Russia concentrates its army around Mariupol and Pisky: Ukraine’s General Staff

Russo-Ukrainian war in the Donbas, Ukraine

Russo-Ukrainian war in the Donbas, Ukraine (Photo: 

War in the Donbas

Russia continues to supply the terrorists with military hardware by railway and has begun only a piecemeal withdrawal of their heavy weapons, in effect only relocating their military equipment and armed forces to Shyrokyne, Mariupol, and Debaltseve, according to ATO spokesperson Andrii Lysenko, as per the information centre for the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine.

“The terrorists have only begun a partial withdrawal of their heavy weapons, and even then they have taken them back a distance that can be traversed within 30 minutes,” he stated at the daily briefing.

In addition, according to the representative of the OSCE in Ukraine, Michael Bociurkiw, their mission continues to be denied detailed information about the specific military hardware, while the ongoing presence of military weapons makes it impossible for them to monitor the removal of military equipment in the possession of the terrorists.

“Based on the information of our observers, under the pretense of the removal of heavy weaponry, the Russian-terrorist army is in fact accomplishing a re-deployment and rotation of troops and equipment, re-inforcing their militarized lines with even more troops, building up their capabilities for the purpose of conducting armed patrols behind the front lines,” explained Lysenko.

He gave the example of the city of Debaltseve, where military equipment and terrorist troops have been simply re-located to the raion settlements of Pisky, Marinka, and Shyroke, while from Brianka, near Debaltseve, the movement of a military column was sighted, consisting of nearly 100 military items and equipment. In addition, a convoy of Grad missile systems together with other military hardware (nearly 50 items) have been transferred from Donetsk to the direction of Mariupol.

“The Ilovaisk railway system continues to be the manner in which military trains from the RF have been arriving with their cargo of military equipment, supplies of ammunition and supplies of fuel and oil,” he said in summary.

It should also be noted that the Ukrainian border has been crossed today by the 16th so called humanitarian convoy from Russia.

One day earlier, the ATO staff made the announcement that in the past 24 hours three Ukrainian military servicemen have been killed in the ATO zone, while another seven have been wounded.

Translated by: Jeffrey Stephaniuk
Edited by: Alya Shandra

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  • Betty J Rousey

    If Putin’s goal is to unite Europe by his atrocities in Ukraine, its initial lies about its involvement, as well as barely abiding by the agreement of cease-fire, then he is doing a great job. He is solidifying the alliances between Central Europe, Western Europe, and America. He even provided us with a new martyr, with the assassination of Nemtsov. So Putin, keep playing your game of Russian roulette, but remember you just may be shooting yourself in the head.

    • Murf

      One can only hope.

    • Jens A

      I hope so, but Cyprus even give access to bases for the Russian fleet. Greece are on friendly terms with Putin. So is Le Pen and UKIP. Only good thing is that the UK now looks more favorable to the EU than they had for a long time, but still not a majority.

      • Betty J Rousey

        The Finns are angry because Russia keeps flying sorties over their air space, the Brits aren’t too happy about those flown off Cornwall either. There is a wonderful interview with Zbignew Brzenski who talks about the Russian arrogance, and how it will drive others away who might have tried to just stay out of it all. The old block countries are nervous, especially the Uzbeks, etc… Poland welcomes them like the PLAGUE. But the EU and America have promised protection, and we aren’t moving too fast… But Putin was enjoying acting like he might have China’s backing, and now that China has let him know they do not back his actions, he may soon be left to rot. Crimea is probably gone forever, but if Putin starts acting TOO cocky, he just may end up uniting us, instead of what he had hoped. And we really will have to help Ukraine some way!

    • DejaVu

      You’re delusional. There are still quite alot of Russian sympathizers including the Czech Republic , Hungary and other countries who would rather get back to profiting and trading with Russia again. Sure Poland and a few other countries support Ukraine but the reality is that Putin is succeeding in testing NATO’s resolve and also tearing NATO apart at it’s seams because of the weak moral standing it has. All the West can do is talk and Putin meanwhile will devour Europe while the politicians are still talking about how they are concerned.

      • Betty J Rousey

        There will be no East or West after WWIII.

        • DejaVu

          Your point being?

      • LorCanada

        I think you are doing some wishful thinking and presuming too much. Putin knows very well that he cannot overstep the line regarding NATO protecting its members’ borders. If he does so he can expect to get into trouble big time.
        NATO weak? On the contrary, Putin’s aggressiveness thus far has strengthened NATO’s resolve, woke them up to the importance of more military preparedness in the face of Putin’s warmongering.
        The western leaders are more skillful than Putin who is eager for war but the West can counter this with other means such as extenuating the cost to Putin for stationing thousands of his troops here, there, and everywhere. Don’t forget, the Russian ruble is devalued considerably, and private investors are running in the opposite direction. So on the whole Putin is making a mess of the Russian economy merely to support his personal ambitions for power and glory. He lives in the past and belongs there!

    • James from Dallas

      You are exactly correct. NATO could expand and strengthen.

      With lackluster peace initiatives by France and Germany, could President Poroshenko be hinting at a new central European Slavic alliance, a new military alliance, a new grand Slavic state? Maybe, the President of Ukraine is looking to some strategic moves to balance military power and economies with Russia. If true, it seems like a very smart move to me. This idea might very well be in Poland’s interest too. Poland has to be wondering how long they should want to fend off Russian forces. Should they wait until Russian tank are right up on their borders? Think about it. If Poland moved to defend Ukraine with NATO watching the back of Poland’s territory, Poland’s army could make the difference for Ukraine. The Russia Army is not supposed to be in Ukraine, right? How would that look back home in Moscow when suddenly hundreds maybe thousands of Russian soldiers start coming home in body bags from Ukraine. Putin say that he has no involvement in Ukraine. Putin say he has no control over the Russian forces in Ukraine. Well, let him keep to his word. The Polish Cavalry might be the wake-up call Putin needs to stop his advance. If you recall history, the Polish Kingdom gave up Prussia to the German state of Brandenburg to form an alliance.

    • LorCanada

      At present Putin is shooting himself in the foot!

  • Michel Cloarec

    One does not have to be a military, to understand what is going on !
    The terrorists are doing exactly what they want with the help of russian army and weapons. They want all of Donbas and they are going to get it .
    They have not respected Minsk 1 , and they will not respect Minsk 2 . They do not move any weapon, instead they receive more ammo and fuel .
    Everytime Ua Army respect Minsk agreements, the terrorists win !

    • Betty J Rousey

      Well, the Russian tanks are sitting within miles of Donbas now…and didn’t some Ukrainian soldiers get killed just this last week? Terrible situation.

  • Free Ukraine

    It’s just so hard to comprehend how people can be brainwashed to side with putin, HIS OWN PEOPLE DON”T EVEN LIKE HIM, BUT OF COURSE THEY ARE SILENCED

    • LorCanada

      Not all of them, thank goodness.