Russian ombudsman suggests exchanging Savchenko for captured Russian GRU officers

Russia ombudsman Pamfilova

Russian ombudsman Ella Pamfilova 

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Russian ombudsman Ella Pamfilova believes that after court’s decision Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko can be transfered to Ukraine in exchange for arrested Russians Yevgeniy Yerofeev and Aleksandr Aleksandrov.

“I would very much want the idea of conducting exchange “all for all” to be supported. It would be some step towards improving the relationships between our countries,” Pamfilova informed the Interfax news agency on 24 December 2015.

Answering the question about possibility of exchanging Savchenko to Erofeyev and Aleksandrov, she said: “I’m very hopeful about it and I wish this came true.”

“I am constantly visiting Ukrainian citizens that are under arrest here. At my request, Mrs Lutkovska (Ukraine’s ombudsman) is also visiting our citizens. We are constantly doing this. I would like that we had no more work in this direction, that the exchange was “all for all,” – Pamfilova emphasized.

Nadiya Savchenko was captured by the Russia-backed “LNR” fighters in June 2014 and unlawfully brought to the Russian territory, where she has been kept under arrest until now. Russia accuses the Ukrainian pilot in killing two Russian journalists.

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Aleksandr Aleksandrov and Yevgeniy Yerofeev are Russian citizens that were arrested in the ATO zone in May 2015. They are convicted in terrorist activities [and have been accused of working for the GRU by Ukrainian authorities, according to their own testimonies – ed].


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  1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Muscovite logic: Nadiya is in jail for supposedly killing two journalists while the gay dwarf enjoys his EU cheese in Sochi although he has killed dozens of journalists. Got it.

  2. Avatar rgb says:

    All for all. Wouldn’t that include: Nadiya Savchenko; Oleh Sentsov; Oleksandr Kolchenko; Oleksiy Chirniy; Mykola Karpiuk; Stanislav Klykh; Serhiy Litvinov; Yuriy Soloshenko; Henadiy Afanasiev; Yuriy Yatsenko; Sergei Rudnev and the many other politically held Ukrainian prisoners?