Watch This: Shocking Russian national broadcast invokes Nazism, terrorism, and the restoration of the Soviet Union


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Today in Russia something scary happened. On live television, broadcast nationally, shot in occupied Crimea in the city of Sevastopol, a musical Olympic-esque ceremony and rock concert was performed at a motorcycle expo attempting to depict Ukraine and its revolution in ways only worst described by Russian state propaganda to date. Last year’s show depicted a lavished reenactment of the battle of Stalingrad, but this year was all about the battle for Ukraine. The performance, broadcast on the Rossiya-2 network, was the most egregious example to date of Russia’s attempts to instill fear in the population, glorify terrorists operating in the east, and ring in a new era of Soviet restoration. Russian media described it as “patriotic,” but many should recognize this as classic agitprop – agitation propaganda.

What exactly happened and is this an exaggeration? Let’s take a look.

(The full video can be seen here)

The piece begins with a number of masked drummers marching in torch wielding performers dressed in black. The drummers, who stand beside an ominous US dollar symbol, have various bloody special effects; what the performers do is much more shocking. As they begin to goose-step in formation, they jointly form a human swastika as if putting on a production of Springtime for Hitler from the musical The Producers. This is meant to represent Ukrainians in general and more specifically Right Sector, a far-right political party which garnered less than 1% of the national vote in the previous presidential elections and played a minor but visible role in the Euromaidan revolution. In Russia, Right Sector is regularly portrayed as an enormous menace that brought European “fascism” to Ukraine; this portrayal, of course, is entirely fictional.

Masked drummers play beside US dollar sign Performers dressed in black form a human swastika Performers dressed in black form a human swastika

As the thunder of the music dies down, the ‘Nazis’ form a rigid line in salute of a now risen banner bearing the Right Sector emblem, beneath a pyramid emblazoned with the US dollar mark ($) and what can presumably be the Eye of Providence, seen on the US one-dollar bill and Great Seal.

“Nazis” stand in salute of the Right Sector banner and US dollar

Giant, skeletal, mechanized hands then descend center stage as the ‘marionettes’ beneath begin to fight amongst themselves. The hands have a ring bearing a striped eagle surrounded by stars, meant obviously to represent the United States’ engineering of the revolution. A globe featuring a map of Ukraine is defaced with explosions and blood as it lifts to the sky.

Ring on hands bearing a US eagle “Ukraine”

As they fight, shield carrying riot police wearing blue-camouflage, meant to represent the notorious ‘Berkut‘ special forces, former president Yanukovych’s personal stormtroopers, are rushed in who are promptly attacked on sight. In Kyiv, the Berkut made headlines for mercilessly attacking innocent civilians and journalists with impunity, and later for firing on unarmed crowds, killing protesters – in Russia, they are often heroized as martyrs.

A frightened child looks on

The Berkut troops are then set on fire and a rock band beings to play as lynchings begin to happen.

Burning Berkut troops A lynching Band playing the song “Maidan”

Following the musical number, the sound of bomb dropping fills the air as Armored Personnel Carriers with red-and-black flags are rolled in.

Military vehicles bearing the black and red flag of the WW2 Ukrainian Insurgent Army

But fear not, as AK-47 wielding terrorists (“freedom fighters”?) storm in to the sound of a triumphant musical score as they plant flags of the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics in victory. These scenes here are eerily similar to Russian fantasy novels which have been released recently depicting the Russian destruction of Ukraine.

Terrorist firing a Kalashnikov Soldier flying “Donetsk Republic” terrorist group flag Soldier flying “Luhansk Republic” terrorist group flag


Long live the creation of the will of the people, the united, mighty Soviet Union!

This, magnificently, culminates with an orchestral and glorifying rendition of the Soviet national anthem. Many may confuse it for that of the Russian Federation, which uses an identical musical score, but the lyrics are the Soviet rendition: “Long live the creation of the will of the people, the united, mighty Soviet Union!” The camera then pans to a slightly altered Soviet coat of arms as a salvo of fireworks explode overhead – however –  gone are the iconic hammer and sickle of the Communist regime, and in its place is the imperial eagle of the Russian Empire (now used by Russia). This iconic fusing of the USSR and modern Russian Federation only lead credence to the longstanding belief that that Russian president Vladimir Putin is intent on rewinding the clock and restoring the Soviet Union.


