Poles protest Russian biker club’s visit to Berlin

Vladimir Putin riding with the Night Wolves biker gang during his election campaign in 2011

Vladimir Putin riding with the Night Wolves biker gang during his election campaign in 2011 


Article by: Alya Shandra

Polish society strongly protests against the transit of Russian bikes from the Night Wolves club through Poland on their way to Berlin on Victory Day in homage of the city’s conquest by the Red Army.

The Facebook event Against Russian biker gang trail in EU! was joined by over ten thousand users a few days after it was created, and the petition to the Minister of Foreign Affairs received more than four thousand signatures. Among the organizers of the protest are the Foundation “Open Dialog,” Polish politicians, bikers, journalists, and other activists.

As an organization that supports the Ukrainian people from the beginning of the Euromaidan revolution, we strongly oppose the transit of the “Wolves” through Poland. We know that Polish society supports Ukraine in their fight for independence and democratic change. A journey of Russian bandits through Poland would mean a lack of solidarity with society that is fighting against Russian aggression. The Foundation believes that people are considered to be criminals and who participated in the annexation of the Crimea, are fighting in Donbas on Russia’s side and are known for public approval of totalitarian communist regime and Stalin should not be able to legally get into Poland,” said Tomasz Chuvara, a spokesman for the Foundation in Poland.

The Foundation has sent an official letter to the Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna, Polish Ambassador in Russia Katarzyna Pelchynskoyi-Nałęcz, and Konrad Pawlik from the East Division of the MFA of Poland, in which they requested to to bar the rally’s participants from entering the Republic of Poland, and to report their names to the Schengen Information System and inform other countries of the Schengen about the threat coming from this initiative.

Member of the organization have enrolled to fight in Donbas on the side of the Russian troops and their proxies. They were involved in Russia’s annexation of Crimea and are organizers of pro-Russian provocations in the Baltic countries, another vulnerable territory for Putin’s hybrid war. US and Canada have imposed sanctions on the leader of the Night Wolves; he is also a leader of Kremlin’s Antimaidan movement, “a domestic version of Hitler’s storm troopers,” according to a Moscow commentator. In Finland, the group is in the register of criminal gangs. The “Wolves” are known for their public approval of the totalitarian communist system and glorification of Stalin, which in Poland is a criminal offense.

As the Polish outlet Dziennik Polski reported, Former MEP and Foreign Affairs vice Minister Pawel Kowal also opposes the Wolves setting tire on Polish ground:

We must not permit the Night Wolves to enter Poland, because this would be symbolic violence, from which real violence begins. Therefore, we must prevent this.

Not all Russian bikers approve of the Night Wolves’ pro-Putin stance. On 17 April 2015, St.Petersburg bikers opposed the gang leader’s participation in the opening of the bike season, not wanting to turn it into “an affiliated branch of their Antimaidan,” as reported by fontanka.ru. Putin has publicly ridden with the Wolves in 2011 and has extensively used them for his election campaign.

In August 2014, the gang was involved in a propaganda show in Crimea, where they participated as parts of a living swastika.

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  • Czech Friend

    Nadiya Savchenko, Oleg Sentsov they are the two most prominent victims hostages of Putin’s criminal regime. They were kidnapped in Ukraine, sovereign country Putin attacked. Then they were brought illegally to Russia and put to a kangaroo’s court. They are to be used as bargaining chips.

    And now we have Putler’s gang of nazi thugs coming right into our hands. Such opportunity should not be missed by secret services in EU and especially by SBU if they really care about their citizens.

    Eye for eye!

  • Lev Havryliv

    Thank you Poland for supporting Ukraine in its hour of need.

    Poles have had first hand experience of the mendacity and malevolence of Moscow.

    Poles to their great credit have also fully understood that Ukraine’s struggle against the scourge of Russian aggression and imperialism is also protecting Europe as a whole from Putin’s revanchism.

  • Wonfu

    Let them come. Once they cross the border arrest them all and send them to the Hague for trial for being war criminals (or just plain stupid Neanderthals).

  • evanlarkspur

    These vicious scumbags should be labeled as undesirables in every civilized country in the West, not just Poland. Thank you Poland for standing up for human rights and decency. I hope the polish government will listen to its People and prevent these thugs from setting foot in Poland. This will set a good precedent for other countries to do likewise.

