Another Putin puppet’s hard awakening in Crimea

A girl in a national Crimean Tatar dress holds a placard during a protest against the presence of Russian troops in Crimea, Bakhchysaray, Crimea, March 5, 2014 (Image:

A girl in a national Crimean Tatar dress holds a placard during a protest against the presence of Russian troops in Crimea, Bakhchysaray, Crimea, March 5, 2014 (Image: 

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Article by: A. N.

The post translated below was written by a pro-Russian resident of Crimea. People like her (estimated to be about 30% of the total Crimean population at the time of the “referendum” in March 2014) created a “smoke screen” for the Russian army to take over the Ukrainian peninsula. Russian security services quickly subdued the open resistance by abducting and killing or putting in prison most active and outspoken opponents of the occupation. Their strategy worked for about a year, but now the crumbling economy, social services, infrastructure and increasing poverty caused by the occupation are forcing the larger mass of formerly silent populous to be more outspoken about wishing Russia to get out. This post is an interesting snapshot of this cascading process made by a Putinista living in Sevastopol, probably the most pro-occupation city in Crimea because it is full of active and retired members of the Russian (and Soviet) military and their families. Unfortunately, it is very likely that the people this woman encountered and wrote about will be persecuted by the FSB, the Russian secret police.

Note: I apologize for the rough language used in this post. I tried to translate it closely to the original. In my experience, this language is characteristic of most pro-annexation Crimeans and Russian citizens that are replacing the Crimeans in positions of power at all levels (municipalities, state-owned companies and hospitals, police, universities, colleges, postal offices, etc.) as part of Putin government’s strategy. Also characteristic of them is calling anyone who does not share their Russian imperialist worldview a “Nazi.”  – Translator


A message by a pro-annexation Russian on people of Crimea

A message by a pro-annexation Russian on people of Crimea

Today I clashed with some Nazis in the shop that sells all kinds of crap for animals. I went in to buy medicine for fleas. There stands a woman picking out dry food. I tell her that she should not get carried away by food for getting rid of fur and should buy a different type instead.

The seller pounced on me almost with her fists. She yelled at me: “This is not Russia for you! Who let you act the lord? All of Europe feeds their pets with dry food, don’t set your rules here in OUR TERRITORY. Roll back into your Russia.”

I f***ing was at a loss for words. Even a doubt slipped through my mind, that I gallivanted around the entire day and some political changes happened here I am not aware of. I ask: “What is it? Where are we now?”  “This is Crimea, and we will throw you out soon” – yells the Khokhol* woman.

I left, did not buy anything.

I went into another shop stall nearby. Decided to make a joke. I say: “How’s with nationalism here?” She tells me: “What difference does it make?” I reply: “Of course, I don’t give money for the ATO zone**.” She tells me: “Then leave the premises.”

I got out.

A man is walking by. I ask him:

“Is this Sevastopol?”
“Is it Russia?”
“I am just visiting.”

This is f***ed up. This market will be shuttered. It’s full of Nazis.


* Khokhol – a Russian pejorative term for ethnic Ukrainians.

** ATO – an acronym for “anti-terrorist operation,” which is Ukrainian government’s term for the war against the Russian invasion in south-eastern Ukraine.

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Source: Неплохая Таня on Twitter

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  • On the Balcony

    Gee, I hope her fleas are being well fed.

  • Murf

    The inevitable backlash to Russian thuggery.
    It never works but they just keep on trying.
    That it Vlad! Get an other group of Muslims worked up!
    The irony being the Tartars pretty much left every body alone.

  • gmab

    Good example of typical arrogance of the Russian superiority complex.

  • The truth

    If russia was a decent country , it could accept a real referendum , but it would not !
    The fate of countries or part of countries infected by the russians , is that they can´t decide on their own. The russian weapons are there to make sure people think like the russians. With weapons and tanks , the elections give results arount 98 % , which is a proof that it is impossible to believe that the elections are correct .

  • The truth

    Second summer that the tourism in Crimea is down the drain, can Russia compensate the lost ?

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      With what?

  • Dagwood Bumstead

    The Crimean Tatars had no illusions about a Russian occupation from the start, and with the increasing persecution of the ethnic Ukrainians they have been alienated as well. Even the ethnic Russians are starting to have second thoughts, what with their main source of income- tourism- being devastated and the peninsula being turned into a haven run by criminals for criminals.