Active in helping Ukraine? Join the Friends of Ukraine worldwide network



Euromaidan Press is launching a network for Ukrainian activists and supporters called Friends of Ukraine Network and invites you to join.

The Idea

Russia has money, resources, and influence. Paid trolls, journalists, and news channels. Ukraine has friends, volunteers that are devoted to the cause worldwide. The Ukrainian asymmetric response is to organize, the same way as it was on Maidan.

The Goal

To create an instrument for operative communication of Ukrainian activists worldwide, in order for us to coordinate our actions to combat the Russian propaganda and war machine, and help Ukraine on the path of its democratic development.

The Methods

We will not be creating another working group or umbrella organization. Instead, we will be releasing a weekly newsletter with news in the world of helping Ukraine. Each week, network members will have an opportunity to share news about their activities and ideas, to search for partners, find and offer help, and to read about what other people are doing. Apart from that, we will be able to plan global events, accumulate resources in the resource center, and hold webinars on topics that members need help with. Any organization or individual active in helping Ukraine can join.

The Output

Ukrainian activists worldwide will cooperate with each other more, and will have a resource for urgent alerting of the worldwide community.

Join today!

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Questions? Comments? Write euromaidanpress(a) with the subject “Friends of Ukraine.”

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