Mustafa Dzhemilev calls for Islamic solidarity in resisting Russian occupation of Crimea

Mustafa Dzhemilev speaking at the Second World Congress of Crimean Tatars

Mustafa Dzhemilev speaking at the Second World Congress of Crimean Tatars 


Speaking at the Second World Congress of Crimean Tatars in Ankara on 1 August 2015, Crimean Tatar veteran leader Mustafa Dzhemilev said that the Crimean Tatars are facing another occupation and a worse repression than during the Soviet regime.

Russia’s occupation of Georgia gave fair warning

“Our people have gone through genocide for decades, we have fought for the basic human right to live in our motherland. Nobody expected that in the 21st century a country that has the veto right on the UN Security Council could annex a territory of another country,  send their tanks and troops, cooperate with bandits, and after a fake joke of a referendum, annex a territory of another country.”

“Nonetheless, Russian aggression against Georgia, the annexation of its  territories and establishing puppet governments on them should have put some doubts so that they take some measure against it,” he continued. “But no measure had been taken, and that encouraged Russia for even more crimes.”

Mustafa Dzhemilev mentioned that it were the Crimean Tatars that first felt the possibility of a Russian occupation of Crimea, and expressed this to the Ukrainian government, to no avail: “No matter what the cost, the Black Sea fleet agreement should have been cancelled,  the Crimean agencies should have been disinfected from Russian agents, all separatist groups should have been arrested. Unfortunately, precautions against the illegal activities of the Russian consulate in Crimea, which distributed Russian passports, weren’t taken.”

He claims that the democratic freedoms which the Crimean Tatars enjoyed all 23 years during times of Ukrainian independence have virtually been revoked: “The first steps of the occupiers in Crimea were to take all the medias under control, to neutralize and isolate all those that were capable of organizing a resistance.” In this, Russia’s special services stop at nothing: “Multiple searches under the pretexts of searching for weapons and ‘prohibited literature,’ huge fines for attempts to exercise our democratic rights to demonstrations and processions, arrests on surreal charges, robbing, or, as they call it, ‘nationalization’ of Crimean Tatar businesses, kidnapping and murders of people without trial, deprivation of all civic rights, including the rights to health services, of those that refuse to receive Russian passports – this is just a brief list of the methods that the occupation authorities use against the indigenous people of Crimea.”

After occupying Crimea, Russia has made 150 searches in Crimean Tatar houses, mosques, and even schools. Keeping Ukrainian passports is increasingly difficult, while young Crimean Tatar men could be forcefully recruited into the Russian army with the prospects of fighting their Ukrainian brothers in Donbas. This leads to emigration: despite the Mejlis’ calls to stay on the territory of Crimea, at least 10 000 Crimean Tatars had left after its occupation.

Creeping genocide of Crimean Tatars under Russian occupation

In order to solve the “Crimean problem,” Moscow is carrying out a plan to settle Crimea with other ethnicities while denying Crimean Tatars the rights to return to their ancestral lands from Central Asia, where they had been deported by Stalin after World War II, Mustafa Dzhemilev continued: “Lots of Russians are being brought to Crimea, 200 000 Armenians have been brought to Crimea, and plans to settle Jews. They invite everyone, but not Crimean Tatars. Crimea was first occupied by Russians in 1783, they started an ethnic cleansing and they are continuing with it. Every year during Ukrainian rule we were receiving 1500-2000 Tatars coming back from Central Asia during time in Ukraine. After the occupation, 76 families came, but they were not allowed to stay and were send back.”

In this situation, the significance of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars and its structures in all the countries where Crimean Tatars live will rise, considers Dzhemilev. “I have been to many countries around the world. Many people think that Crimea had a real referendum, and that people live happily under occupation. The World Congress should fulfill the important mission of going against Russian propaganda, and mobilize the international society against Putin’s policies and liberate the territory of Ukraine. All our actions should concentrate on liberating Crimea from Russian occupation.”

“We struggle not only for coming back to Crimea, and not only for our rights,” he continued. “Crimean Tatars have protested against antidemocratic actions during the invasion of Czech Republic by the USSR. Now there is another evil empire – the Russian Federation, and our motherland is under their occupation. We call on all democratic nations to support us.”

Dzhemilev calls for Islamic solidarity

Dzhemilev also called on Muslim nations for their support: “The very existence of a small Muslim nation of Europe is under question. For us, it is very strange that on 27 March 2014 only 22 states out of a total of 56 that are part of the the Organization of Islamic Cooperation voted in support of the UN resolution on condemning the illegal annexation of Crimea, with 21 refraining, and two (Syria and Sudan) even voting against. We think that real Muslim solidarity should take the form not of noisy manifestations and terrorist actions against talentless anti-Islamic films, books, or caricatures, which in its essence discredits Islam by violating the democratic freedoms of people, but manifest itself in real help to people of the same faith, and, in general to all people in mortal danger. But in order for the Muslim nations to take action and to at least join the Western nations in applying sanctions against the aggressor, the societies of those nations must at least be well informed about events in Crimea.”

