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Edited by: A. N.

An important attribute of Russia’s modern policy has been the growth in military hysteria and the constant need for both internal and external enemies. The increase in aggression and belligerence among the population was also not implemented in one fell swoop: rather, it was cultivated over a period of several years, although its apogee was reached with the advent of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. As practically all remaining major media outlets in the country are either state-owned or controlled, they serve as powerful channels for domestic Russian propaganda directed by the Kremlin.

In today’s Russia, war is the number one method with which its leaders control the populace. This infographic based on Kseniya Kirillova‘s analysis illustrates how exactly.

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Seven strategies of domestic Russian propaganda

Graphic by Ganna Naronina

Graphic by Ganna Naronina











Edited by: A. N.

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