Moscow preparing revolts in major Ukrainian cities, Poroshenko ally says

Separatist rally in Kharkiv on 20 March 2014 


Article by: Paul Goble

Having been slowed by Ukrainian resistance and hope to use the Minsk Accords to avoid new sanctions, Moscow is planning to spark uprisings in major Ukrainian cities in March and April before beginning a major military attack on the country in May, according to Yuri Lutsenko, head of the Poroshenko fraction in the Verkhovna Rada.

He says that the operations up to now were Plan A, the risings Moscow is seeking to organize in Ukrainian cities is Plan B, and a major new Russian aggression against Ukraine is Plan C, and he suggests that Plan B has a real chance because of the unhappiness of some in Ukraine with Kyiv’s policies.

Some may be inclined to dismiss this as nothing more than a reflection of Ukrainian fears and part of an effort to get the West to provide additional support, including defensive arms, but there are there important reasons why that would be a mistake.

First, as the “Novaya gazeta” document highlights, Moscow has been making plans about Ukraine for years, and consequently, it is almost certain that Russian officials or those like Malofeyev near the Kremlin have come up with plans like Lutsenko describes and that Ukrainians have learned about them.

Second, using urban revolts as a means of undermining the power of Kyiv and allowing Moscow to expand its influence in Ukraine is absolutely consistent not only with the ideas of hybrid war but reflects something else: taking any Ukrainian city, even Mariupol, would be extremely difficult by military means alone.

Such actions would likely require the use of massive artillery shelling or bombing, with the resulting massive loss of life that would have the effect of attracting the world’s attention to the brutality of the Russian advance and the heroism of Ukrainian defenders. Organizing a fifth column within cities is thus an attractive option for Russian military planners.

And third, and perhaps most compelling is the fact that the most horrific means Moscow has been willing to employ – such as state terrorism against the civilian population in Kharkiv – have been signaled well in advance to all who have paid even the most cursory attention to Russian news outlets.

As Kseniya Kirillova points out in this week, “Putin’s supporters threatened terrorist actions in Ukraine already last fall.” Now, one can see that those were not idle threats however often many dismissed them.

The journalist reports that in September, pro-Moscow opponents of a Ukrainian-American march in Seattle in support of Ukraine, said that the West should not be supporting “terrorists” in Ukraine but that if it continued to do so, then “terrorist actions” will be directed against Ukraine.

Specifically, the pro-Moscow activist said: “If Luhansk and Donetsk aren’t enough for you, then we will also organize terrorist acts in Ukraine against you.”


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  1. Avatar Mazepa says:

    3 tactical nuclear strikes on st. Petersburg will end monkey putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

    1. Avatar Calibra says:

      Yeah sure, and right after that Russia’s 8000 nukes will find their way towards us reducing the EU & US to radioactive dust, nutcase.

    2. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

      I’m deeply disturbed by your suggestion and by your 5 up votes on it, and I utterly condemn such talk. I think such talk has no place in civilized society, and you most certainly do not speak for me if you propose that “we” do such a thing.

      Waging war on non-combatants is terrorism. It is also a violation of literally dozens of international treaties to which we are signatory (such treaties comprise “international law”). Be very careful about what Pandora’s box you open- when you set aside the rule of law in order in order to “better” pursue your enemy, don’t expect that he will respect laws that you have abandoned. Respect for humanity and the rule of law is what separates us from them. Period. Not a better arsenal nor a more barbaric willingness to use it.

      Russia needs to be stopped and returned to the borders that they have agreed to by treaty. But the use of nuclear weapons preemptively has no place in that work or discussion.

      1. Avatar Mazepa says:

        If this invasion continues, 3 tactical nuclear strikes on st petersburg will serve a several purposes – annihilate the city, kill about 400,000, stop the war and ultimately destroy Russia – once and for all. US intercontinental missiles will have no choice but to finish the ‘project’ by raining on moscow as well. This would represent an appropriate ending to this criminal empire.
        It would be slightly messy, but would guaranteed the death of the mockal federation – once and for all.
        This would please God as well. We would be doing his bidding.

        1. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

          I am not a Christian, but I have to say that you obviously know nothing of the Christian god if you believe this is what he preached and what he died for. I utterly reject your position as barbaric and beneath human decency. Go sign up to help Putin. You belong with him, for you certainly don’t belong among us.

  2. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    So then the ATO can create the Bandera Division, which will sabotage key locations in russia. No problem.

  3. Avatar Brent says:

    Start rounding up Russian citizens now if they are not in Ukraine for justifiable reasons.and expelling them. No sense waiting until they start the provocations, Keep out the next wave of “Strelkovs” and “Motorolas”

    The SBU can also start paying visits to any known dissidents and subversives and make it clear to them they are being watched closely.

    1. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

      Brent, I may not give my thoughts. I forget who it was, but they said i was a fake or a fraud. This i say and then it’s bey bey for me with this matter. First i have American friends that operate an organization helping sick children in Illichivs’k Nikolay and Harkov. I believe Harkov has been closed. My friend use to live in Illichivs’k, but now lives with Ukraine wife in Nikolay. I have a Ukraine friend that lives in a place out side of Illichivs’k called Big Valley. I have family in Ukraine Daughter-in law husband and their child. My wife is ethnic Russian now Ukraine Citizen with an American green card. She like other Russians got screwed by The Soviet Union then the Russian Federation. You were not asked you became a citizen where you were on Dec26,1991. So now i am between a rock and a hard place.

  4. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    If this is true, this is another proof that Russian values are undesirable, and can’t stand on their own in a free and fair election process because voters simply don’t want them.

    Let’s present Democratic values as choice A, and present Russian values as choice B, and let’s see what the people chose. Conduct a free and honest referendum and see who wins.

  5. Avatar Mazepa says:

    Settle down….the monkeys in moscow don’t have even 1 nuclear missile that is operational. Not 1 intercontinental missile is functional. The only concern is over a handful of tactical nukes, but those could be easily destroyed. Even the CIA knows this.

  6. Avatar puttypants says:

    The photo above looks like a very big demonstration against Kiev government in Kharkiv. Is that correct?

  7. Avatar Hurd Harley says:

    If there are people in Seattle that advocate terror in Ukraine, they should be arrested just as any American would be arrested for advocating terror in USA. They should at least be deported.

  8. Avatar J Edlund says:

    Ukraine should start to expel Russians from major key cities like Mariupol, Kharkiv e t c. Intel have tracked down russians and traitors during the entire war and should up the ante for these terrorists. Let them walk back across the border to Russia with Ukraine artillery pointing in their direction. Either they will kill them or the Russian welcome comity. Prepare yourself for a Russian led attack very soon. Putin can only ‘do or die’, he has simply no other alternative. Mainly because his is and has always been a political NOBODY.

  9. Avatar Rods says:

    The suggested use of nuclear weapons by anybody, is a very inappropriate response to this local nasty Russian aggression. Such an action would mean that many innocent lives would be lost including those that oppose Putin in Russia. Not to mention the radiation problems from nuclear fallout, for the people, all over the northern hemisphere.

    I’m as keen as anybody to stop this Russian aggression and to defeat Putin and his evil regime, but lets keep it proportionate and as much as is humanly possible keep innocent civilians, from both sides, out of it.

  10. Avatar Pete Harasimisin says:

    What a mess, stop fighting and start dialogue, this is the only solution. The current score in the East, separatist 2-Kiev 0. Ukraine has no money to fight anyone, thats why there is a cease fire.