Moscow’s actions producing exactly the opposite of its proclaimed goals, Eidman says

Image: Dmitry Azarov,

Image: Dmitry Azarov, 

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Igor Eidman

Igor Eidman

Even during the first Cold War, Igor Eidman says, there was no talk about Sweden and Finland joining NATO. Now that is very much on the front burner of discussions, a reflection of the fact that again and again Moscow is producing exactly the opposite outcomes that it says it wants.

On the portal, the Moscow commentator lists just some of the places in which this pattern holds:

  • “The struggle against the expansion of NATO is leading to new countries becoming members.”
  • “’The struggle for peace’ is leading to war.”
  • “’The defense of the rights of residents of the Donbas’ is leading to the most difficult problems for them.”
  • “’The defense of the self-determination of Crimea’ is leading to the actual liquidation of its autonomous status and to direct rule from Moscow.”
  • “The struggle with [Western] sanctions is leading to the introduction of new sanctions against its own citizens (for example, on the import of agricultural products).”
  • And “the striving to impose a union on Ukraine [lead] to mortal hostility with it.”

In “the kingdom of distorted mirrors” that is Vladimir Putin’s Russia today, he suggests, this list can be extended to many other issues as well, something that should be raising questions for those who support the Kremlin leader because what he is achieving is exactly the reverse of what he proclaims are his goals.


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  • Dagwood Bumstead

    I wonder…….. could the dwarf actually be a CIA or MI5 mole???? His policies are doing Dwarfstan far more harm than good in the long term (not that I care). If so, it would be the intelligence coup of the century.

    • Quartermaster

      He’s on the same road built by the communist regime. The end result will be the same.

      • Czech Mate

        a monster spawned out of red plague, like a deadly virus that came back from hell

        • Quartermaster

          It was ironic that Stalin was discovered to be a Tsarist agent and provocateur. I wonder what will come out about Putin years from now.

  • Bernard Slobodnik

    If you ask me, that is the whole idea. Russia says that it wants peace and then when it does not happen they say see the West just wants war and they convince their people that the West is the ones promoting war. And then the whole sanctions thing Russia says that they are doing what the West wants and then the West puts more sanctions on them so they have to fight the West. Every lie is based on a kernel of truth.

  • Murf

    Putin’s prophesies are becoming self fulfilling.
    His efforts to control Ukraine have only cost him the ability to do so.
    His attempt’s to secure his markets have caused him to loose market share.
    He wanted to prevent NATO expansion but his every action brings more countries in the the Alliance.
    He kept Assad in power but lost Turkey as a market and politically friendly.
    They say he is a genius but I just don’t see it.

  • Mephisto

    Yes, but as far as I can tell, Putler is quite successful in destabilizing Europe through his subversion war – information warfare, hired russian trolls, agents and secret services, bought politicians etc. In part because of that, extremist parties financed by Putler all over Europe are getting elected.

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      True, but inept “leaders” in Europe are at least as much to blame. Merkel, Hollande and Co. can hardly be called inspiring and decisive leaders. Merkel, with her DDR and Stasi background, could well be the dwarf’s agent seeing as she has been thwarting REAL sanctions being introduced and being opposed to giving any military aid to Kyiv. Her decision to admit unlimited numbers of migrants to Germany was sheer lunacy……. or was it something else?

      • Mephisto

        I do not think that Merkel is a Putin’s agent – judging from the activity of kremlobots who are fighting Merkel. But I agree that Merkel is weak – she couldn’t decisively handle neither the Greek Crisis nor the Refugee crisis.
        And if that imbecile Trump wins in the US, the whole West will be doomed.

    • Alex George

      It works for a while. Then most people start to see through it.

  • Alex George

    Yes, in so many ways.

    Many Ukrainians were favourable towards Russia, until Putin tried to invade in 2014.

    Sweden and Finland had no interest in joining NATO, till Putin threatened them.

    NATO itself was considered obsolete by many, until Putin started threatening other countries.

    What a great list of successes for the dwarf!