The new coat of arms of Russia? Fireworks compliment the Soviet anthem A triumphant finale

Imagine if a mass performance in Germany performed the national anthem of the Third Reich. Imagine if this took place in any other country depicting another like this. Period. Scary, isn’t it?

Of course, following this display of Cirque du Jingoism, President Putin’s name was announced to thunderous applause by Alexander “the Surgeon” Zaldostanov, leader of Russia’s equivalent of the Hell’s Angels – a passing of the torch both fitting and bizarre. 

What do you think of this performance? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Avatar Frank Fileccia says:


  2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    I doubt even the ignorant russian apes would fall for that BS.
    But then again….they are russians……

    1. Avatar Marina Dillon says:

      you’d be surprised .. the rest of the world seriously underestimates the scope of zombi apocalypses happening now in russia

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        I don’t know if it’s ‘underestimating’ as much as being indifferent, not caring.
        Most individuals don’t pay enough attention or care about things until they personally feel pain/inconvenience/discomfort.

    2. Avatar Mona Delavoie says:

      Don’t forget: Russia is not a democracy any more and there is a dictator who owns the country and calls himself a president. He owns – directly or indirectly – the media as well. And is able to create successfully any kind of media reality using this amazing mixture of nationalist mythology and self-created enemies trying to destroy the righteous and innocent Russians.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        K G B, with a new logo that has a smiley face and a new name.

  3. Avatar Mira Kyzyk says:

    After watching that video, I can only say that the current Russian leadership is psychologically & emotionally unstable! If I were Russian, I’d be horrified at what the hooligan Putin is doing to my country! Russian bikers are now purveyors of Russian culture? They are desperately trying to convince the Russian populace that Ukrainians are the bad guys but they forget to point our that Ukraine wants to be free. Simple fact! I wonder how many millions were overspent on this bizarre extravaganza!?!

    1. Avatar Pit says:

      Oh I’m not sure. To me current Russian leadership is psychologically & emotionally stable … in a dark zone.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        If you think about it, russia is being governed by cold war, soviet kgb.
        Anyone familiar with them and their mentality shouldn’t be surprised that they are very paranoid and think the whole world is out to get them lying to them, stealing from them, murdering them, etc.

        There’s an old saying, “A thief thinks everyone else is also a thief”.

  4. Avatar Antonio says:

    Did Goebbels wake up from the death?

  5. Avatar jar says:

    new Hitler = PUTLER

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      lol, putin did hide his gay desires for what, 30 years? No wonder he has such control and anger issues. Nothing wrong with being gay, but the angry ones that are in leadership positions tend to cause a lot of trouble for the world.

  6. Avatar Mona Delavoie says:

    The world apparently doesn’t care. Whats going on is a permanent diffamation and dehumanisation of all Ukrainians. In the eyes of russian state propaganda they are not humans any more, they are fascist, right-sector supporters and enemies. This way it will be easier to explain to Russians why they don’t deserve to be treated as equal human beings, why they deserved to be persecuted and punished.
    Exactly the same modus operandi as used by Nazi propaganda before holocaust towards Jews and Stalin propaganda towards Poles and Finns in 1939. They were also declared all fascist in order to justify soviet-russian aggression.

    1. Avatar D. Smets says:

      When I enter “ukraine burn colorado beetles” into google image search, I get pictures form Odessa, now why would that be? Dehumanisation indeed…

      1. Avatar Mat says:

        What are you trying to say?

  7. Avatar Wasyl Puhacz says:

    Wow! This isn’t a trailer for the next Hunger Games? This is real crazy from some of the craziest people on earth. God help us all!!

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Russia, even back as far as ivan the terrible, has always been a terminal, parasitic disease upon civilized humans. It’s what russia is, it’s who russians are.

      1. Avatar Kruton says:

        Bats*it crazy thats all I can say!

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          It is, but then again, they’re russians. Every time humans are around russians, humans come out the worse for it.

  8. Avatar Kruton says:


  9. Avatar Mat says:

    Straight out of The Producers

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Excellent example of how primitive and ignorant russians are. Their rulers show an image to them and like the lower order primates they are, they react as programmed, hoping to earn some praise and given a piece of banana, rotten, but still, a banana.

