Ukrainian intelligence reports of Russian provocations

A member of the "DNR" unit of Russia's hybrid army in Ukraine in front of the unit's flag

A member of the "DNR" unit of Russia's hybrid army in Ukraine in front of the unit's flag 


On February 14 terrorists are preparing a massive provocation, which could provide a pretext for Russia to invade the territory of Ukraine. This was stated by Sector M spokesman Dmytro Chaly on Channel 5.
“According to our intelligence, militants planned to open fire on Russian territory under Ukrainian flags, thereby triggering the invasion of the neighboring country,” he said.
“ATO forces are in their positions and ready to repel attacks,” he said.
Meanwhile, the “Mariupol Defense” online community reported referring to intelligence data that on February 14 terrorists set a Ukrainian flag on one of their multiple rocket launchers and fired a salvo on a one of the towns, while filming this on video.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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  • Richard Hoover

    Stalins tactics ,,this must get to USA fast and Britain,,forget Merkel and Holland ,,waste of skin!

    • George

      Absolutely, there is no more time to think! Time to help Ukraine. Better late than never.

  • StumpedNoMore2

    This is the same tactic when they the Russian shot up the bus with people in it. They then blamed the Ukrainian armed forces but the insurgents themselves caught the perpetrators — Russians.

    Now the Kremlin is trying to go to the UN to try to get a resolution to pass on the Minsk agreement. If Ukraine was to retaliate against or be seen as the aggressor in this instances, the Kremlin would say that Kyiv broke the agreement. Thus, the Kremlin would say that the insurgents would have the right to attack back.

    To the Ukrainian people, this is a time to be carefully, vigilant, and alert because the bear will try to provoke you in trying to break the new agreement.

    • LorCanada

      I don’t quite see it that way. Why should the West’s attention be so focused on what Russia does or what Putin thinks? He denies everything anyways, and both sides, the separatists and Ukraine army, are very loud in hurling blame against each other for the destruction caused. Let’s shift the spotlight in the opposite direction and pay more attention on how Ukraine’s military is being strengthened, how best to contain Pootie and his murderous henchmen, what further improvements are ongoing in Ukraine’s government, etc.

  • Charles J. Kollman

    Different day same old shit. The Kremlin is good at disinformation and always pointing at others for their Tyrant actions.

  • Mazepa

    The mockal monkey in this photo was killed 18 hours ago and both lavrov and putin will be next.
    Smert mockalyam.