. Khrushchev was responsible for Hungary 1956, and Brezhnev for Czechoslovakia 1968 and Afghanistan 1969.

      • Quartermaster

        I was living in Germany during Prague Spring. It was a scary time. We had to review our “bug out” preparations and put stuff together in case the US Military ordered dependents out. We lived near Stuttgart at the time and were detailed to drive to Rota, Spain in case of Evac.

  • ct

    Absolutely correct. The more Ukraine allows itself to be dependent on Russia the more Ukraine will subject itself to blackmail by Putin’s despotic Russia. Ukraine needs to be as independent and sovereign as possible. There are plenty of peaceful countries around the world willing to do business with a new non-corrupt Ukraine.

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      True. Kyiv is already largely independent of Dwarfstan’s gas thanks to reverse flow connections with other European countries. Moscow cutting off the gas supply will have little effect now.