  10. Avatar LorCanada says:

    This reminds me of the recent amusing heading:
    “Mr. Putin – washes your brain whiter than white.”
    [typical of KGB]

  11. Avatar anna says:

    This is really frightening in terms of both historical resonance (meaning it does evoke Leni Riefenstahl as well as what Mona Delavoie correctly describes as propaganda for the purposes of dehumanization. But some of the comments posted here – okay specifically the comments posted by Milton Devonair are really offensive and have a mindset similar to the one he “hates so much”. A) No. I am not Russian and have no reason to defend the country itself, but I am a person and I do feel a need to defend the Russian people when words like “apes” are used for describing all of the locals. The behavior of the Russian government is horrific. Putin does control a very great deal – if not all – of the media. The present culture breeds horrific intolerance towards homosexuals and for free thinking people. But there are a hell of a lot of intelligent Russians and intellectuals there as well who feel the same way about all the bad things their government is doing. And I really have an allergy when a good post like this gets hijacked by bigots to serve their own dark arguments against an entire group. That really sucks. And I have a good feeling that is neither what Mona nor Mira intended. So please Milton don’t use this as a forum to spew venom.

    1. Avatar jovanovicmarko says:

      few questions:
      1. what is the cause of homosexuality?
      2. is there any scientific proof or evidence for category “sexual orientation”, or for the “gender theory”?

    2. Avatar Marina says:

      I’m sorry Anna, but the overwhelming majority of Russians do behave like apes or worse

  12. Avatar jovanovicmarko says:

    so this performance is “horrific”, but when Ukrainian neo-nazis burn, rape and murder unarmed civilians in Odessa, that must be…”nice”? When Ukarinian army discriminately shell city after city, murdering numerous Russian civilians, that is also “nice”? When Ukraine Army shoot down MH17 that is, what, again “nice”?

    Western Ukrainians are germanized catholic-fascist scum. Exactly like Croats, it is like you all came from same deranged ancestor.

    1. Avatar Kalyna says:

      This post really underscores the extent to which some people have been poisoned by propaganda. The Odessa situation, which is still under investigation, was provoked by pro-Russians firing on Ukrainian demonstrators. Some Ukrainians built a scaffold to try and rescue people from the burning building. The Ukrainian army is trying to re-take its own land from Russian invaders, not targeting peaceful Russian civilians, as you imply. The indiscriminate shelling, which is what I assume you meant, is by far done more by the invaders and from the Russian side of the border. It is clear that MH17 was brought down by a Russian-controlled BUK from terrorist-held territory. Ukraine has every right to defend its territory. Russia has no right to take it by force. That includes Crimea.

      What many Russians and Russian supporters cannot stand, is that Ukrainians are fed up with the patronizing and patriarchal corrupt Russian system that calls Ukrainians denigrating terms like “little brothers” or “little Russians” and doesn’t even recognize the sovereignty of Ukraine. Ukrainians are tired of being coerced into the toxic old soviet Russian sphere of influence and are trying to be free of it. Ukraine has certainly suffered at the hands of Russia for a very long time. How Russia is behaving now is like a spoiled child whose friend left him to be someone else’s friend. You can’t make someone be your friend by force, and since Russia is currently failing at this, it has driven Russian people who think Russia has some right to Ukraine simply insane.

      What Russia does not realize is that unless it makes a complete turn-around, stops bullying Ukraine, returns land illegally and forcibly taken, and helps repair the damage it caused, Ukraine will never forgive them, never ally with them, and they may even be driven further towards NATO, because Russia simply cannot be trusted to behave in a goodwill manner towards a free and independent Ukraine.

      1. Avatar Mat says:

        I’ll ban the user but leave the post as an example of the brainwashing’s end results. You get people like this, foaming at the mouth believing this agitation propaganda and made up stories to justify their hatred of Ukraine and Ukrainians.

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          I’ve always thought that having people like that russian around is wonderful. That way, other people that may not be exposed to russians, will be and they will then know what russia and russians are all about.

          That’s why I also like to keep them talking….

          1. Avatar jebachadmina says:

            you have got a big problem! I am not Russian! So, your dribbling is pointless…

          2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            You are ignorant enough to be one, but from your other post, it looks like you’re their ‘brother’ a serb. Correct?

            BTW, if you’re not a russian, have you seen how russians treat their ‘brothers’, former allies like the Ukrainians, Crimeans, Belaurusans, Chechans, Georgians, etc.

            In the end, every “useful idiot” of russia becomes their slave….or dead. It’s their history, it’s who they are, it’s what they are.

