“Russia 2” shows swastika from Crimean biker show



TV channel “Russia 2” showed a swastika at the biker show “Return” held in Sevastopol. What is more, the colorful footage also became part of the announcement of the live report from the event posted on the official Twitter page of the “Vesti 24” news channel.

The biggest biker festival in the CIS, “Return,” was dedicated to the reunification of Russia and Crimea this year, report the TV channel’s website. It was organized by the “Night Wolves” club led by Alexandr Zaldostanov (“the Surgeon”). Over five thousand motorcyclists and about a hundred thousand viewers gathered at the abandoned quarry near Mount Gosfort.

The performance was unusual and colorful. The local publication “Evening Crimea” promised “the spark of metal, the roar of engines, heavy rock and Kuban songs.”

However, according to the resonance in social media, the online audience that was not in attendance remembered the concert thanks to the “vesti.ru” photo. At the moment this article was written the photo served as an announcement of the live report on the event which was held last Friday night: the swastika comprised of black-clad actors is visible. It is not explained what it symbolizes and when it emerged onstage. The event is dubbed “a grandiose bike show.”

“Evening Crimea” claims that the show was the first to which the bikers were transported by ferry. The motorcyclists did not have to stand in the long line at the ferry:  their column was given two ferry boats.

The “Crimea.Reality” website notes that the bikers that formed the swastika wanted to “point out the events that happened in Ukraine during Euromaidan.”

Last year the “Night Wolves” leader Zaldostanov cited Stalin at the “Stalingrad” event in Volgograd. It is known that Vladimir Putin was also in attendance.

Source: newsru, translated by Mariya Shcherbinina, edited by Myron Spolsky

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  1. Avatar Oella says:

    Bike Show as this was called is of course in English. Surely these rabid ethnic Russians could have come up with a Russian name for their insane event. Further, there was money to waste on this spectacle that would have been put to better use on Russian health care or education, especially in rural areas. Look at your shocking life expectancy for males in Russia–60, if you need something that could use an investment of resources. Instead what I see is a ridiculous PR attempt. I would love to see which countries were represented in this “international” event. North Koreans are bikers too?

    1. Avatar Gen O. says:

      Nope, here’s what North Koreans do in their spare time. Check out this priceless propaganda clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI6RRWC8R-w

      1. Avatar Oella says:

        The Americans in the North Korean propaganda clip do not look emaciated, despite their poor diet of snow coffee, birds, and heroin.

        1. Avatar wag_dog_69 says:

          The above video that is supposed to be North Korean propaganda is actually satire done just to poke fun at how ridiculous real North Korean propaganda can get.

  2. Avatar Eliso YRolando Aguila says:

    provokacia, propaganda CCCP