Will France follow its advice to Ukraine?



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Article by: Hanna Sinkova

I trust that France will now follow the advice it has given Ukraine. That it will begin negotiations with the terrorists ( preferably somewhere in Great Britain), that it will offer them territory in the Alps, elections, amnesty. That would be so European.

Personally I condemn all manifestations of terrorism, extremism, violence, swearing, and loud (Sergey) Shnurov music (Russian ska-punk musicianEd.)

However, it is important to avoid taking any extreme action. Isis must be heard!

I propose that President Hollande should sit at the negotiating table with the fighters, even though it would be more ethical to call them militias. Britain could be the third party in the negotiations.

It is important to avoid inciting further conflict. Otherwise, the responsibility for additional victims may well rest with the French government.

At present, we cannot confirm this was any specific aggression. More likely this was civil war on the territory of Paris, where ignored segments of the population are attempting to make themselves heard by the government.

I think it might even be a good idea to give Paris special status and to hold special elections there immediately.

Afterwards, negotiations could be held regarding a simplified visa policy for French citizens visiting the Carpathian mountains. If the conflict intensifies, Ukraine will be ready to provide aid to France in the form of 200 rubber bullet firearms and a trainer in combat dancing.

Translated by: AM
Source: Glavcom

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  • Dalton

    A bit of irony probably not at the best time. My heart goes out to the French people, but this is spot on.

    • Betty J Rousey

      Still, as you say, it is brilliantly biting satire in its truest form.

  • Being


    “However, it is important to avoid taking any extreme action. Isis must be heard!

    I propose that President Hollande should sit at the negotiating table
    with the fighters, even though it would be more ethical to call them
    militias. Britain could be the third party in the negotiations.”

    Let Hurry up Holland and Merkel to Negotiate they are very Capable at that and they Mean it.

    They have shown their capabilities of solving the poblems over the last 2 years!!! Like Ukraine 10.000 dead, how many wounded and crippled for rest of life, how many?
    And that humiliating negotiating with no 1 terrorist organization but 2 or3.

    Or solving the “refugee” Welcome of 6milliards people to move to Germany and west + north EU and Calling other Vishegrad 4 xenofobs, Nacis, Fashist, threatning with no EU dotation!!
    Very capable more than Kremlin, as they should be “civilised” not taught by KGB.

    I DEMAND YOUR DEMISION making This from safe EU!!!! In just few years!!!

    D E M I S I O N!!!

    (Poor Ukraine wanted to join THIS!!!)

    • Vol Ya

      Better to join the EU than the fascist dictatorship of Russia lead by putin.

      • Being

        Of course better to be off Russia influence but EU is exactly there in.
        EU how it is now, is very bad, you will see it soon How uncapable these “leaders” are.

  • Being


    My condolences to all the bereaved.

    Sue France, German, EU politicians at Haag.

  • Evelyn Myketa Livingston

    Sadly, well said …

  • Joel Le Bras

    You try to make irony and don’t see you are saying some truth about a question you don’t understand anything, you stupid Hanna Sinkova. Please wash your own laundry and don’t mind France’s one.

    • Brent

      It’s tragic what happened in Paris. TWICE. But it’s also tragic that France has been demanding Ukraine negotiate with the Russian sponsored terrorists that have invaded its territory.

      Several French politicians like Le Pen, Thiery Mariani and others have openly supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and murder of its citizens. Many more than have been killed in Paris. You call Hanna Sinkova stupid, yet you are blind to the terrorist Putin and what he has done.

      • Joel Le Bras

        You don’t know at all what I think about Putin and what he has done. Anyone who try to blend so different problems than Ukraine and ISIS are, is simply out of matter (and probably blind).

        • Vol Ya

          Then please tell me, what do you think about France’s suggestion that Ukraine should sit down and negotiate with the very same Russian terrorists that have invaded eastern Ukraine and killed Ukrainians. That suggest is pathetic.

        • Brent

          I’m blind??? You whine about this author making a very valid point that Hollande insisted that Ukraine sit down with Russia’s sponsored terrorists in Donbass. If you had a clue, you would clearly understand they are terrorists AS DEFINED BY THE EU AND U.S.


          Yet now that France has been attacked by similar terrorists AS DEFINED, you fail to see why anyone would compare Ukraine’s situation to Paris WHEN YOUR LEADERS ARE OPENLY NEGOTIATING WITH RUSSIA, THE SPONSOR OF THOSE TERRORISTS.

          Sarkozy, the idiot elected by France previously and who sold out Georgia to Putin, declared this weekend that he wants to work closer with Russia when it is in France’s interests, but he wants to sell out other countries to Russia who sponsors terrorists in other countries.

          WAKE UP.

          • Rods

            An estimated 10% of ISIS leadership have been recruited by the FSB from the Russian “stan” countries. Why do you think they are bombing anybody but in Syria?

            Personally, I will be surprised if Paris was not a GRU / FSB planned operation and armed via The Balkans.