          3. Avatar adminisumojebichulje says:

            so you have decided to be a slave to Westerners…not that clever…anyway, good luck with it, you will be eating your words in near future….I would say, by winter you will be aware that Ukrainians are nothing more than “useful idiots” who will fight Russians and die for USA interests. Cannon fodder. After that Ukrainians will continue murdering people they do not know around the world as USA bitches, aka mercenaries, but they will find some “humanitarian” and proper term for that…

            At the end NATO, USA and EU will throw you away like used condom…

            P.S. notice that admin deleted only few of my posts, but only ones with links to usa sites (Global Research, Paul Craig Roberts), so you would not see that info…totalitarianism, no freedom of speech, if you ask me…

          4. Avatar Kalyna says:

            Now you’re just embarrassing yourself.

          5. Avatar Mat says:

            Global Research is a hoax site known for Holocaust denial and other genocide denials, and hate speech. So no, that gets deleted on sight.

            As for Paul Roberts:


          6. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            You just demonstrated why serbs and russians are indeed brothers. You serbs/russians are stuck, indeed captives of your past, decades ago, a century ago, or many centuries ago, you all are still waging those battles.


          7. Avatar Andrij Bulba says:

            you are a Serb and a sociopath like the Russians who devour Putin’s crap. You’re proud of Srebrenica?

        2. Avatar jebachadmina says:

          yeah, you do that, “ban” me, so nobody can see different opinion…censorship, noting less from Goebels like neonazi redneck dude…

          1. Avatar jebachadmina says:

            errr….there is a slight problem…YOU CANNOT BAN ME, YOU STUPID NAZI PROPAGANDA MONSTER!!!!

            SHIT FOR BRAINS…

          2. Avatar Mat says:

            See, he’s literally foaming at the mouth.

          3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Can you imagine thousands of kids like that being programmed by putin-ganda? They were steeped in putin’s rehabilitation of soviet russia and everything not in lock step with their programming, they were programmed to blurt out “nazi!”.


          4. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Why are you so angry?
            Did your local store run out of bananas or something?
            Can’t you steal them from an elderly neighbor after you beat her up?

      2. Avatar adminisumojebichulje says:

        maybe you are the one who is poisoned by propaganda. I can point you to links that proves my point, with evidence, if SBU censor let me….

        1. Avatar Kalyna says:

          I’m fortunate to be a citizen of a free country, and can access whatever sources I wish, and where the media is free. I don’t need a Kremlin mouthpiece to source materials for me.

          1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Isn’t it sad that these russians are so ignorant of their ignorance?
            But that has always been a trait of russia and russians, so no surprise there for humans.

        2. Avatar Andrij Bulba says:

          Thank god for the internet. The whole world can see images of the so-called separatists in Ukraine. Mostly ragtag violence-loving Russian mercenaries from the pit of hell paid for by demonic, psychopath Putin.

          1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Good article here on putin’s invasion of Georgia.
            History has shown that humans can never be safe around russians.
            If the muslim jihadists keep it up, they’ll become a threat to humans on par with the russians.

            Here are the russian/chechen apes in torez Ukraine, by where they shot down that plane. They’re looting in a stolen hearse or limo. Note the lack of people out on the street. Humans aren’t safe around russians.

      3. Avatar stiv hoffman says:

        Как это тебе все стало сразу ясно про Боинг, и про бук тебе все ясно, никому не ясно а тебе сразу все ясно, можно позавидовать твоей осведомленности, ну а то что одеситы сами себя сожгли мы тоже слышали.

        1. Avatar Kalyna says:

          Hearsay fueled by propaganda is one thing, a preponderance of evidence and reasonable deduction is another. The idea of who’s responsible for the Boeing and who had the Buk certainly doesn’t originate with me, and there’s a pretty broad consensus internationall about what happened. It all boils down to this: there was no “separatism” problem in Ukraine, no conflict between Russian-speakers and Ukrainian-speakers, until Putin’s provocateurs started their nonsense, like the illegal annexation of Crimea. You do realize, don’t you, that there’s a whole bunch of Russian soldiers who bragged, with photos and geolocation, about what they are doing in Ukraine?

