Ukrainians ‘called us occupiers,’ returning Russian mercenaries tell media

Terrorist Vladimir Efimov telling Russian media that his group of mercenaries will not fight in "LNR" anymore, because people there call them occupiers (Image:

Terrorist Vladimir Efimov telling Russian media that his group of mercenaries will not fight in "LNR" anymore, because people there call them occupiers (Image: 

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Many commentators have speculated that Moscow faces a potentially serious problem when those who have gone to fight in Ukraine return to Russia with their anger and their military skills, the Kremlin may face a more immediate danger: those returning are undercutting Russian propaganda about what is happening in Ukraine.

Today, Yekaterinburg’s independent online news agency reported that “about 180” fighters from the Urals returned from Ukraine today and are telling their families, friends and the media that “local people [in Ukraine] called us occupiers,” an epithet that calls into question Moscow’s messages.

The returnees were led by Vladimir Yefimov, the spetsnaz veteran who recruited them to go to Ukraine in the first place. When they left for Ukraine in March, they formed “the largest official local group of volunteers since the declaration of the armistice. Only half returned today; the rest continue to fight in the troops of the “Donetsk Peoples Republic.”

“We manned checkpoints and went on patrol,” Yefimov said. “There were no serious battles,” only occasional shooting and provocations.  But the weather in the Donbas was terrible and everyone suffered with the flu, heart problems and lung infections.

He added that he and his men “had become disappointed in the Donetsk Peoples Republic to which they had gone initially because of its ‘duplicitous leadership’ and the attitudes of the local population.”

“According to Kyiv law, we are terrorists. According to a Madrid court, we are also terrorists. According to the law of the Luhansk Republic, persons who are not included on the lists of its armed forces are also members of illegal armed formations. And if one takes money for service there, then we become mercenaries” under Russian law, Yefimov said.

But it was the attitude of the local people in Luhansk, he said, that really repelled him. “They are clearly drawn to Ukraine. They pay taxes to it. And the local population in some places calls us occupiers. We simply lost the desire to work in this republic and transferred to the Donetsk Peoples Republic” where the situation is “much better.”

Yefimov told the Yekaterinburg journalists that he had had to pay for the train tickets of his men back home because of a quarrel he had with his original sponsor: That individual objected to the fact that he had disclosed his name during a media interview despite the fact that he wanted to remain anonymous because he has a business outside of Russia.

Despite all this, Yefimov said, he “plans to prepare a new group of volunteers” and has already found 40 who are ready to go.  But his words about how the people of the Donbas really view “Russian volunteers” like himself are likely to have a bigger impact on future events than anything he or they might do in Donetsk.

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  1. Avatar Lev Havryliv says:

    Just more evidence, if that were needed, to show that Russia is conducting a dirty war by proxy against Ukraine.

  2. Avatar Borys Potytorsky says:

    they are terrorist occupiers of the nazi fascist variety

    1. Avatar Borys Potytorsky says:

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      My people skills are just fine. It’s my tolerance to idiots like you that needs work

      1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

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        1. Avatar Borys Potytorsky says:

          for sure, nobody likes them. their hockey players are even worse-they suck.

        2. Avatar LorCanada says:

          I read somewhere that India’s per capita average was $1100 per month, whereas Russia’s was around $800 per month. Looks as if India has a brighter future than Putin’s backwater isolated “land of the Mongols”, lol.
          The truth is Putin has caused the Russian economy to backslide because of his involvement in war games which make investors very skeptical of his prospects as a reliable source. There’s more of course but this is a start.

          1. Avatar LorCanada says:

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      2. Avatar LorCanada says:

        Your spouting of the usual boring ruskie propaganda is tiresome to say the least. So, you would have everybody bow down before ambitious Putin who uses people for his agendas.
        Pootie is just miffed because his puppet Yanukovych was ousted as we all know and he lost his grip on Ukraine’s government. So what does Putin do? He starts a “proxy” war against Ukraine and sends in his henchmen to cause death and destruction to east Ukraine. Thus far, 6,000 have been killed, and Ukrainian refugees have numbered to 1.3 million, scattered everywhere. You can thank Putin for his mess!

