The Warmonger: a video by Nemtsov proving Putin’s involvement in the war in Donbas

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31 July 2014 – Russian opposition films a video film exposing Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and shares it online.

The film is called “Putin the warmonger.” In it, the Russian opposition proves Russia’s involvement in the downing of the Boeing-777 MH17 flight in Donbas and the direct involvement of Russian President Vladimir Putin in fomenting a military conflict in Ukraine.

“Since April 2014, Ukraine is conducting an anti-terrorist operation in East Ukraine. Putin denies supporting terrorists from Russia,” says the video’s description. The opposition emphasizes that there are five facts proving that Putin is lying, and that Russian authorities instigated the military conflict in Donbas.

Source:, Translated by Kiril Mihailov&Alya Shandra

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  1. Avatar Markwiens says:

    Another Russian Troll

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      Actually I think he’s French. You know, the country that fights with a white flag? I think he wants to emigrate to Russia with that notorious clown impersonator they called an actor, Gerard Depardieu.

      I wonder how he’ll feel when the Russian Mistral assault ship kills a fellow French citizen in the future war…wait a minute, that would mean France didn’t surrender… my bad…

      1. Avatar Frank Fileccia says:

        I collect French WW2 weapons. They are worth a fortune, and are always in outstanding shape, as they have never been fired, and only dropped once

  2. Avatar Markwiens says:

    Another fake article written by some fat Russian lol

  3. Avatar Trueteller says:

    Everybody know fact that Russia is aggressor,but Russian people…

  4. Avatar Cristian Muñoz says:

    RuSSian war against Ukraine is a war of colonial aggression against another independent nation. By promoting Anti-Maidan propaganda, RuSSian colonial rulers and wannabe-RuSSian are saying “We don´t accept any Ukrainian statehood”. This is a RuSSian Reconquista against Ukraine.
    For everybody whose nations fought against Colonialism, we should strongly support Ukraine fight against this RuSSian Reconquista War of colonial aggression.
    Free Ukraine
    Glory to Independent Ukraine
    Glory to Ukraine Maidan

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  6. Avatar BPD says:

    Help support the troops in Ukraine. Donate at .

  7. Avatar FrBorislav Kroner says:

    Russian troll

  8. Avatar wimroffel says:

    “In it, the Russian opposition proves Russia’s involvement in the downing of the Boeing-777 MH17 flight”

    Great news. Until now nobody has provided proof for that allegation. However, as this proof seems so meager that this article doesn’t even bother to copy it I have great doubt about the quality of the rest of the video.