Mustafa Dzhemilev suggested the Crimean Tatar diaspora participates more actively in the political life of Ukraine, which would be possible in the case of Ukraine allowing double passports, or if not, by obtaining the status of a Ukrainian abroad, which would give a person almost all the rights of a Ukrainian citizen, excluding electoral rights and serving in the Army.

He also mentioned that Ukraine has decided to create a Muslim battalion under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense, which would serve in the neighboring to Crimea Kherson Oblast, and that it is this region which would be the most reasonable location for concentrating the Crimean Tatars that were forced to leave their homeland. This would allow them to preserve  their national identity, to increase Ukrainian presence in this heavily influenced by Russian propaganda region of Ukraine, and to alleviate their return to the homeland after the occupation of Crimea is over.

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  • Dagwood Bumstead

    Tsar Vladimir the not-so-Great wants a deal with Ankara concerning a gas pipeline to supply SE Europe with gas (Turkstream), enabling him (or so he hopes) to stop using the Ukrainian pipeline system. This would supplant the recently cancelled Southstream project.

    BUT…….. will the Turks be willing to accommodate the dwarf now that he is actively persecuting their co-religionists and ethnic brethren? Even if they are, the Turks, like the Chinese, have the dwarf by the you-know-what. They are in a very strong position, the dwarf desperately needs them- they don’t need him. So they can squeeze him for every cent and then some. It will be another of the dwarf’s loss-making deals, just as the deal with Peking is. Plus, Ankara can extort more and more concessions from him if he wants the pipeline to be completed once work has started, and also do so once the gas starts flowing.
    Economically the project makes no sense at all, especially with current low gas prices. It would seem that the dwarf’s obsession with the Ukraine is overriding his common sense- assuming, of course, that he had any common sense in the first place.

    • Milton Devonair

      and don’t forget, vlady the chimp has to import millions of uneducated central asian muslims because any russian that has the means to flees the criminal, corrupt cesspool called russia.

      • Dagwood Bumstead

        Don’t insult the chimps, they are quite intelligent. Even the most stupid chimp is far more intelligent than the dwarf.
        The Central Asian Muslims do the jobs that Dwarfstanians don’t want to do, but their presence is considered undesirable by extremists such as Dugin, Zhirinovsky and Guzenkova. So who will be doing the work when they are no longer welcome, when they return home? Will the dwarf make the doctors and nurses who have lost their jobs due to government cuts in health care start sweeping Moscow’s streets, collecting the rubbish?

        • Nowhere Girl

          Exactly. I generally strongly dislike the idea of using animals’ names as insults. RESPECT animals!
          Chimps are almost humans. Unlike Putler.

          Very interesting text in general. It is worth noting that, while they are Muslims, Crimean Tatars have always been far from religious fundamentalism. And one of the worst things Adolf Vissarionovich Putler could do now would be to push young Crimean Tatars towards radical Islamic ideology because they can’t get support elsewhere.

          Ukraine should allow dual citizenship. It’s a democratic standard. Even before the war, in a not-very-democratic Poland, my great-grandmother held dual Polish-French citizenship. Now, in Ukraine, some people are trying to avoid the law by claiming that it says nothing about triple citizenship – the case of Kolomoysky… It would really make life easier for a lot of people. I read an interview with a Polish guy who is fighting in one of Ukrainian volunteer groups – he said that, while his grandfather was Ukrainian, he was fighting first of all because if nobody resists, sooner or later the danger could spread to Poland as well. And even though Poland is now Ukraine’s ally, theoretically fighting as a “mercenary” is a crime – so just in case he applied for Ukrainian citizenship. The moral decision to resist Putler’s plans, to help in the struggle for democratic Ukraine – and this decision could turn his life upside down, could put him in a position of having no place to return to.
          I also wanted to remind that Ukraine had promised to respect the rights of Crimea inhabitants who hardly had any choice but to accept Russian citizenship.

          • Dagwood Bumstead

            I strongly disagree about the dual nationality. One cannot serve two masters at the same time. Unfortunately dual nationality is permitted in my country, partly because the Moroccan immigrants can’t give up their Moroccan citizenship, even if they want to. And there should be NO exceptions to this rule at all.

