Russia hosting Europe’s neo-Nazis, nationalists and anti-Semites, Putin supporters all

Communists protest the far-right conference in Kyiv. "They are a shame to the city-hero". Photo of the Communist Party of Russia

Communists protest the far-right conference in Kyiv. "They are a shame to the city-hero". Photo of the Communist Party of Russia 

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Even as Moscow denounces anything it views as a manifestation of fascism abroad and prepares to mark the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany, the Russian authorities are hosting tomorrow a meeting of Europe’s neo-Nazis, extreme nationalists, and anti-Semites who share one thing in common – their unqualified support for Vladimir Putin.

Deputy of the Rodina party Aleksei Zhuravlev takes a photo with Udo Voigt, noted for his anti-Semitic views former head of rightwing extremist National Democratic Party of Germany, and tweets with caption “MEP Udo Voigt is also an antifascist!”

The meeting called the first “Russian International Conservative Forum” and nominally hosted by the Russian National Cultural Center – People’s House is in fact the work of the Rodina Party and says it includes only European rightists who support Putin on Ukraine (Rosbalt and Ekho Moskvy).

The organizers say that those taking part are “exclusively” from parties officially registered in European countries and that they could not be if they were neo-Nazi because “this is a criminal ideology which is banned in Europe.” What these parties do share is opposition to their governments “which are US puppets.”
Further, Yuri Lyubomirsky, head of the Right to Bear Arms group and one of the organizers says, “all these parties actively defend the interests of Russia regarding Crimea and the events in Ukraine’s South-East.” And he expressed “hope for constructive cooperation” between them and like-minded Russians such as himself.
Not surprisingly, this action has outraged many in Russia from the communists to Yabloko party member Boris Vishnevsky to human rights activists who have called on the government to ban the meeting and say they will picket and possibly disrupt it if the authorities do nothing to stop this assemblage from taking place.
Just how noxious this meeting is and how it underscores just how few people in Europe Putin’s regime can get to openly support it as opposed to the far larger number who are not prepared to do anything to oppose the Kremlin is underscored by the list of those who are scheduled to speak or otherwise take part (according to Novaya Gazeta).
They include:
  • Jared Taylor, an American who calls for white supremacy.
  • Nicholas Griffin, head of the British National Party and a prominent Holocaust denier.
  • Roberto Fiore, head of the New Force party in Italy which pursues traditionalist and extreme right causes.
  • Udo Voigt. Former head of the rightwing extremist National Democratic Party of Germany and now a deputy in the European Parliament noted for his anti-Semitic and xenophobic views and frequently found subject to legal sanctions for them.
  • Georgios Epitidios, a representative of Greece’s Golden Dawn party which is viewed in Athens as neo-fascist and neo-Nazi and whose party’s emblem is a stylized swastika.
  • Stefan Jakobsen, the head of the Party of Swedes and who is widely considered a neo-Nazi.
  • Daniel Karlsen, the head of the Party of Danes and one of the founding members of the National Socialist Movement of Denmark.
  • Gonsalo Martin Garcia, a leader of the ultra-right Spanish National Democratic Party.
  • Orazio Maria Gnerre, president of the European Communist Party Milennium which seeks the dissolution of NATO and the end of what he calls “the hegemony of liberalism and the unipolar world.”
  • Aleksandr Kofman, the foreign minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Peoples Republic.
And from Russia itself, among others:
  • Aleksey Zhuravlyev, a United Russia Duma deputy who has attracted attention for his calls to strip the rights of those in non-traditional families to have children.
  • Yegor Kholmogorov, a Russian nationalist who has said that “the war for Novorossiya is a national liberation war of the Russian people for its reunification and for the elimination of invented borders.”
  • Stanislav Vorobyev, the coordinator of the Russian Imperial Movement who has called for “Russian men to join the joint struggle for Novorossiya under the imperial flag.”
Europe's pro-Russian far-right parties. Image credits to Ukraine Today