        1. Avatar LorCanada says:

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    1. Avatar rgb says:

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      1. Avatar LorCanada says:

        Yes, we pity the ruskies’ ignorance. It is the remains of the Mongol streak, I suppose, that they haven’t yet outgrown.

    2. Avatar Borys Potytorsky says:

      check this video and report back to me-that is your assignment for tonight

  5. Avatar LorCanada says:

    You forget that there were THOUSANDS of Maidan demonstrators who camped in the square for days and days. Are you suggesting USA would kill thousands of its own people? If so, you are quite wrong.

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      You exaggerate! I doubt very much that Washington was going to kill thousands of its own people who were demonstrating for whatever reason. The same holds true for Ukraine, their own government wasn’t about to kill thousands of the demonstrators. However it was snipers who did open fire on the Maidan crowd and killed over 100 innocent citizens.

      1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

        I remember the mass antiwar demonstrations in Washington DC during the Vietnam war. While things sometimes got out of hand with the police using tear gas, I can’t recall a single instance of the DC police or National Guard shooting with assault rifles at the demonstrators, let alone killing 100 of them as Yanukovich’s Berkut thugs did.

        1. Avatar Andrew Chmilewsky says:

          You did have Kent State University in Ohio. National Guard.

      2. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

        First intelligent contribution you’ve made here. Good for you.

  6. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

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  8. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

    Whether this broadcast will have any effect beyond Ekaterinburg remains to be seen. It’s more than likely that the demented dwarf’s goons will block further broadcasting and start persecuting the returnees who step out of line. At best the broadcast and word-of-mouth may deter locals from volunteering or supporting the terrorists with donations, but nothing more.
    Still, there’s nothing to stop anyone from spreading the broadcast on the internet.

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      Ho hum. More up to date facts are, the credit rating for Russia has been listed as “junk”, and investors are not keen to invest their life’s earnings into a country that is busy with war games.

      1. Avatar LorCanada says:

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  9. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

    “everyone suffered with the flu, heart problems and lung infections”. Hopefully this kills them next time. Russian garbage.

  10. Avatar Handyman1 says:

    The Ukrainian people apparently showed no gratitude. What time do we live in that people no longer show gratitude to terrorists !

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      The east Ukraine locals can see for themselves that the ruskie armed criminals are out to kill and for what they can steal from the homes, apartments, cars, valuables, left behind by the fleeing refugees. The rebels intimidate those who are pro-Ukraine, mostly pensioners and folks who have nowhere else to go. RUSKIES = GO HOME!

      1. Avatar LorCanada says:

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  11. Avatar Murf says:

    “because of a quarrel he had with his original sponsor: That individual objected to the fact that he had disclosed his name during a media interview despite the fact that he wanted to remain anonymous because he has a business outside of Russia.”
    This is “original sponsor” is the type of target the people who are murdering former regime supporters need to go after.

  12. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    Russian thugs and scum of the earth. From Kremlin to the last of these bloodthirsty mercs.

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      You would be angry too if some terrorists came into your town or city and started to kill off the municipal leaders, mayor and council members, raided the police stations, and looted the homes of the people. Learn to see things in their right light.

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  13. Avatar vSkiper says:

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    What are you worried about for IMF or the world Bank? Have you invested your life’s savings in them? If not, then stop meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation, Ukraine, which has every right to decide its own future without your butting in.
    For your information, a “junta” refers to a military government, and Ukraine is not that at all, so you are mistaken, again.
    The pathological liar in all this is sly Putin who denies any involvement in Ukraine while he has continued to send in his military hardware, missiles, mercenaries, and all the rest, across the border into Ukraine’s territory. It’s the KGB sneaky side of Pootie we see, for sure.

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