            As usual the weak useless, useful fools of Obama and Hollande when Putin says jump; “ask how high, how many times and how many kisses they need to plant on his butt in gratitude.”

            The current weak appeasing Western leaders (especially Obama, Merkel and Hollande) will sell out any country if there is votes and popularity in it for them, with sadly Ukraine currently likely to be the number one victim followed by the FSA!

    • Vol Ya

      You should not comment on something you know nothing about. You know nothing about the russian terrorists in eastern Ukraine and the weak response from France and the rest of Europe.

      • Joel Le Bras

        I totally agree with you and it’s the reason for what I don’t say anything about “russian terrorism”. l just react at a nonsense text saying bullshit about islamic terrorism in France.

        • Brent

          Remind us again why there are so many refugees flooding from Syria into Europe? Could it be Assad’s war on his own innocent people? What country supports Assad and supplies him with those weapons?

          RUSSIA. The same country that Sarkozy now wants to assist Russia in killing more innocent Syrians and sending more refugees to Europe. Didn’t one of Friday’s terrorists have a Syrian passport? Thank Assad and Putin for that.


    • Being

      Do not like you provocatier saying “you stupid Hanna Sinkova. Please wash your own laundry and don’t mind France’s one.” And telling her what she should does???

      Who do you think you are?!

  • Thomas Ferree

    My condolences to France where this tragedy occurred, and to the families who have lost loved ones needlessly. I realize not all refugees from various countries are jihadists, but is there a way to determine a good refugee from a possible terrorist refugee? Where do the majority of refugees come from? Syria and other middle east countries. How about if we look at the UN Security council vetoes regarding possible solutions to the refugee/terrorist problem to see what country has consistently vetoed those resolutions and then send those refugees from Syria and other middle east countries to . . . . . RUSSIA! Yes folks, take a long, hard look at what country has consistently vetoed resolutions that could possibly have prevented or stopped terrorism years ago. Let RUSSIA deal with the refugee/terrorist problem the Kremlin has largely created. Let Mr. Putin use whatever remaining financial resources Russia might still have to determine which refugee is a good refugee or a terrorist refugee and how to best accommodate those respective categories.

  • Vol Ya

    Bravo Hanna. Very well written article. You summed up my thoughts precisely. What is the difference between the russian terrorists that shot down Malaysia flight MH17 and these muslim terrorists who killed 120 people in Paris? There is no difference. Both sets of terrorists need to be eliminated.

  • TheAmerican

    The president of France was not deposed in a coup rather than an election. A large portion of France is not the home of many generations of a people opposed to the take over of government by extremist .

    • Brent

      Well moron, there was no coup in Ukraine either. Yanukovych fled the country when the support from oligarchs like Filatov and Akhmetov was withdrawn and the Berkut pulled out of Kyiv. If he wasn’t planning on fleeing, why does video footage from Mezyhira show him packing up days before he even signed the aborted agreement on early elections?

      Know your facts before you start spreading your lies and drivel.

      As for you naivity about “France not being the home of generations of people opposed to the take over of the government by an extremist”, do you think the 5 to 6 million of Muslim residents of France are going to be happy if an extremist like Marine Le Pen gets elected?

      You’re also sadly mistaken as to how much support you think there is in Ukraine for secession to Russia. No polls ever showed it higher than 30% so you’re willing to sell out the 70% majority because the 30% have Russian guns?

      • Quartermaster

        To a lot of people Le Pen has just become a person dispensing common sense.

        • Brent

          Since when did racism and hatred become common sense?

          If Western countries had stood up to Russia providing weapons to and supporting a murdering tyrant like Assad, they wouldn’t be facing waves of refugees now.

  • TheAmerican

    There is almost no similarity in France and Ukraine except for a biased slanted view IMAGINED by this author. No freedom fighter suicide bombers killing hundreds of innocents in Kiev .

    • Brent

      There have been no suicide bombers in Ukraine, but there have been lots of FSB supported terrorists and bombings in Ukraine.

      And by the last count, over 8,000 innocent Ukrainians have died because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine that ‘useful idiots’ like yourself are dumb enough to think is legitimate.

  • Lev Havryliv

    The DNR and LNR are criminal terrorist organizations and fronts for the Putin Russian government.

    This makes Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.

    Hanna Sinkova’s comments are spot on and fully justified. Many more Ukrainians have been killed by Russian sponsored terrorism than have been French people by other terrorists.

  • GryzeldaWrr, an inner emigrant

    World map of disasters (in my clumsy translation). How awful it is when a disaster takes place in: RED: What a terrible tragedy!, YELLOW: Oh, that’s so sad! GREEN: Well, that’s life… BLUE: Did you know such country exists? BROWN: Oh, come on! http://static1.squarespace.com/static/502a50d184ae42cbccf8969f/t/56499c26e4b0fbd74e40dd9f/1447664681028/tumblr_nnix3isSgb1qa4p8ho1_1280.jpg?format=750w