Security forces beat members of a “Channel 5” video crew on Kriposna lane in Kyiv, reporter Azas Safarov, who was among the injured, told LIHABiznesInform. Another victim was cameraman Serhij Klymenko. Safarov pointed out that the group was recording on Kriposna lane when they were approached by security forces. After learning Safarov was a journalist, they repeatedly struck him on the hand holding the microphone and split the microphone.Security forces continued to beat Safarov in the face with clubs and fists. They also beat Klymenko with clubs, completely destroying his camera. As of 15:30, the injured journalists were being treated at the makeshift medical center in the Parliament building. Meanwhile, Hormadske.TV has reported via Twitter that one of their cameramen was injured in the leg by an expoding grenade.

TSN.UA reported that their crew was injured while working near Mariyinsky Park. Journalist Alla Khotsyanivska and cameraman Artem Bahrov were working when several hired thugs ran up to them and began demanding their camera. When the journalist refused, they dragged her to a fence and beat her on her back. Meanwhile, several hired thugs surrounded the cameraman, grabbed his camera and began beating him with sticks.

Security forces who were nearby did not respond. The reporter ran up to the officer who was directing the security forces on Hrushevska street. He did not respond either, but one of his subordinates went to the spot where the cameraman was being beaten and told the young men that they should “not beat the press.” They stopped. The cameraman has multiple bruises and a shattered camera. The camera of another video crew was destroyed as well.

In addition, a bullet hit Oleksij Byk, a journalist from the publication Hlavkom, at the corner of Shovkovych and Instytutska streets. His friend reported on Facebook that Byk is alright and has gone home.

As reported earlier, clashes recommenced near the Parliament building in the morning of February 18. Interior Ministry forces used traumatic weapons, stun grenades and gas. It was previously reported that other journalists were injured as well, including Hlib Haranich, photojournalist for Reuters, by a stun grenade, and photographers Maksym Trebukhov and Oleksandr Kozachenko by security forces guarding the Party of Regions office. During clashes with security forces in Kyiv on Tuesday, at least three people have been killed and many wounded.

Translated by Anna Mostovych, edited/proofread by Kateland Bobyn


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