Militants receive weapons, threaten Kharkiv — Serheyev




The  Russian Federation must withdraw weapons and force the militants to abide by the Minsk agreements, Yuriy Serheyev, Ukraine’s permanent representative to the UN, said during an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council , February 17, reports Espreso TV.

“The Russian side has obviously positioned itself as a supporter of the peace process and the guarantor  of the Minsk agreements. In the resolution that has just been adopted, the same thing is proposed as well. But this is on paper only. The reality is quite different,” said Serheyev, who pointed out that Ukraine is treating its obligations responsibly and is abiding by the ceasefire.

“Hope for peace has been virtually destroyed. The militants have declared they will continue carrying out further attacks and breaking agreements,” Serheyev said. He emphasized that even during the ceasefire, the militants have been receiving weapons from Russia.

“It will surprise no one to learn that heavy weapons are still being delivered to the east of Ukraine just as before. Today 12 armored vehicles and 54 trucks entered Ukraine in the Izvaryne district.” he said.

“Near Debaltseve militants supported by Russian forces and heavy weapons are attacking Ukrainian positions in the city and around it, taking advantage of the fact that the Ukrainian side has refrained from firing. The militants are attempting to destroy all the defenders of Debaltseve if they do not surrender and then they threaten to go on Kharkiv,” Serheyev said.

In addition, Serheyev called on all member states of the UN to strongly protest against the blocking of the OSCE monitoring group in Debaltseve.

“The  Russian Federation must withdraw weapons and force separatists to carry out the Minsk agreements. We must preserve the hope for peace,” Serheyev concluded.

Earlier, Luhansk journalist Svitlana Neznayko had reported on the regular transfer of weapons from Russia through the Izvaryne border crossing into Ukraine.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Espreso TV

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  • disqus60

    I’m seriously sickened by Putin, a man I once admired. I’m equally sickened by the US and European leaders. I say its time concerned people in the world come together in a united voice and force our pathetic leaders to provide Ukraine what it needs to defend its people.

    • Charles J. Kollman

      I agree with you and i thought Putin was a good Leader. But his mentality is now shown that of a KGB. Officer that he is living today in the past with his great Soviet Union.

    • Czech Friend

      We say “never trust a Russian” because in most cases it is an old sad truth.

      For a start consider donating here: pick an open project of your liking and send some much needed money.

      • disqus60

        Thanks for this

    • Betty J Rousey

      We could at first try to make up for what they lack electronically. Ukraine is still using walkie-talkies from WWII. Of course, all their big munitions were given to Russia in exchange for Russia’s defense in the Minsk agreement. Today, RAF off Cornwall had to be scattered because Russia invaded its airspace, something they’ve not had to do since the height of the cold war.Norway is beginning its army exercises again. I believe Europe is tired of the mad man too. But right now, he is slowly invading, killing, and pretending it was all wanted. Crimea is made up of about 35% Tatars, so that tells you at best, only 65% wanted the RF. If we could just send the electronic supplies, it would be a great help…

    • Michael Couck


  • sandy miller

    I too am disgusted by USA and european so called leaders. They are either terrible fools or too greedy to give up their investments in Russia. It must be the most important considerations for these cowards.

    • Betty J Rousey

      I understand exactly how you feel, but we can’t forget that Russia has the big nukes, and I’m not so sure Putin minds using them… there are rumors of possible Asberger’s Syndrome, and other medical problems, none of which are certain, of course. But it was brought home to me last night, what if we really do have another Hitler, only this time he has the “red button” too?

      • Michael Couck

        Even if 5000 tactical missiles are fired simultaneously(which is almost impossible), not even 1% will ever reach their target. In any event, the men that will actually fire such weapons are not idiots, and probably not suicidal. So nuclear is off the table as a bargaining chip.

  • Milton Devonair

    So, has anyone figured out the only thing that will stop the apes of russia is killing them?
    Ukrainians should be preparing for a low intensity, long war against the russians and chechens in their country. Keep wounding and killing them over a very long time until they decide they have had enough, just like that russian trash did in afghanistan.

    Bleed them out.