    2. Avatar Marina says:

      you’re just translating Kremlin propaganda here, non of your statements has anything to do with reality
      “Ukrainian neo-nazis” do not exist in real world, mass killings in Odessa and shelling in the East of Ukraine have been conducted by kremlin-hired forces and russian terrorists

    3. Avatar Caspar Mulders says:

      The overt racism in your post clearly illustrates that you are much more of a fascist and neo-nazi than anyone is in the Ukraine, save the most devoted Right Sector-followers perhaps.

      1. Avatar jebachadmina says:

        yeah, kill the messenger…

        1. Avatar Caspar Mulders says:

          Seemingly, you don’t know what that phrase means. Similarly, you don’t seem to know the concept irony.

          1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            In the west, they’re what’s a “useful idiot”.
            Russia so fills them with their putin-ganda/propaganda that they are useful to the dictators in moscow, but they’re idiots for doing it.
            Useful Idiots.

          2. Avatar Caspar Mulders says:

            Yeah, you get those types all over the place – Tea Party nutjobs, far-right spammers, conspiracy loonies. They’re all getting exploited by someone, but Russia seems to have taken it to a whole new level.

            Incidentally, has anyone else noticed how all the leading figures in the pro-Russian movement used to work for Zavtra, led by the anti-semitic far-right maniac Alexander Prokhanov? And that, through Zavtra, they all have ties to general Makashov and the scum behind the August Coup?

          3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            If someone is ‘exploiting’ me it’s probably the Ukrainian and Crimean population as I’m helping out their cause of ridding themselves of the russian and chechen baboons in their countries.

    4. Avatar Lanka Fortunata says:

      You are idiot. Ukrainian army shoot MH 17 ? and killed civilians in Odessa ? where did you get this rubbish from ? I bet from Russian TV. I am from Ukraine and I speak russian most my life there and so as my fiends. No one ever disriminate me or my family and friends. This total propaganda ! Russians needed a reason to get into Ukrainian land. I knew from the begining Russia is not going to stop on Crimea. They want more and that’s why they still in Lugansk, Donesk, Slavansk. And who is raping who ? Isn’t drunk russians separist attacked young teenagers and woman in Ukraine. You really need to research before you spread BS ! I have a friend who is trying to adopt kids from Luganks orphanage to US. Those kids barely escaped to Oddesa from separist. Other orphans was sent to Russia without their own will. They took all their documents, scared the hell out of children. And told them if you don’t want to be separated from your sister or brother, you should do this on national TV in russia. I am so sick hearing fom russians how they have nohing to do with the war in the Ukraine. look what they doing today ? This is how russians spend taxpayers money to entertain their children mind. My question is what are Russian militay doing today in the Ukraine ?

      1. Avatar jebachadmina says:

        actually, sources are from USA sites:

      2. Avatar adminisumojebichulje says:

        Russians have plenty of reasons to invade Ukraine, yet they did not! USA destroys and kills without a reason, they just do it..

        other propaganda bs in your post is beyond sanity….

        1. Avatar Kalyna says:

          Russians have indeed invaded Ukraine. They illegally annexed Crimea. They have occupied parts of Georgia and Moldova. While the U.S. is no angel, and has conducted questionable invasions, they have NOT annexed territory and called it American soil.

        2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          They invaded Chechnya, Ingushetia, Georgia, and through proxy (paid people) Ukraine.

          Russia isn’t strong enough to take over Ukraine. Ukraine is a very large, populous country–that has modern means of communication, unlike Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Georgia. Crimea they have an information/media blackout on .

          So not only can’t russia conquer Ukraine, them trying to do so would look very badly and they’d lose a lot of the people that don’t care and even the ones that really think kyiv is full of nazis and run the whole Ukraine.

        3. Avatar Andrij Bulba says:

          You’re either a Putin-paid stooge to flood internet with his lies and propaganda OR you are brain-damaged. Either way, it is useless responding to your twisted comments. I ignore you.

          1. Avatar xyz says:

            yet, moderator bans me over and over again….why? if I write bs, why do not he leave me do it, embarrassing myself? that is much more effective approach.

            the fact is that I am dangerous, because I reveal the truth, which is forbidden for you…you are mercenaries of NWO, cannon fodder, you do not need to know much…

          2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            You are a russian or a useful idiot of them…and a very angry one too.
            So how do humans know you’re even telling the truth now?
            So many lies, so often, humans cannot trust you russians or their useful idiots.

    5. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      “Ukrainian neo-nazis burn, rape and murder unarmed civilians in Odessa”

      lmao!!! comrade, are you one of the products of joseph stalin/putin’s nashi brainwashing/programming camps?

