Lisitsa’s “subhuman” twitter pseudonym a hoax




On October 2, 2014 Valentina Lisitsa defiantly announced to the Twitter world she would now rename herself “NedoUkraїnka,” and proceeded to wear the new name like a badge of honor. (Ms. Lisitsa is the concert pianist who was banned from performing with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in April, 2015.)

On her April 6, 2015 Facebook post, in her self-named “confession”, Valentina Lisitsa explains:

“So, I took to Twitter ( how many of you know I have a Twitter account? LOL) under a name “NedoUkraïnka” – a word roughly meaning “Sub-Ukrainian,” a stab at Ukrainian Prime Minister who called Russian-speaking Southern and Eastern Ukrainians “SUBHUMANS”! Yes, I kid you not. In an official written document. I am a subhuman, my husband, my mom….I mastered Ukrainian language perfectly, far better than a so-called “president” of Ukraine.”

Ms. Lisitsa knows full well what Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk actually said was strikingly different. Here is the original quote (remember, Lisitsa “kids you not”) from his official web site :

«Вони загинули, бо стали на захист чоловіків і жінок, дітей і літніх людей, які опинилися перед загрозою винищення інтервентами і оплаченими ними нелюдами»

“They died, because they defended the men and women, children and elderly who found themselves under the threat of extermination by the invaders and their heartless (“нелюдами”) mercenaries.” (referring to foreign Russian forces who invaded Ukraine)


6/15/2014 Ukrainian Embassy site: original statement by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk

The last word in Mr. Yatsenyuk’s sentence, “нелюдами,” means a person so savage, so cruel, ruthless and heartless that he is lacking in the specifically human qualities of empathy and mercy. (Examples of this precise meaning abound in classical Ukrainian literature.)

1. Firstly, Mr. Yatsenyuk never said “Russian-speaking Southern and Eastern Ukrainians.” Ms. Lisitsa disguised her own new added words as the words of Mr. Yatsenyuk. What he actually said was “invaders and mercenaries.” Ms. Lisitsa’s tampering and additions are meant to portray Ukraine as a persecutor of “Russian-speakers.” (This is absurd. One need only sample the countless YouTube videos of Russian-speakers at Maidan and fighting with ATO to defend their homeland.)

2. Since Ms. Lisitsa makes a point of priding herself on her “perfect” understanding of Ukrainian, she must know very well what “нелюдами” means. A Russian translation used the Russian word “извергами,” which would only mean “monster.” Nothing is meant or implied about inferiority and sub-humanity. But Ms. Lisitsa specifically chose to run with the word “Sub-human” to associate Ukrainians with the Nazi phrase “Untermensch”(inferior people, sub-humans).

3. Ms. Lisitsa chooses to persist in exploiting this false translation up to the present day, most recently in her “rambling 1000-word confession post”. It is troubling that Ms. Lisitsa’s Tweets from October 6, 2014 reveal she knew a translating error had been immediately rectified. She definitely knew the original Ukrainian text and the Russian translations. Perhaps she got the “sub-human” idea from the Russian Komsomolskaya Pravda  which was still running with an equivalent false Russian translation on June 16, 2014. It doesn’t matter.

What is most important is that on June 6, 2014 she also Tweeted her agenda for continuing to propagate her false information: .”..”subhumans” [was] intended for appreciative Ukro Diaspora consumption. They lapped it up with gusto, remembering good ol’times.”

Clearly, all this is yet another attempt on her part to smear Ukraine with Nazi colors of intolerance…

Why did Valentina Lisitsa knowingly mistranslate the original Ukrainian text?

Why did Valentina Lisitsa insert her words into the original quote?

Why does Valentina Lisitsa continue to mislead her fans with what she knows is false information?

For more information about the Valentina Lisitsa scandal, please visit Valentina Lisitsa Performance 


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  • eigen viktor

    Is she on the Kremlin payroll, or just insane? Her hatred of the Ukrainians and their traditions is a psychosis

    • Guest


      U.S. politicians are lucky that Yarosh doesn’t speak English, and wasn’t born in America. He’d probably win the Republican Presidential nomination (though with rhetoric that’s even milder than what he sports in Ukraine), and go on to win the U.S. Presidency, if he were an American, rather than merely being paid by U.S. taxpayers (and by some of America’s and Ukraine’s oligarchs), such as he is now.

      • canuke

        Has nothing to do with Lisitsas. May I suggest you stay on topic, or don’t bother posting nonsensical rubbish (same for US Militarism Sucks….another example of mindless drivel)

  • Frank Fileccia

    Troll alert!

    • Frank Fileccia

      Maybe it’s just you that sucks! You F ing troll

  • Dean Venture

    Hilarious. Since when is getting paid for nothing persecution? She still gets paid for the performance, the TSO would simply rather she not perform on their stage. In most, if not all democracies, there is nothing preventing a group like the TSO from choosing who performs with them.

    Your troll-fu is weak. Return to the troll factory for remedial education.

    • canuke

      Not at all. It’s only correct that lies as clearly proven above be exposed. She can deal with the consequences if she continues to propagate these lies.

      • canuke

        My point is that when a lie is exposed, one faces the consequences. Lisitsas lied. Period.

