The Association Agreement, Ukraine and the EU: A Marriage Contract in Pictures



2016/04/05 - 19:32 • Analysis & Opinion

The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is 900 pages long. Understand what it’s about in these infographics created by a team of Ukrainian experts.

See the infographics here: The Association Agreement, Ukraine and the EU: A Marriage Contract in Pictures 

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  • Hillarious Clinton

    Duraks of Ukraina, after you’ll join that modern EU Gulag(USSR moved to Brussels),you’ll privatise your state owned companies…At least 5 to 10 million Ukrainians will lose jobs! Your low life standard will go even lower…5 million gastarbeiters from UA will wonder the EU better economy member states as the cheapest labor in history! You’ll be flooded by GMO food products from the decadent West,and grow tumors in your heads,and cancers in your bellys! And Russians will laugh at you,how low you hit…

    • * Charles Smith *

      Would it be those fat lazy drunk russians. Or would it be those stupid russians who can’t even build a decent car, unless you call that pathetic Lada a car. Or would it be those russians who are fascists and allowed their dictator putin to turn russian into a fascist country.

    • Quartermaster

      They would not be joining the EU or NATO. The EU does not permit GMO products. Heaven forfend that Ukrainians get the sort of brain tumor you have.