      Probably a lower form of a russian–their serbian brothers. Quick question: When you serbians invaded Croatia to form your ‘greater serbia’, did you serbs form your chetnik rape camps for girls then and perfect the process of gang rapes of girls or did you wait until you invaded bosnia to do that?
      Just curious as it seems like you serbians used a lot of thought into the rape camps you primates set up.

    6. Avatar leojz says:

      Shame on the lies that drip from your keyboard.
      The murderous hordes are Russian terrorist invaders that capture civilians, force them into slave labour or join their teams of terrorist fighters. If they refuse they are shot or imprisoned.
      Open your eyes, the Russian lies have been exposed with the liberation of Slavyansk.
      The Ukrainians are back in the city and the people are free to walk the streets. Quite the opposite of life under Russian terrorist occupation.
      There was no discord in Eastern Ukraine until the International Terrorists from Russia showed up. By the way the shelling of cities is that of an urban war that Russians are now waging and using Ukrainian citizens as human shields. The civilian casualties are Ukrainian and are a direct result of Russian terrorism. They may be ethnically Ukrainian, Russian or another minority, the terrorists don’t care as long as they can use them to save their sorry souls.
      The murderous hordes are invaders from Russia or mercenaries paid for with Russian blood money

      1. Avatar xyz says:

        what a pile of bs… I bet those downed air planes which were bombing south east Ukraine for months were Russian, colored to look like Ukrainian!?!?!

        it seems, according to you, that Russians are fighting with ethnic Russians and they blame Ukrainian Army for that, which happened to be stationed all over the place with tanks, heavy guns, air force, tens of thousands of soldiers – just to pick daisies and enjoy the scenery…!?

        whatever we see and hear, even from cnn and other fascist propaganda hubs, about Ukrainian Army attacks is not true either….

        you have lost it…

    7. Avatar Andrij Bulba says:

      Deranged? So you’re one of the psychopaths Serbs who killed 10,000 Bosnians in Srebrenica. You have the same mindset and intelligence of Putin’s zombie fascistic Russians.

      1. Avatar xyz says:

        1. not bosnians, but bosniaks, newly formed nation, since 20 years ago, formerly known as Muslims (ex SFRY), and before that as Serbs of Muslim faith.
        2. not 10k, a lot less, 4-5k
        3. all of them were soldiers who murdered some 3000 Orthodox Christian Serbs since 1992-95. launching attacks from “safe zone” under the protection of UNPROFOR, although they should have been demilitarized!!!
        3. all of the casualties from muslim side are soldiers died in fighting ina and around Srebrenica, and during attempt to brake out from siege, in a region towards Tuzla.
        4. up to 1000 captured soldiers were shoot, as revenge for crimes mentioned previously. there is another explanation, mentioning French Intelligence paying a sack of gold to volunteer unit (Croats, Slovenians, Chechs and others non-Serbs) which was in charge of captives, to shoot them all.

        soldiers die in combat. that is occupational hazard. that is not a crime.

        p.s. no women, no children, elderly casualties, just men of military age, soldiers (there is a USA propaganda term – “men and boys”, to blur and conceal the truth…)
        There are muslims from Srebrenica denouncing “official version of Srebrenica fall”, stating that they were left by their Command to die, so that agreement between Izetbegovic and Clinton (to generate a tragedy with at least 5000 victims, so NATO could step in against Serb forces!) go through. There are muslims witnessing that conversation also.

      2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        The serbians had to slaughter so many croats and set up rape camps to gang rape little bosnian girls, forcing them to have their “little chetniks”.
        The only question was how long were these girls gang raped by the serb/chetniks until the drunks lost interest because the girl was too pregnant?

        Oh, and the serbs/chetniks raped those girls because of something someone did a hundred or three hundred years ago. Or something equally strange…..

  13. Avatar MrTheatrix . says:

    Most of our experience of Russia and Putin has come since 1991 with the fall of communism. We were filled with hope that the cold war was over and Russia was moving towards inclusion as a democratic society who wanted peace and prosperity for its people.
    Little did we know that Mr. Putin, a former KGB agent, actually despised the thought and longed for the former U.S.S.R. glory.
    Putin is dangerous and a threat to stability around the world. He is a thug who believes he can have what he wants and only grows more ambitious as Russia gains strength from the sale of oil and gas. Russia is a 2 trillion dollar economy which now spends a higher percentage of GDP on defense than the US.
    I think we have seen enough in the way of red flags as far as Putin is concerned. The west needs policy that will isolate him!