        • canuke

          Opinions can be subjective, but sometimes, hate is hate. Here is a direct quote from one of her Tweets (22 August 2014): “Dear informed Ukrainians! I will never get tired of reminding you that
          you are dog sh*t. Thank you for attention”. This is hate speech, and not worthy of anyone’s support. If the same was said towards Russians, Americans, or Zimbabweans, I would have exactly the same comment: Hate speech is hate speech, and should never be tolerated hiding behind the shield of “freedom of speech”.

          • canuke

            The quotation marks were to quote Ms Lisitsas directly. Yes, hate speech is against the law in most countries, and is dealt with according to the laws of the state. Do you have a problem with that? It surely is the same in your beloved Russia.

          • canuke

            Perhaps English is not your first language. I was merely quoting Ms. Lisitsas. “Informed” are her words. I have no idea what she meant by them. Perhaps ask her. As for the TSO, I see no problem with their actions. As a purveyor of hate, I would have dropped her like a hot potato as well. This is not persecution, but a business decision. In addition, it was the morally correct decision.

          • canuke

            To answer your question: yes, calling any nation “Dogsh*t” is hate, and not worthy of any human being. By the way, she did not add the word “corrupted”. She called the Ukrainian nation “dogsh*t”. I still have no clue what she meant by “informed” (Oxford: “Having shown knowledge of a particular subject or situation”).

          • canuke

            I am an Ukrainian patriot of mixed Russian/Ukrainian origin. That is irrelevant. Hate is hate. I oppose it. There’s far too much in this world, and the likes of Lisitsas does not help. Just as you are a Russian patriot (I’m assuming) does not change anything.

          • chios

            “Hate is hate. I oppose it”
            I oppose it too.

            I have no interest in that pianist, she seems to me quite average, but it was an excellent marketing opprtunity for her, and you all feed it.
            I didn’t know her before, now I do…
            Are you happy with that?

            I suggest to stop hating russians or “pro-russians” opinions, as this site does, and focuse on domestic matters, and how to better your country. It would be hundred times more productive and you would gain the sympathy of european citizens.
            Do you think we agree with censure?
            And worse, the exclusion of a persons livelihood due to her opinions?

          • canuke

            I’m happy that we agree on one point, that we both oppose hate. However, I disagree strongly that this site hates russian opinions. It counters the incredible amount of misinformation and downright lies from the Kremlin. It most surely focuses on Ukraine. Ms Lisitsas is free to pursue her livelihood wherever she will be hired. She makes her own bed, and now can sleep in it, be it in Russia or anywhere else she desires.

          • Shokolad

            An Ukrainian will be an Ukrainian nationalist – that is the most natural thing to be , isnt it ! I would be shocked if an Ukrainian is a Russian nationalist.Anyone blames Russians for being nationalists ? After all Russian nationalism is so radical that they have the biggest skinhead movement and they are ready to invade other country. LOL..Seems like Ukrainian nationalist is such a bad thing for you the champion of ‘freedom of expression’ ! hahaha..double standard.

          • canuke

            Then you need to forward your post to Vlad Putin, and his whole notion of “Russkiy Myr”. I agree, it’s pretty much a nazi ideology. Russians first, and everyone else (especially Ukrainians) untermenschen.

          • Shokolad

            Nationalism is a corner stone of a nation in building.If Russia entitled to have their own massive nationalist militia and movement, Ukraine is perfectly legitimate to have their own version. Ukrainian nationalism is direct response to Russian orthodox nationalism. Ukrainian nationalism is only logical conclusion in face of blatant Russian aggression and suppression of Ukrainian identity. We all know Russia hosts big Right wing conference and hypocritically objects to Ukrainian right wing.

        • Guest


          U.S. politicians are lucky that Yarosh doesn’t speak English, and wasn’t born in America. He’d probably win the Republican Presidential nomination (though with rhetoric that’s even milder than what he sports in Ukraine), and go on to win the U.S. Presidency, if he were an American, rather than merely being paid by U.S. taxpayers (and by some of America’s and Ukraine’s oligarchs), such as he is now.

      • puttypants

        Don’t bother with Putlerite trolls anymore.

        • canuke

          I understand your point. I often wonder about this, as well. Ignore the lies, or expose them for what they are. I fully realize that I’m unlikely to convince any of them otherwise, especially when their meagerly pay depends on their postings. Still, sometimes we all have to do what is morally right.

  • Shokolad

    Canada is following the Russian way where just few days ago government sacked Siberian Opera theatre chief for staging a play that hurt the sentiments of Orthodox Russians and for blasphemy.And yesterday FSB banned a photography exhibition about US and Allied army during WW2. See Russia is such a shining example of freedom and democracy Canada feels compelled to follow that examples. :)) Clear now ?

  • Сердита

    I truly hope her Ukrainian is better than her English…..

  • puttypants

    Question does she live in Ukraine or in Canada? Why this hatred for Ukraine?

  • David Doumèche

    The ukraine ambassy clearly translate subhuman, in plain english. So why
    are you blaming her for not reading the original text, since it was an
    official statement ?
    I know, it’s because you are in full damage control