WW2 victim donates 2,000 euros to Ukrainian fighters: “I would give them my heart”



Article by: 24tv.ua

Ninety-three-year-old Klavdia Polishchuk received 2,000 euros from the German government as compensation for Nazi crimes and donated them for injured Ukrainian soldiers.

The gesture of this Kyivan woman, who had personally experienced World War II, was reported by Radio Svoboda.

“I celebrated my 93rd birthday in May. You know, I was a war participant and received aid from Germany. And I want to give this money to the hospital. I have nothing to regret. I would give them my heart, but it’s useless, it’s an old heart. So I want to help the injured kids with whatever drop in the ocean I can offer,” says Klavdia Polishchuk.

Thanks to her donation, four soldiers will receive treatment abroad.

Translated by: Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu
Edited by: Kirill Mikhailov
Source: 24tv.ua

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  • W8post

    I hope this heart helps, even a little…

  • Dalton

    I love Ukrainian people.

    • Dalton

      Do you mind writing either in Russian, Ukrainian, or English, but not transliterated?

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      Coming soon….

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        Pogodi,pidaras,otvetish za Donbass
        Za Sevastopol’ uzhe otvetili

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      Go away you russian troll. Spread your lies and hatred on some russian website. There is no place for russian swine like you on this cultured website that discusses Ukraine.

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        Filth pig, will answer for blood on Donbass

  • miguel

    God Bless this beautiful woman for her generous gift and staying active in political events at her age.
    With age comes wisdom, compassion, and heart.
    She shows it completely.
    May the Light guide your feet always Klaudia.

  • Being

    Happy Birthday Klavdia Polishchuk,Glory to Ukraine.
    I wish you all the Best.

  • Vol Ya

    Bravo. May this courageous woman live to be a hundred. May God bless her. She is a true hero.