    1. Avatar Gil Levin says:

      Fortunately, this is not true – Russia cannot even compare its military to NATO.
      Thank God Russian economy is so weak and corrupted that having a US-comparable military is not in the near future.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        You’re correct that russia’s army is a trash army, nothing but thugs, drunks and conscripts that often get raped/assaulted/robbed by their superiors.
        Thus russia’s attempt at having a ‘professional’ failed.
        It’s russia, I mean who would want to fight for russia but useful idiots or criminals.

        As the russians know what a trash military they have, they just save it for unarmed civilians and smaller countries, so they are the ones in danger of the cesspool that is called ‘russia’. Joseph putin and his kgb buddies want to USA destroyed, but will have to use other measures, like destabilizing our allies, etc.

    2. Avatar adminisumojebichulje says:

      you say Putin is a threat to stability around the world, yet NATO has bases in more than 100 countries, NATO attacked Iraq, Yugoslavia, Iraq again, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria…all of them tens of thousand kilometers away from USA….

      your post is garbage.

      1. Avatar Kalyna says:

        Tell me when it was that NATO illegally annexed territory.

        1. Avatar xyz says:

          Kosovo and Metohia province of Serbia is under NATO occupation since illegal aggression on Serbia in 1999. Annexed.

          1. Avatar xyz says:

            You can add Bosnia and Herzegovina, full with NATO and run by foreigner…protectorate. At least half of the population see NATO as occupation force.

          2. Avatar xyz says:

            You will be surprised, but Germany and Japan are under USA occupation since 1945.
            Germany gold reserves are in USA. Few years ago Germans asked half to be returned. Their request was refused.
            There is an secret document, called “Kanzelar act” or similar, which is presented to each new prime minister of Germany for signing, stating that prime minister is acknowledging the fact that Germany is under USA occupation and that gold reserves are in USA as guarantee.

          3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            lol…..are you a comedian too or just one of those basement dwelling serbian nutjobs?
            “there is a secret document….”

            LMAO!!! Which you just happen to know all about, lol.

            Really, and you wonder why humans constantly laugh at you serbs and russians? Really?

          4. Avatar Kalyna says:

            I think you are not understanding the term “annexed.” No country in NATO is claiming Kosovo as their territory. Russia is claiming Crimea and parts of other countries.

      2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        wow angry russ–I mean serb, you really have a brain full of putin-ganda.
        How can NATO have bases in 100 countries when there are only 28 members?

        NATO did not attack Iraq….it was a UN mandate as the terms of the cease fire for gulf war I (Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait) were not complied with by Saddam.
        And saddam did have WMDs and indeed used them (kurds and Iran/Iraq war), and he was also training and arming terrorists.

        Every russian I’ve met was ignorant, arrogant, and angry. Now I can say I’ve interacted with a serb and yes, you serbs truly are brothers of russians as you are just alike.

        1. Avatar xyz says:

          The military of the United States is deployed
          in more than 150 countries around the world, with over 160,000 of its
          active-duty personnel serving outside the United States and its
          territories and an additional 110,000 deployed in various contingency
          operations. US troops are spread across the globe: approximately 68,000
          are stationed in Europe; approximately 80,000 in East Asia and the Pacific region; nearly 4,900 in North Africa, the Near East, and South Asia; over 1,750 in the Western Hemisphere; nearly 400 in Sub-Saharan Africa; and less than 100 in states of the former Soviet Union.[1] Of those in Europe, most of the military personnel are located at installations activated during the Cold War, by which the US government sought to challenge the Soviet Union in the aftermath of World War II.[2]

          1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            comradski, please provide the link for your putin-ganda. Your dictator putin should allow that and you not get sent to prison because it puts the USA in a bad light, so you are allowed as the serf you are.

            Also, every US embassy has Marines, so wherever there’s an embassy, there are US military. There are also trainers, advisers, engineers, medical personnel, etc.

            Life will be so much easier for you russians if you just admit your cesspool of a country can never, ever have a real, professional military due to the dictatorial governance of your criminal country.
            A corrupt, criminal, dictatorial country can NEVER have a strong military because putin–errr, the dictator–will fear the military as a threat to their (corrupt) power.

