No progress on release of hostages — Poroshenko



Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said there is no progress on the release of all hostages by Russian forces, especially Nadiya Savchenko.

Poroshenko discussed the issue during his phone conversation with French President François Hollande, on Tuesday, March 10, the president’s press service reports. “Poroshenko stressed the importance of releasing all hostages, especially Nadiya Savchenko, and he noted the lack of progress on this issue,” the report states.

The release of all prisoners is one of the requirements of the Minsk-2 agreements reached by the four negotiating parties on February 12. However, Russia and its terrorist forces have met the requirements only partially.

On March 4, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that 195 Ukrainian military personnel are still imprisoned by Russian-terrorist forces, and that the location of 340 military is still being determined.

On February 21, 139 Ukrainian military were released in exchange for 52 detained “separatists.” On March 7, five more prisoners were released.

As previously reported, Russia is still holding Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko and film director Oleh Sentsov.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Pravda

Source: Radio Liberty

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  1. Avatar puttypants says:

    How can Ukraine negotiate with liars, thieves and murderers like Putin and his regime? People with no honor are incapable of doing anything humane or decent. They are cruel. One can tell just by looking at Putin that face is full of hate and evil.

    1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

      Their sociopathic history is pretty consistent. Patton was right.

  2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Patton was right ! USA should not have delivered weapons to Stalin. The nazis would have exterminated them, and Patton would have taken care of the Nazis. End of the war. NO DDR, NO Stalin Sovjet, no cuba crisis, no gulags, no kleptocarcy, no putin and his croonies, no trolls. All of them to work on the oil fields in Sibirian. We import oil, we export potatis, cabbages, and vodka. Ural aborigenes happy, do not want to kill anymore, We would have use some nazis mendele to manipulate their genes dna.
    The russians who were left would have been push away East of Ural where they belong at the beginning.
    Ukraine and the baltic countries would have had 70 years of prosperity.

  3. Avatar catonine says:

    The scourge of humanity, born in 1919, and still conducting its business of oppression through terror!