            The Crimeans who had Ukrainian nationality before the dwarf’s invasion should of course be permitted to stay, but those that were citizens of Dwarfstan should be kicked over Kerch Strait forthwith- their loyalty will be questionable at best. And regardless of nationality, Aksyonov and his crooks including the “self-defence” members should spend a loooong time behind bars, have their Ukrainian citizenship revoked where applicable and then be made to swim across Kerch Strait. Furthermore, the Crimea should then be made out of bounds to ALL citizens of Dwarfstan, tourists or not. It goes without saying that the Dwarfstan armed forces will have to leave, and leave all their equipment behind.

          • Nowhere Girl

            People are not there to serve anyone. On the contrary: states should be humble servants of their citizens.

        • Oknemfrod

          I wouldn’t put it past him, really. In the Soviet Union, sending intelligentsia en masse to do primitive agricultural work, helping with construction, etc. was common practice. Among the multitude of chores I recall doing in this fashion, collecting Colorado beetles, separating rotten potatoes from intact ones in a warehouse, and clearing construction sites of trash are evoked most readily by your expression “collecting the rubbish”. I won’t be least surprised if at one point, the dwarf should revert to yet another Soviet practice, declare this kind of activity a “patriotic duty” and make it mandatory.

          In the same vein, another Soviet mandatory activity (of course presented to the outside world as voluntary enthusiasm of the masses) were the so-called “subbotnik” and “voskresnik”:

          In fact, those had been intended pretty much specifically for garbage/trash removal in the cities. Needless to say, they were subsequently trickled down to other countries if the Soviet bloc. For instance, in Czechoslovakia they were known as Akce Z, about which the witty Czechs used to say that Z there stood for “zdarma” (payless) rather than “zvelebování” (improvement).

          • Dagwood Bumstead

            If the unemployed doctors and nurses want to collect Colorado beetles all they have to do is travel to the Donbass- it’s occupied by the dwarf’s Kolorads and they can kick the Kolorads out. That would be a VERY useful contribution indeed, appreciated by all except Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky and their henchmen.

          • Oknemfrod

            But indeed, yet I seriously doubt that xyilo would go out of his way to send his unemployed force to clear Ukraine’s fields of his own kolorado bugs.

        • Milton Devonair

          Same as all those corrupt communist POS dictators are–they’ll get flunkies to be the doctors and other “professionals” for the serfs while they will fly in (or fly out to get) competent doctors. Like people say cuba has wonderful doctors, yet the castro family few in one from spain to treat their family chimp, fidel. Come to think of it, I think that ape hugo chavez did that too, but went to cuba.

          What’s interesting about all of this is that the russians have been so full of the soviet lies about ‘russian greatness’ that they actually believe it. There’s a video of this russian girl, one that counters “We Can Never Be Brothers”, and it was startling what that kid actually says. She said that russia actually fed the world. Crazy what’s going on there. They should be happy to sweep the streets and get paid something, but they are too full of themselves, too full of their own lies….

          • Dagwood Bumstead

            Chavez probably went to Cuba because he would be treated by a “socialist” doctor- not that socialist medicine did him any good. Either that or he didn’t want the Venezuelans to know he was being treated by a capitalist doctor, flown in from Spain or some other country.
            I’ve seen a few of the Dwarfstan replies to Anastasiya Dmitruk but my Russian is too limited to be able to follow them fully. I did get the gist of them, which was pretty much along the lines “WE wil decide whether we are brothers, not you, and you should be grateful to us!” Talk about an arrogant bunch…… grateful???? For centuries of occupation, exploitation and oppression?

          • Milton Devonair

            Yup, so clueless. Russians in the US still think that way, that russia is great, etc. When russia and their chechens invaded Georgia, the russians I knew said they were right to do it and that would be like Texas leaving the US. So strange as Georgia has a different language, looks, culture, music, religion…heck, different people.
            All of this just reinforced how much of a retarded, primitive culture russia is. They also like to consider themselves as ‘european’ (tho superior), yet they still use trench toilets. And up until just recently, their rapists, I mean drunken military still wrapped rags around their feet. Guess someone just discovered other two legged specie had something called ‘socks’….

          • Dagwood Bumstead

            But they are NOT European! Their own Tsar Vladimir the not-so-Great says so himself. And the demented dwarf is always right according to those that worship him…. isn’t he?

          • Milton Devonair

            Yup…they are mongolian, thus the little dwarf being a hairless chihuahua, a little boy’s body.

  • Being

    And Who will fix it now? Merkel and Obama? “Do not step over Red lines”?? Or more guarantees of territorial sovereignity and integrity for Ukraine, Iraq and Syria?? You Western liars. Political speculators.