Europe’s pro-Russian far-right parties. Image credits to Ukraine Today

Ivan Ovsyannikov of the Russian Socialist Movement notes that “the forum calls itself conservative, but this is a lie. These are not people like the British conservatives; these are parties of the extreme right wing.”  And Boris Vishnevsky, a Yabloko deputy in St. Petersburg’s legislative assembly, concurs.
He says that he is horrified by any manifestations of interest in fascism in foreign countries but notes that he is not a citizen of any of them and consequently is “not responsible” for their laws.  But he is a Russian citizen, and as such he feels entitled to ask: “Why should such forums take place in my country with the complete silence of state structures?”
“I do not know how any former [Waffen SS] legionnaires remain in Latvia,” he continues, but I consider that they are less dangerous for society that contemporary neo-Nazis who can freely assembly and disseminate their views” as such people plan to do in Russia’s northern capital on Sunday.
“And the views [of those planning to come] are xenophobia, hatred of aliens and dividing people into categories which always gives rise to bloodshed. To the manifestation of fascism in one’s own country one must react with the very same intolerance as to fascism somewhere else,” Vishnevsky concludes.

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  • Michel Cloarec

    Most of those european parties are against immigration especially from countries around the mediteranean sea. Against refugies from wars, against asylum for people persecuted. It is rascism words one hears in their speeches. Tatars in Crimea are certainly suffering the same . So far those parties represent around 10% of EU population. And of course putin supports the mess they are doing in European Gvnt.
    One thing is sure, they are not conservative , they want power in gvnts !
    Parasits surfing on unemployement siffers . In the 60-70 period, EU needed much workers, now when it is not going so good, they are supposed to be shipped away.
    That is their motto .

    • Charles J. Kollman

      I was in the US. army and spent three years in Germany. Was first stationed about ten K’s outside of Munich. Ober Schissheim Army Airfield. Right next to us there was a German DP Camp for people that were not German and working without a permit.

  • disqus_aJpixObjG7

    the UKRAINIAN Politkovskaya who had the balls to stand up to russia’s murderers – in stark constrast to Western “journalists” who have ZERO knowledge of history… or much else… and spew out the Kremlin narrative of “rebels” “separatists” and insanely still keep flogging the dead donkey of “nazis” in Ukraine.”
    Meanwhile they took a staple gun and sealed their lips regarding the FACT that the russian parliament is 78% neo nazi. Abominable betrayal appeasement and criminality of our Western media who obey their owners

    • puttypants

      I know what is western media doing? I don’t understand it…have they been bought by Putin?

  • disqus_aJpixObjG7

    another report that the OWNERS of the Western media have censored:
    the russian doctor, Roman Frolov, who was
    torturing and castrating UKRAINIAN prisoners was captured, castrated and
    destroyed by UKRAINIAN commandos on a special mission to eliminate him in
    Donetsk on March 18

  • Lev Havryliv

    Russia leading the world again. The new slogan is “Fascists of the World Unite”.

    • Michel Cloarec


      • Lev Havryliv

        Fascism is the dominat ideology in Russia now.

        The extreme nationalist, xenophobic nationalism of Zhirinovsky, Dugin have become mainstream in Russia. The majority of Russians support Putin’s imperial drive into Ukraine. Putin worship is everywhere in Russia as is anti-Ukrainian hysteria whipped up by the lying propaganda of the state media.

        • Michel Cloarec

          I agree with you ! It is outrageous that a country on its way to celebrate end of WWII on 9th of May can host such gang of predators !
          If you have been following the french election on 22th March you can see that it is possible to stop them. Stigmatization of FN is on march , only way to civilize them like a tamer can make a lion sit at will. FN was not in St Petersburgh.
          So there is hope !

      • μιστερ μαξ

        Are you Ukrainian? What is the influence of Makhno heritage in the contemporary Ukrainian society?

        • Michel Cloarec

          As a rebellous frenchman , anyone fighting against Bolshevism and the predators coming after deserves respect of the civilization (even if anarchist ideas are not my best choices) It is not for nothing that BATKO is buried in Paris .

  • Michel Cloarec

    I will not defend those representants from MARGINAL groups of extreme figures.
    More dangerous are those EXTREME parties which are represented with deputies onto the European parliement, or governments, or locals authorities.
    Today 72 deputies are from established parties FN, UKIP, SD …..etc…..av 750 deputies total.
    As far as I know none of them were in St Petersburgh. But I am not sure because I do not have time to search those rascals origines. FN was not, Ukip was not ,SD was not
    and so on ! Those in St P are only scums which do not get public anywhere else than in a chamber pot . Kofman from DPR was for example. Now I stand to be corrected.

    • Michel Cloarec

      When I say I do not have time, I mean it is not worth lost of time to research around those poor groups of human scum .