Ukrainian government created Black Book of Kremlin’s crimes against Ukraine



Article by: Alya Shandra
The Ukrainian government has gathered the mounting human and economic damages inflicted by the Russia’s war against Ukraine in a publication entitled Kremlin’s Black Book. It is available for downloading in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, and French.

The information comes from government sources and is accurate up to February 2015, but the costs of the war mount with every day. “It is still impossible to find out the total value of victims and losses.” mentioned Danylo Lubkivskyi, Advisor to the President of Ukraine, “but step by step the Ukrainian government will inevitably reveal the accurate numbers, just as the international condemnation of Putin’s regime.”


Key figures:

  • By early February 2015, 5 086 people have been killed and 10 948 wounded as a result of Russian aggression;
  • 978,482 Ukrainians were registered as internally displaced persons as of February 2, 2015;
  • 1,306 soldiers of the Ukrainian Army died in military actions before January 1, 2015;
  • The war waged by Russia destroyed 20% of Ukraine’s economic potential;
  • Ukraine spends $3,8 mn daily to defend itself from Russian aggression;
  • The estimated value of financial losses due to illegal confiscation of property of more than 4,000 enterprises by the Russian criminals on the Crimean peninsula is about
    $44,7 mn;
  • More than 9,215 apartment buildings (12% of all residential structures) were destroyed or severely damaged by February 3, 2015 in Donetsk Oblast;


  • In 2014, industrial output throughout Ukraine declined 10.7% (4.3% in 2013), including a decline of 31.5% in the Donetsk Oblast and 42% decrease in the Luhansk Oblast;
  • The losses of Ukrainian iron and steel enterprises in 2014 are estimated at about $1,5bn and of machine building enterprises – at about $380mn.

“In general, the war waged by the Russian Federation against Ukraine has destroyed nearly 20% of our current economic potential,” Danylo Lubkivskyi stressed, noting that these data do not include the recent tragedies, so accurate numbers, which are subject to assessment, “could be much higher.”

“Each victim will not be forgotten, Danylo Lubkivskyi underlined, Putin’s regime must be stopped.”

The documents are available for downloading on the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers’ website.

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  1. Avatar Mazepa says:

    Monkey putin will be killed and his pain will have no bounds.
    Praviy Cektor

  2. Avatar what's what says:

    Why stop with just the latest examples of bloodthirsty Russian crimes against Ukrainians. Let’s remind the fools, those blinded by unconscionable greed for Russian rubles, and Putin’s propaganda minions about these facts that they try sooooooooooooo desperately to hide:
    The murder of at least 3 million Ukrainians in the Soviet genocide of 1932-33
    The enslavement of millions of Ukrainians as serfs by Russian czars
    The murder of millions more Ukrainians in the purges of the late 1930’s – ’40s
    The decimation of Ukraine in World War II by Russia and Germany (10 million or more dead Ukrainians – but who’s counting!)
    Millions of Ukrainians imprisoned, tortured, and murdered in the Soviet gulag from the 1930’s ’til the fall of the evil empire
    The Chernobyl disaster, during/after which Ukrainians perished and suffered radiation poisoning/cancer as the Soviets desperately tried to hide it from the world
    The banning of the UKRAINIAN language in UKRAINE by Russia during WW II (yes – it’s true – Russian was never banned – Russian speakers have never been persecuted in Ukraine – even in Western Ukraine, but Putin somehow manages to make some gullible people believe that the opposite is true)
    Where are Russia and Germany’s reparations to Ukraine for these genocides perpetrated against it??? Where is Ukraine’s Marshall Plan???

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      Excellent post. It’s sad how the Putin-pologists refuse to acknowledge how much repression Ukraine has suffered at the hands of Muscovy over the centuries, and how they have fallen for the feeble Kremlin propaganda and lies.

      What troubles me more about German involvement in trying to force Ukraine into accepting a ceasefire on Russian’s terms is that Germany has been one of the largest suppliers of arms and training to Russia
      >40 million Euros in arms to Russia in 2012 alone
      >$140 million training facility by a German company, Rheinmetall, for Russia’s army

      France, the other country pushing for Ukraine’s capitulation, still wants to sell Russia two assault class Mistral warships worth $1.7 billion.

      And these are the countries claiming there can be no military solution to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine….

  3. Avatar giltedged says:

    The figures might be right but the perpetrators must surely be the evil people who destroyed hospitals,schools, homes etc , similar to Gaza but twice as bad. But above everything else it must be the people who ordered them to do this who will be answerable to war criminality charges.

  4. Avatar PoeTentiate says:

    The Russian supported and Russian terrorists in the east’s names must all be recorded so that when this is all done, they are all held responsible for their crimes.