Who is Nadiya Savchenko? Video from the creator of Top-75 StopFake review


Sam King, author of the famous 75 False Russian media reports about Ukraine in one video, has produced a new video about Nadiya Savchenko, Ukrainian pilot kidnapped by terrorists operating for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Mr.King writes that he makes his videos to explain the reality of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine:

You may have seen alternative versions about the war in Ukraine. This is to be expected. Western media are lazy. Russian media is well organized, well funded and operates for the purpose of covering their invasions. It has evolved greatly since the days of Russian propaganda. This is different. Before you invest any time in trying to understand the war in Ukraine, it’s necessary to spend a few hours at www.stopfake.org …this will help you to understand that the only way to find a balanced idea of truth is to distrust everything from Russian media. Anything at all that suggests there is a civil war in Ukraine is a lie. Anything that suggests that the war is being conducted by separatists is a lie. There is nothing new about this kind of invasion from Russia and nobody should be surprised by it.

In this 20-minute video he tells the story of the Ukrainian pilot that has been on a hunger strike since 13 December 2014 in protest of concocted charges and Putin-style justice, and touches upon the different ways that the Russian propaganda machine is working to conceal Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Please help Nadiya in demanding that Putin’s Russian free her on the day of global support on 1 March 2015. Join the facebook event for updates, tweet #FreeSavchenko, organize a rally in your city, hand out leaflets to demand her release.


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