            That’s why the russian military has always been a trash military, on par with sub saharan, angola or zimbabwe type of military.

  14. Avatar 3Headed says:

    You guys know what this whole thing is supposed to represent, right?

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      rat head seven seagal’s four wives circling down the sewer drain after having been married to him?

    2. Avatar Mat says:


  15. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    The World has a new enemy. Communist Nazis with too much time on their hands and no countries to annex.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Well, russians are very simple, very primitive people, so it doesn’t take much to keep their attention. Seems like anything shiny will do…and they’ll want to steal it….

  16. Avatar Adrian Rrllc says:

    If you Ukrainians are not human why not kill 25% of the population? Oh wait, they already did that, during HOLODOMOR:

  17. Avatar Adrian Rrllc says:

    If Ukrainians are not human why not kill 25% of the population? Oh wait, they already did that, during HOLODOMOR:

  18. Avatar Anon says:

    The world apparently doesn’t care. Whats going on is a permanent diffamation and dehumanisation of all eastern Ukrainians. In the eyes of nato-ified state propaganda they are not humans any more, they are fascist, right-sector supporters and terrorists*
    (You should watch european and american news networks to understand the BS of both sides of the conflict. But would you like it if a NATO like anti US military power was camped just south of the border in Mexico?)

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      lol….soft putin-ganda. I guess now that you russians are losing the “information war” due to all of your lies being exposed, now it’s onto the victim position and ‘well, the usa is bad too!”

      You russians always think that the targets of your putin-ganda are as sheltered and ingorant as you russians are, lol. I know you don’t know any better, so us humans will just have to feel sorry for you russians.

    2. Avatar adminisumojebichulje says:

      classic NATO propaganda tactics, I saw that too often…U r right!

  19. Avatar stiv hoffman says:

    Ну и что в этом шоу есть ложь? что-то не так показано? или мне сейчас соообщат в очередной раз, что правый сектор это миф придуманый Путиным? свидомиты, объясняйте про один процент лопоухим европейцам и пугайте их советскими символами, они их оооочень боятся, потамучтанастащейкамунист должен их всегда убиват, они вам еще подкинут бронеков и жрачьки, только это вам не поможет потому что вы такое трусливое дерьмо, что ничего вам уже не попожет в любом случае, вы просрали свою страну, мудаки…

  20. Avatar Dr. Stanley Wesolowsky Ph.D. says:

    Demonizing Ukraine to the boiling point; this is not
    theatrics, this is hysterics.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      I’ve often wondered what Germany was like in the 1930s, what the people were thinking, what their government was saying, how they viewed the outside world.
      It’s a privilege to be living in these days, living with a clear head and seeing with clear eyes….and having free and unfettered access to information.

      Watching the devolution of russia and their people becoming more primitive, primal, and programmed/indoctrinated, now I’m understanding what it was like in Germany in the 1930s….complete with nashi camps for their ‘youth’.

      1. Avatar Dr. Stanley Wesolowsky Ph.D. says:

        Very well stated, thank you Milton Devonair.

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          You’re welcome. “Times change….russia doesn’t”
          Winston Churchill, 1929:

          “[To the East of Poland] lay the huge mass of Russia—not a wounded Russia only, but a poisoned Russia, an infected Russia, a plague-bearing Russia, a Russia of armed hordes not only smiting with bayonet and with cannon, but accompanied and preceded by swarms of typhus-bearing vermin which slew the bodies of men, and political doctrines which destroyed the health and even the souls of nations.”

  21. Avatar Julia says:

    It is silly anti-Russian propaganda. Nothing of this kind happens in Russia. And many Ukrainine people are working in Russia now and feel themselves safe. The majority of people in Crimea including Ukrainians and tatars are happy to escape from nightmare happenning in Ukraine. Poor americans, allowing themselves to be brainwashed by such primitive russophoboc fables. As to marhes of Neo-Nazi in Ukrane, look, i.e., this VIDEO, Unfortunately, it is not the fiction, Also, this article in Wikipedia about of some of Neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine: Of course it does not mean that all Ukraine people are “Nazi”. Rather it means that Western elites support the spread of Nazi minorities in Ukraine in their own purposes.

  22. Avatar Dalton says:

    Indoctrinate and prepare a new generation for violence and war. Russians are going to be become a pariah everywhere in the civilized world, with Putin as their master.