    • Melp

      the club did this ride allready 2 years ago and no one said anything against it^^.

      • evanlarkspur

        Ok. Your point?

        • Melp

          the ride is overheated by politic this time.
          it wasn’t canceled 2 years ago, so this time it will also not be possible to cancel it. except we would put this guys on the sanction list like they are in the USA

          • Czech Friend

            the ride is politically motivated from Kremlin and Putler midget in particular. It is like a middle finger raised at Europe and allies.

            This is why if the russkie scum enters our lands they will get their asses kicked big time.

  • disqus_aJpixObjG7

    Soon the filthy nazi pollution spewing from russia will be flushed away and its foul stench will be gone.
    Those russian trolls who fight for mass murder and fascist genocide by posting nazi lies are also guilty and will soon be silenced by the TRUTH.
    simply google russian
    parliament. This is SIMPLE FACT is clearly evident on the website of russia’s parliament.

  • Murf

    Does Poland have any REAL bikers like in the US?
    Because those Russian posers would be in a running battle as they cried wee wee wee all the way home.

    • Czech Friend

      rest assured, they will get their proper welcome.

  • Oknemfrod


  • Wonfu

    Sounds like DNR LNR treatment of prisoners instead.

    Nice try Boris but no one believes your drivel of untruths.

    Had any Pennsylvania salmon today. lol


    Boris; You #1 kremlin troll looser.

    • Czech Friend

      imagine his poor russkie existence, no expectations, no future just slaving it out in 12 hour shift for his dear mafioso leader midget.

      Just miserable Ivans.

      • Wonfu

        It is truly a sad display of controlled ignorance.
        Each time their response to rebuttal is a line of filth and disdain or some ‘canned propaganda’ provided by their ‘handlers’.
        I can not imagine what a sorry existance these trolls must live.
        They must be conscripted to perform based on their ability to use the English language since they do not comprehend nor understand the subject matter or people they are responding to.

        “I am russian tough guy typing on keyboard. Be afraid of my words.”

        Standing on top of the internet screaming “Nuland did it”.

        What a comedic act of futility.

        Go out and get a real job Boris aka Sorry Sucker.

  • Czech Friend

    LOL you poor troll, NATO tanks…

    they are OUR allies and thus OUR troops. Unlike Putler’s fascist gay-bike scum.

    • Czech Friend

      you are a good russkie demagogue, but I guess all Putin trolls have to be.

      Truth is, no one likes Russians anymore. You lie, steal and murder and you have a thug for president, mafia ruling the country.

      You are a plague of a civilized world and have to be kept on a leash like a rabid dog-that’s what NATO is here for, thank god.

      • Czech Friend

        you’re full of shit accusing victim for the aggressor, russkie troll.

        Civilized world knows Putler like Adolf and Stalin is on the wrong side of history. He cannot win but ha can make a mess before he takes Russia down with him.

        Btw there were no NATO tanks nor Czechs throwing eggs on them you pathetic ruble-liar.

        • Czech Friend

          can you look yourself in the mirror? of course not, russkie liar POS.

      • Murf

        You don’t know jack.
        You can’t even tell the difference between a wheeled Stryker vehicle and an a tank.
        Why don’t you max out your life potential and volunteer to fight for the DPR/LPR.

    • Borys Potytorsky

      Yup, the ruSSians are the war mongers

    • Murf

      So I guess you are the new idiot assigned the UT?
      Well you might save your boss some deflated Rubles. We are more than used to the vomit your type spews and are not buying into any of it.
      I am sure there other gullible little anti-social twerps that you can brain wash into believing your crap but you will find few here.
      You might want to try the alienated youth sites. They have more angst that you can play on.
      Bottom line your time and money are wasted here.
      Run along little troll. Run along.

  • Murf

    The difference is they were welcomed with warm Slavic hospitality and not guns and Molotov cocktails like Russians get.
    A hart felt thank you to our allies.

  • disqus_aJpixObjG7

    ти смердуцча назистка-фасцистка бандитска катсапска собака скоро скоро погибнесч.