Putin’s reason for the war against Ukraine

Putin's approval polls before and after the start of Russia's war against Ukraine in February 2014. (Source: "Putin. War" Report, published May-2015 by OpenRussia.org)

Putin's approval polls before and after the start of Russia's war against Ukraine in February 2014. (Source: "Putin. War" Report, published May-2015 at OpenRussia.org) 

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Article by: A. N.

An investigative report by Russian opposition activists that includes data compiled by the opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, who was murdered next to the Kremlin in February this year, asserts that the reason Vladimir Putin started his aggression against Ukraine was his sliding popularity ratings and a demonstrated growing impotence of the Kremlin’s traditional political techniques (i.e. increasing government salaries and benefits) to improve his rating above 40-45%.

As shown in the graphic, the start of Russian aggression in February 2014 (the Anschluss of the Crimean Peninsula) boosted Putin’s rating from 45% to 58% just in one month, while the continued combat in the Donbas region of Ukraine kept his popularity steadily rising through 74% in March 2015.

The full 64-page report (in Russian), which documents proof of the Russian Federation’s responsibility for the war, can be accessed at the Open Russia news website.

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  • The truth

    About the same linear curb , which was Hitler popularity in the thirties .
    We are far away from the 82% which the traitor trolls assert and maintain.(they prefer the exponential false graphic)
    The average over 1 year give 58,87 % support for the “lider maximo” many supporters will be disapointed , but here again the truth always hurt them .
    41,13 % correspond to the opposition , resultat to be improved with little help from the free world around. We help !

    • Brent

      Want to see another ‘interesting’ approval rating? Check out “Dubya” Bush….

      Note how high right after the U.S. was attacked on 9/11. 90%. Then he barely beat the mumbling fumbling John Kerry in 2004 Presidential election. These types of approval ratings are never sustainable. Putin’s won’t be either. Inflation in March was running at 16%. All those high earning government employees were restricted from travelling abroad last year. Even the price of cabbage has tripled in the last 6 months…those vaunted Russian reserves are draining faster than expected…




      At some point the Russian ‘sheeple’ start waking up. Putin is using their pension money to subsidize Crimea. They are pouring money into Donbass to pay for those weapons and terrorists. They’ve got ‘useful idiots’ like Le Pen, Syrizia, Argentina all lined up at the trough looking for the Russian bribe to support them.

      • Dagwood Bumstead

        That’s not all. According to the Russian Central Bank the capital flight is continuing- some $30 billion left the country in the first quarter- and shows no sign of abating.
        Even more damaging to the country’s future is the brain drain, as the best and brightest leave the country, such as the founder of VKontakte, Pavel Durov. There is no future in Putin’s Russia for them.

        • Michel Cloarec

          The brain drain is around 200 000 every years. Mostly young new educated citizens. I wonder how many entered the US ?
          I have some figures about the entry in EU countries.