Mariupol residents protest against demilitarization of Shyrokyne

Mariupol residents protest the demilitarization of Shyrokino. Image via 0629 portal 

War in the Donbas

Several thousand residents of the Ukraine-controlled Mariupol took to the streets on May 3 in protest against the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the strategic village of Shyrokyne, some 23 km far from the port city, according to 0629 news agency.

Leaders of Mariupol public organizations and civil volunteers addressed the public calling against the demilitarization of Shyrokyne, the bitterly contested village captured by the Azov voluntary regiment in the course of the Debaltseve battle.

Civil volunteers also urged locals to get united, start digging trenches and supply food to Ukrainian troops. The people of Mariupol voiced their protest against the withdrawal of volunteer battalions from Shyrokyne and adopted a resolution to President Poroshenko, the General Staff and the Security and Defense under the title “Not a Single Step Backwards”.

Earlier, representatives of Ukraine and Russia at the OSCE Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the ceasefire in Donbas agreed in April to demilitarize the village of Shyrokyne. Many observers believe this step will pave the way for the capture of Mariupol by the Russian military and their proxies.

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  1. Avatar puttypants says:

    Of course it will pave the way for Putin…People need to let Germany and France know you will not except this. Poroshenko is being forced or will have to forfeit aid to Ukraine.

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      I don’t understand why President Poroshenko will have to forfeit aid to Ukraine. I have read the contrary, that he is gathering support to rebuild areas in the east. It’s a good step really because if Prez Poro builds and Putin’s henchmen destroy, the world will see those scum for what they are, terrorists and marauders.
      Just my opinion.

      1. Avatar puttypants says:

        LorCanada…did you just read that Ukraine has already lost 28 towns and/or cities in the east. If the world hasn’t recognized what scum they are by now they never will. IMF and/or EU will give finiancial aid to Ukraine only if they continue to give up eastern territory. Haven’t you read accounts by the Ukrainian soldiers including volunteers how they’re forced to fight with one arm tied behind their back, not getting the reinforcements or weapons they need. Their own families are supporting the volunteer’s which is a stronger and more determined force than the reg. army?

        1. Avatar commieslayer says:

          The truth is that the West wasn’t prepared for any of this, so they are trying to buy time. Their priority right now is to organize a coherent strategy and to defend NATO members from Eastern Europe. But Ukraine will get help (including militarily) though probably mostly through unofficial channels.

          1. Avatar puttypants says:

            commieslayer…they’ve had a year. The conflict is frozen. They’ve had a year to train and get defensive arms to Ukraine. Instead,They waisted time drawing red lines and sanctions that really didn’t frighten Putin. Just recently I read Ukraine is digging ditches and putting up barbed wire to keep the Putler gang out of Mauripol? Does that sound like it’s gonna keep the tanks from further incursion into Ukraine?

          2. Avatar commieslayer says:

            It is clear that the West could have done more and frankly, a lot of blame can be attributed to Merkel’s and Obama’s indecisiveness. My understanding is that the main consideration holding them back was the priority of strenghtening defenses of the Baltics, Poland and Romania for fear that the hybrid strategy might be attempted by Putin in those countries. They are also working hard on reducing dependency on Russian oil and gas. I have a feeling that the situation will gradually change regarding so-called “lethal aid”, which can be delivered to Ukraine through third parties, without that ever being officially acknowledged. You should not expect overt intervention from the US, given that Russia also acts (or pretends to act) through intermediaries in the Donbas. In any case, there is a growing consensus that the West will be involved in this for the long haul, so Ukraine should not despair.

          3. Avatar puttypants says:

            I understand all that. How does Ukraine survive the long haul when they’re economy is falling apart, so much of their territory devastated, people dying?. How do Ukrainians feed and keep a roof over their heads? How do they pay for food? Ukraine doesn’t have the luxury for the long haul. How long do you think the people can hold out?. How long can Ukrainians fight before they run out of fighters? This isn’t the middle-east. These are not people willing to die for Alla (sp?). These are people who just wanted a better quality of life. How much more suffering are they willing to go thru before they leave…the ones who can???

          4. Avatar commieslayer says:

            They need massive financial help from the West. That was supposed to be part of the EU association agreement, which is now being diluted due to the ineptitude of EU politicians. If I were the Ukrainian government, I would be appealing to (and dealing with) mostly with the US, including US companies.

        2. Avatar LorCanada says:

          Thanks puttypants. I might not have read all the material you mention but I get the general drift of what’s going on. For the EU it was easy to see that Ukraine would become the ‘sacrificial lamb’ from the very first. I wish I had more answers but we will have to see what transpires as events unfold.

  2. Avatar Calibra says:

    Yeah thousands, looks more like a couple of hundreds, not thousands.

    1. Avatar Jack McColley says:

      Yes, it looks like 150, but do not think that means anyone would want the so called separatists to control their city. No one wants Russia to be their master. Their history is very dark. They have never improved any territory they have controlled. They simply take and never give. They exploit. They were not liberators in the so called “Great Patriotic War. They were occupiers who were as bad or worse than their Nazi predecessors.

  3. Avatar Murf says:

    What about giving up the buffer zone that protects Mariupol sounds like a good idea.